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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Gossip Girl,' 'Dollhouse,' 'Scrubs,' 'NCIS,' 'Grey's,' and more!


Questions: I just finished watching the Gossip Girl finale, and it was awesome. My question for you is about Georgina: At the end of the episode she announced she was going to be Blair’s roommate at NYU — strongly implying that she would be a presence, if not a regular character, in season 3. But Michelle Trachtenberg is in NBC’s new fall drama, Mercy. What does this mean about Georgina and Gossip Girl? –Cory
It means producers thought ahead and made sure Trachtenberg negotiated a three-episode Gossip Girl “out” in her Mercy contract. You didn’t really think the Georgina-Blair roommate thing would last longer than that, did you?

I’m curious to hear your take on the whole Scrubs renewal. The “series finale” was so wonderfully sweet and sappy, how can they come back from something so final? –Sydney
I would have preferred it end right there, but it’s hard to argue with Bill Lawrence’s justification for continuing. “There are 107 people that work on that show,” he reminded me earlier this week. “I’ve worked with them for eight years now. If there’s a chance for everybody to work another year, my attitude, business-wise, is ‘legacy-schmegacy.’ I couldn’t give a f–k, to tell you the truth. I thought the first eight years of Scrubs was great. I’m super proud of it. There’s absolutely nothing that could possibly happen that could change that… On the creative side, some people are like, ‘It should end on a high note creatively. It shouldn’t be something that taints our memory.’ And I get that. [But the other] 50 percent of the people are like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so glad to have a show back that I care about.’ The way to bridge that gap is I’ve got to consider Scrubs over. The way that I’m viewing it is the way Frasier was to Cheers: It’ll be essentially a new show with some characters that people liked.”

Question: What will the ninth season of Scrubs look like? Will Sarah Chalke be taking over JD’s duties? –Tony
Probably not, considering Chalke isn’t looking to return
full time, per Bill Lawrence. “I would’ve had Sarah in a
heartbeat,” he says. “I think she’s got enough going on in her career
[right now]. I’d say it’s 50-50 she’s in some episodes. I know she’ll
at least be in one or two.” My guess? In light of the fact that ABC
passed on Donald Faison’s comedy pilot, The Law, Lawrence
will go with the “Turk teaching at med school” premise he’s been
kicking around. Whatever idea he ultimately goes with, “The one promise I would make to people is that if this does suck, it won’t suck in a lame fizzle-out kind of way,” he says.
“It will suck in a huge way. It will really, really suck.” If I’ve said
it once, I’ve said it a million times: Few things in life are as
entertaining as interviewing Bill Lawrence.

Question: Wasn’t a character from the early seasons of Desperate Housewives
supposed to return in the last five minutes of the season finale? What
happened? –Laura
Change of plans. And it’s probably for the best. From what I hear, it really
wouldn’t have been all that exciting. (And despite rumors, it wasn’t Jesse Metcalfe.)

Question: That 24 finale was awesome! Do you have any scoop about Carlos Bernard’s role in season 8? –Rob
As of now, it’s non-existent. But did you see who they cast as Cherry Jones’ new Chief of Staff?!

Question: So I’m at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood last Friday, and I
see Zachary Quinto with a group of people. Cool to see New Spock. Plus
he was really funny as Sasan on So NoTORIous. Then I realize he’s
there with Kristen Bell, and it starts to feel creepy. This isn’t New
Spock or Sasan. It’s Sylar and Elle. Together. I couldn’t decide if I
should wrap my head in tinfoil to keep him from stealing my superpowers
or put on rubber soled-shoes to keep her from zapping me. Then I went
to see Angels & Demons. Afterward, I realized I had more fun in the
lobby than in the theater. –Jeffrey
Look, the column was running short and this made for good filler. It’s upfront week — I’ve been busy!

Question: During your interview with Chuck boss Josh Schwartz, did he happen to
mention if Chuck’s new abilities will be all over the spectrum? –Dana
No, but speaking of that Q&A, here’s the (extra spoilery) portion of the interview I held over for Ask Ausiello:

MICHAEL AUSIELLO: Will Chuck and Sarah start the season off as a full-fledged couple?
SCHWARTZ: Chuck having the Intersect in his head will severely
complicate their ability to be a couple … [And] look for
a potential new love interest on the show.

Really? For who?
Someone who could triangulate between a couple of characters.

Male or female?

Gosh, isn’t it more fun to tease?

Question: I just finished watching the NCIS finale. Will Ziva be back next season? Please say yes! –Bethany
Yes, Cote de Pablo will be back next season. But she’ll be a changed woman.

Question: Kirk Acevedo has apparently been fired from Fringe, according to his
Facebook status. This is so sad, Charlie was just getting interesting.
Do you have any info on that and what it means for his character? –Caroline
It means his character won’t be back.

Question: The Glee pilot was more than priceless. I can’t remember the last time
a show captivated from the get go. Oh yeah, Pushing Daisies. But I
digress …. I’ll take anything you can give me on the upcoming season
and/or on Matthew Morrison (a.k.a. Fox’s newest hottie-in-the-making)!
Morrison’s Will
is not going to cheat on his psycho wife — even though it’s obvious that
he and Emma are made for one another.

Question: I’ve been watching Smallville since day one, but after last week’s
finale, I’m feeling like for every two steps forward the show takes one
step back. Give me some hope for next season by giving me some big
scoop. –Jeff
It’s moving to Fridays at 8 p.m.! Here’s The CW’s new Fall sked:

8 Gossip Girl
9 One Tree Hill

8 90210
9 Melrose Place (NEW)

8 America’s Next Top Model
9 Beautiful Life (NEW)

8 Vampire Diaries (NEW)
9 Supernatural

8 Smallville
9 Top Model encore

I’ll be Twittering live updates from today’s CW upfront presentation, so best start following me!

Question: Do you have any idea who Mike was marrying on Desperate Housewives? –Flore
I do. And if you think about it for a second, you do, too.

Question: How have your Smurfs settled into your new surroundings at the EW? Any adjustment issues? –Jason
They don’t like the dirty looks Tim Stack’s been giving them, but other than that they’re cool.

Question: OMG. Grey’s finale. George or Izzie? What’s the deal? –Olive
My guess? One will live, another will die. Although I have to
say I’m intrigued by this theory from an Aushole named Keven: “T.R.
Knight is leaving the show, but George is staying. What with being
grossly disfigured in the finale, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to
let George live and then, a few weeks later, Mark Sloan works his
plastic surgery magic and, voila, a new George!”

Question: Is the Veronica Mars movie a goner? –Liz
Just checked in with Rob Thomas and there’s nothing new to report. The ball remains in Warner Bros.’ court.

Question: Why wasn’t Lauren Graham’s new show picked up by ABC? –Claire
I didn’t see the pilot, but one of my moles did, and this is
what he e-mailed me immediately after watching it: “If you ever get
your hands on Lauren Graham’s pilot, do yourself a favor and don’t
watch it.” Consider that your explanation.

Question: Since Amy Acker’s show Happy Town has been picked up, what does that
mean for Dr. Saunders on Dollhouse? Is she headed for the attic? –Mike
Not if puppetmaster Joss Whedon has anything to say about it.
He tells me he’ll be “sending [Happy producers] chocolate and flowers,”
he laughs. “We’re desperate to have her.” As such, he is disinclined to
put another doctor in the d’house. Only if “we find out that we’re not
going to use her for the bulk of the season” would he do that, he says.
“[But] everyone is not going to be in every episode, so it’s perfectly
possible that there will just be stories that don’t involve Dr.

Question: What is your take on CSI:NY pulling a Dynasty and having all
of the main cast potentially gunned down in a hail of automatic weapons
fire (fade to black) cliffhanger? –Eric
My take is that if Gary Sinise doesn’t accept CBS’ salary
freeze proposal, Det. Jessica Angell won’t be the only supporting
character headed six feet under.

Question: Got any news on the new HBO show Hung? –Sasha
Just watched the pilot and I predict it’ll be huge.

That’s a wrap! Send questions-anonymous tips-Without a Trace eulogies
to And don’t forget to vote for me in PETA’s
Sexiest Veggie contest. I’m in it to win it this year. I’ve been
working out really hard. I even have an ab! Okay, it’s half of an ab, but, hey, it’s a start!

UPDATED season finale scorecard: Weddings! Deaths! Pregnancies! Arrests! Cyndi Lauper!

Seasonfinales_lAs we enter the last leg of the season, plot twists piling up on all sides, you can do one of two things: You can let the tension get to you and bite your nails down to nubs, or you can make fun of the suspense by trying to guess what’s going to happen to whom. Of course, you don’t have to guess which option I’m in favor of. As you will see below, I went ahead and compiled a by-the-numbers list of almost-spoilers — all of which take place within the next two weeks. Now it’s your turn. Connect the dots to answer your own burning questions. I’ll even give you a (big) hint: At least one incident from the list pertains to the finales of each of the following shows: Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, House, Ugly Betty, The Office, CSI: NY, Smallville, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, Lost, Gossip Girl, 90210, Grey’s Anatomy, 24, and Bones. Mind you, in spite of appearances to the contrary, I can’t know everything, so there may be a surprise or three that isn’t mentioned below. But this rundown ought to be comprehensive enough to keep you up nights. Enjoy! FYI: The events apply to regular or recurring characters, not random guest stars. Also, the chart will be continually updated to ID the person (or people) connected to each milestone shortly after said milestone takes place. In other words, beware of spoilers! 

Number of couples tying the knot: 4
1) May 11: Cameron & Chase/House
2) May 14: Daniel and Molly/Ugly Betty
3) May 15: Melinda and Jim-Sam/Ghost Whisperer
4) May 17: Mike and ?/Desperate Housewives

Number of positive pregnancy tests: 2
1) May 14: Pam Beesly/The Office
2) May 17: Lynette Scavo/Desperate Housewives

Number of couples (maybe) having sex for the first time: 2
1) May 14: Booth and Brennan/Bones
2) May 19: Liam and Jen/90210

Number of confirmed fatalities: 7
1) May 14: Jimmy Olsen/Smallville
2) May 14: Davis-Doomsday/Smallville
3) May 14: Ruby/Supernatural
4) May 14: Jessica Angell/CSI: NY
5) May 15: Michael Scofield/Prison Break
6) May 15: Christina Rose/Prison Break
7) May 21: Molly/Ugly Betty

Number of first-time love confessions: 3
1) May 14: Cristina and Owen/Grey’s Anatomy
2) May 18: Barney and Robin/How I Met Your Mother
3) May 18: Chuck and Blair/Gossip Girl

Number of possible fatalities: 5
1) May 13: Juliet Burke/Lost
2) May 14: Izzie Stevens/Grey’s Anatomy
3) May 14: George O’Malley/Grey’s Anatomy
4) May 14: Tiva/NCIS
5) May 21: Hotchner/Criminal Minds

Number of babies born: 3*
1) May 15: Michael Jr./Prison Break
2) May 18: Sawyer Brooke Scott/One Tree Hill
3) May 19: Adrianna’s daughter/90210

Number of presumed-dead characters returning (in the flesh or as a hallucination): 3
1) May 11: Dr. Lawrence Kutner/House
2) May 15: Paul Kellerman/Prison Break
3) May 18: Lily and Rufus’ son, Scott/Gossip Girl

Number of characters sent directly to jail (or taken into custody): 4
1) May 15: T-Bag/Prison Break
2) May 15: The General/Prison Break
3) May 18: Olivia Taylor/24
4) May 18: Tony Almeda/24

Number of former loves resurfacing: 2
1) May 14: Holly Flax/The Office
2) May 21: Henry/Ugly Betty

Number of Cyndi Lauper cameos: 1
1) May 14: 30 Rock

Number of characters converting to Scientology: 0

Number of car crashes: 2
1) May 17: Mike crashes into Dave/Desperate Housewives
2) May 18: Bunch of ‘em on 24!

Number of characters institutionalized: 2
1) May 11: Dr. Gregory House/House
2) May 17: Dave Williams/Desperate Housewives

Number of first kisses: 1
1) May 17: Bree and Karl/Desperate Housewives

* One of the three births takes place during a time jump.

Think you can match the season-ending events with the shows they take place on? Take your best shot in the comments section! Oh, and you shouldn’t necessarily read anything into the photo collage above. There could be some clever misdirection at work there.

addCredit(“Office: Mitch Haddad/NBC; Greys: Scott Garfield/ABC; House: Isabella Vosmikova/Fox; Smallville: Michael Courtney/The CW “)

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Gossip Girl,' 'Grey's,' 'Big Bang,' 'Lost,' 'NCIS,' '90210,' and more!

Question: This two-week Lost hiatus is killing me! More scoopage before the final episodes, please! –Brad
The major-ish Lost death is coming up soooooon. Also, it’s less ish and more major than I first thought.

Question: Please, please, please give us a hint about whom Sylar kills in Monday’s Heroes season finale! –Claire
It’s a major character, and the death definitely sticks. But there is a twist. (Hint: It’s possible no one will be leaving the show.) BTW, the finale is fantastic. It’s compelling, suspense-filled and, most importantly, events occur consecutively and in the present day. Heroes is back, people!

Question: Any more Big Bang Theory scoop for the finale? –Hannah
It’s going to be full of crap! Kaley Cuoco explains: "The [guys] build a toilet and things go horribly wrong. They all find poop hilarious. It’s a space toilet, so I don’t have to use it or anything. Of course, it’s a space toilet on this show!" On the hotly debated subject of a Penny-Sheldon hookup, Cuoco confesses that she’s not a fan of the idea. "I don’t think it makes any sense," she says. "Sheldon has no use for women. If it happened, I bet it would be a nightmare sequence. Sheldon is nowhere near boyfriend material and Penny loves him that way. [Besides], Sheldon barely lets her into his apartment — how would he get to the point of hooking up with her?"

Question: Your single-topic AA on Grey’s gave us nothing on the best couple, Meredith and Derek! Please, can you give us something juicy? — Hayley
Okay, here’s something: A longtime Grey’s duo are about to break up — presumably for good — and it’s not Derek and Meredith. Nope. It’s Bailey and Tucker! In the May 14 season finale, Bailey takes the bold step of leaving her husband after he once again fails to support her career.

Question: Can you tell us how much time has lapsed between the elevator proposal episode of Grey’s and the episode that airs this week? –Jasmin
A few days, I believe. It’s not long at all.

Question: I’ve decided that I want your job. May I ask, how good is the pay? –Saramarie
Where I come from, it’s tacky to discuss such things in public. It’s not, however, tacky to show you a picture of the second home I just purchased in the Hamptons and let you draw your own conclusions.

Question: Any scoop on the anticipated Thatcher return on Grey’s next week? I’m hoping for some overdue Meredith and Lexie scenes! –Dana
Two of my favorite Mer-Lexie scenes ever take place in next week’s episode, but it’s more a result of the thorny Derek-Mark situation than Thatcher’s return. 

Question: Any insight on what is going to happen with Mer-Der now that Ellen Pompeo is preggers in real life? –R Aliberti
If you’re asking me whether there’s a McBaby in their future, I don’t know. I can tell you that if Pompeo takes the standard two-month maternity leave following the birth of her first child this fall, Grey’s could be Mer-less for a portion of next season. Maybe they’ll send her to some really long medical convention. Or dispatch her to the parking lot to look for Dr. Hahn. The possibilities are endless!

Question: Will Jeffrey Dean Morgan be appearing in Grey’s Anatomy’s 100th episode? –Javier
Let’s examine the evidence, shall we? Exhibit A: Morgan appeared in the 100th ep photo-op, which took place on the Grey’s set during filming of the said 100th episode. Exhibit B: The official logline for the landmark ep says, "Izzie fears the worst when she begins experiencing familiar symptoms." Exhibit C: I have to warn you that this one’s really spoilery, but I’m hearing … wait, what’s that? The jury of Ausholes has already reached a unanimous verdict? Eh, so much for my Exhibit C. It was really good, too.

Question: Please give us some more dish on Law & Order: SVU‘s death mystery! –Bri
I doubt there will be many fans mourning this person’s passing. I’ll leave it at that.

Question: Any advance scoop on Glee? The commercials alone make me smile. –Chris
I’m in love with the commercials. I want to marry the commercials. I want to have babies with the commercials. Unfortunately, I only want to date the actual show. That’s right, the revised pilot for the program I’ve been prematurely raving about for months recently fell on my lap and, well, it didn’t exactly wow me. The good news: There’s more tweaking going on that may address some of my complaints — most of which concern the schizophrenic pacing and tone. Bottom line: There’s an awesome show in there somewhere and I’m praying Ryan Murphy finds it by May 19. And if not by May 19, then by next fall when it returns.

Question: Any scoop on who is going to die on CSI: NY? Is it someone shown in the opening credits? — Carissa
Yes. And as exec producer Pam Veasey reveals, in addition to the death "something happens to someone else. There will be a life-changing experience for another character." Veasey declined to say whether that something was good or bad, although she did offer what could be a clue: "We really want to have a hopeful and heroic start to next season. It’ll be really positive, fun, and spirited."

Question: I’m happy Lindsay’s returning to CSI: NY next month, but do we know for a fact Anna Belknap ever gave birth? I searched high and low on the Interwebs but I can’t find any info about it. –Claire 
That’s probably because there’s no info to be found — until now! Sources confirm to me exclusively that Anna gave birth to her second child, son George, on Feb. 6. (You’re welcome, Google.)

Question: 24 scoop, please! –Matt
Chloe returns next week! Woo-hoo! And she’s forced to work alongside Janice! Double woo-hoo!

Question: You said that NCIS fans shouldn’t be worried about Michael Weatherly leaving, so tell me straight out: Is Cote de Pablo leaving the show? — Jillian
All exec producer Shane Brennan would tell me is that the season ends "on a cliff, not so much a hanger." Um, huh? "It’s an episode that will compel people to come back for the first episode next season," he elaborates. "They will have to come back and watch what happens in the first episode next season because of what we do at the very end of this season. We’ve already worked out what that episode is. We’ve got a fantastic season opener that is set up in the finale. The thing about the opener for next season is, once again, your expectations of what you think you’re going to see will be turned on their head with the season premiere. I’m a great believer in tying the audience in knots over the summer. It’ll have people arguing whether it was a good thing or a bad thing and what the outcome will be." Still a little confused about the difference between a cliff and a hanger, but I’m admittedly not the brainiest Smurf in the village.

Question: Got anything on Psych? –Sean
I’ve got the first significant piece of guest casting for season 4! In an early eppy, Christine Baranski will play Alice Clayton, the well-maintained widow of a billionaire hedge fund manager who believes her husband’s death in a plane crash was not  accidental, but murder.

Question: Here is my weekly request for some Private Practice scoop. –Stacey
Prepare yourselves for the most disturbing childbirth scene since Jessica Lange forced Gwyneth Paltrow to deliver her baby via an oxytocin-laced layer cake in 1998’s Hush.

Question: Got any information on the upcoming season of Weeds? –Brandon
I’m hearing Silas is going to take on a partner to help run his little business.

Question: 90210 has turned a corner. I’m hooked. Scoop, please. –Tiffany
It’s so bad it’s awesome, right? Here’s a little big scooplet: Liam will sleep with someone in the finale … and it’s not Naomi! (Or *****!)

Question: Any chance Dustin Milligan will return to 90210 to wrap up his story next season? –Ian
No. He will not be back.

Question: I read somewhere that the season finale of Gossip Girl includes Serena uncovering the identity of GG. Will she be successful? –Mike
She uncovers the identity of someone connected to GG, but not GG herself.

Question: I need Gossip Girl scoop, preferably about the prom. –Lindsay
Revenge-seeking Chuck, furious at Blair for attending the big ball with Nate, hatches a plan to make Nelly Yuki prom queen. Meanwhile, Dan and Serena end up going together, but as friends, not lovers.

Question: Please give some good Desperate Housewives scoops! Is it true that Bree is going to have an affair with Karl? –Martin
Can’t confirm an affair. Can confirm a kiss.

Question: Are Mike and Susan ever going to get back together on Desperate Housewives? I’m really thinking of tanking the show next year if not. Give us some good news, please! –Nadine
James Denton and Teri Hatcher told us at PaleyFest ’09 that it’s "inevitable" the two will reunite, but neither had specifics on when. "It’s always been Marc Cherry’s plan to have them together by the end of the show," said Hatcher. "But I think the road getting there is getting bumpier and bumpier." Added Denton: "I think there will definitely be at least another near miss for them,  but for the rest of the season and the near future, it is Mike and Katherine. They are getting pretty secure. We are already living together. And I think there may be some engagement news on the horizon."

Question: I haven’t heard anything on Greek in a while. Any scoop? –Jaclyn
"The finale has a really good cliffhanger," Scott Michael Foster (Cappie) revealed at Saturday’s GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles. "And Jesse McCartney plays a really big part of that cliffhanger. It has a lot to do with him and Rusty …. I guess I get some action, too. In my women’s studies class I’m the only guy, so the ladies are like sitting ducks. Of course, he will always be at least partly stuck on Casey." What’s Casey doing while Cappie’s getting busy? She’s getting busy herself! "She gets a lot of action … from multiple sources," confirmed Spencer Grammer. "Cappie is her soul mate, but she’s young and she doesn’t always see that."

Question: Got anything on the Supernatural finale that you don’t have to block out with hundreds of asterisks? –David
Comic book geek-slash-prophet Chuck will be back! See, no asterisks!

Okay, that’s a wrap! Send questions-anonymous tips-housewarming gift certificates to Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell)

Season finale spoilers on 'CSI,' 'NCIS,' 'Mentalist,' 'Trace,' and more!

Eye like it! CBS just released a rundown of all its season finale air dates, but there’s a twist: They included some rather juicy spoilers along with it! Sure, some of this stuff is already out there, but there are quite a few new scooplets, too. Happy hunting!

Sunday May 3 and Sunday May 10
The music of Pearl Jam will rock throughout the two-part sixth season finale. Rush and the team delve into the 2005 murder of the first female cadet of a local military school who didn’t live beyond her first semester. The stakes of the case are raised after the cadet’s unknown killer commits a shocking act against Rush designed to thwart the investigation. Bonus scoop: Friday Night Lights‘ Jesse Plemons guest stars!

Sunday, May 10                     
The Unit must locate and defuse three sets of dirty bombs headed for unknown locations across the U.S. Meanwhile, the team prepares for a wedding of one Unit member and the end of a marriage for another.

Monday, May 11                   
As he prepares for a three-month science expedition, Leonard reconsiders his feelings for Penny.   

Wednesday, May 13            
Christine learns some shocking news about New Christine’s father (Scott Bakula) after
the two of them rekindle their romance at Richard and New Christine’s
wedding. James Lesure guest stars as a wedding guest and
potential hook-up for Barb.

Wednesday, May 13               
Gary and Allison’s frustrating personal lives lead them back into the bedroom… repeatedly.

Thursday, May 14                  
The CSIs investigate a series of murders tied to a scam involving
valuable poker chips from a long-gone casino and Det. Ray Langston must
use deadly force for the first time in his career as a CSI. Cynthia
Watros and Gerald McRaney guest star.

Friday, May 15                      
When a ghost pays Melinda an unexpected visit, she worries for her unborn baby. Meanwhile, wedding bells ring for Melinda and Jim.

Friday, May 15                      
When Amita is abducted, Don and the team’s frantic search leads to a
charismatic sociopath (James
Callis), but it is up to a distraught Charlie to discover
what’s behind the suspect’s bizarre plans for her. The situation causes
Charlie to reassess his relationship and future with Amita. Lou Diamond Phillips returns as
Agent Ian Edgerton.

Monday, May 18                   
Ted gives Barney his blessing to finally profess his love to Robin.

Monday, May 18                   
Charlie starts to question his relationship with Chelsea when he hears
that Mia is back in town. Meanwhile, when Judith goes into labor,
Charlie, Alan and Herb rush her to the hospital.

Monday, May 18                   
Jeff wonders if he and Audrey are lacking spontaneity in the bedroom.

Monday, May 18                   
Horatio fights to save Yelina while Delko goes against Calleigh’s pleas
and helps his dangerous father with life-threatening consequences.
Brian Austin Green guest stars as an alleged carjack victim.

Tuesday, May 19                   
Ziva’s homecoming to Israel with Gibbs leads to a tense reunion with
her father, the enigmatic and powerful head of Mossad. As this delicate
situation escalates, Gibbs is forced to make a decision that sends
shockwaves through NCIS.

Tuesday, May 19                   
Lisbon suspects that serial killer Red John is drawing Patrick Jane
into a trap when the CBI team investigates the murder of a young girl
and the abduction of her twin sister. 

Tuesday, May 19                   
The team searches for a man who disappears after a late-night ocean
dive that includes stolen drugs and three dead bodies. Meanwhile, Danny
and Elena take their relationship to another level. Martin Landau
reprises his role as Frank Malone, Jack’s father. Adam Kauffman, Poppy
Montgomery’s real-life boyfriend, reprises his role as Brian Donovan,
the father of Samantha’s son, Finn.

Wednesday, May 20               
The BAU tracks a serial killer who picks up junkies, prostitutes, and the
homeless off the streets of Detroit and takes them across the border
into Canada. After solving that case, another killer returns to exact
his revenge.

Wednesday, May 20               
A member of the team is murdered after a deadly group of kidnappers
snatch Robert Dunbrook’s son while he is being transferred from prison
to court. And, if that loss isn’t enough, the life of another CSI is

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'House,' 'Chuck,' '24,' 'Big Bang,' 'CSI: NY,' 'The Office,' 'Lost,' and more!

24bigbanghouse_lQuestion: For the love of God, please give me some Big Bang Theory spoilers! –Laura
Leonard’s "Stuart" problem rears its nerdy little head again on May 4 when Kevin Sussman’s comic-book guru returns to take Penny out on a date. But as exec producer Bill Prady reveals, "The date doesn’t go well and Leonard comes to possess a piece of information that makes him very happy." Care to elaborate, Mr. Prady? "I’m not usually cagey, but it’s such a fun reveal at the end of the episode that I’m going to be a little cagey… I will say now that Leonard has this information, he’s going to find the events of the season finale confusing. And he’s going to spend the season finale trying to add up all the information he has and see if he can get it to make sense." Oh, I get it now. Actually, no I don’t. Someone help me, please.

Question: Will Annie Wersching be back next season on 24? I hope so. The Jack-Renee dynamic is one of my favorite things about this season. –Josh
Not only is she coming back next season, but exec producer Howard Gordon tells me that "some part of her past will be necessary in the context of the next crisis." Gordon also confirms that Cherry Jones’ President Taylor will return for the Big Apple-set Day 8. "Cherry truly defined this character and fashioned our first truly aspirational President since David Palmer," he says. "She brought an emotional weight and intelligence that exceeded even our expectations."

Question: Was the majorish death you were referring to on Lost that of Caesar in Episode 12? — Ian
Nah. He’s not big enough to garner an –ish, IMHO.

Question: Who did The Office end up casting as Ryan’s mom? –Joel
Couldn’t tell you. I could, however, tell you who they didn’t get: B.J. Novak’s real mom. They asked her and she turned ‘em down!

Question: I’m begging here. Please give me something good on Gossip Girl‘s Chuck and Blair! All we’ve been getting is bad news and I need something to keep me sane! –Nadia
This season’s final two episodes will make you very happy.

Question: You spoiled recently that there will be a permanent veteran death in the Smallville season finale. Is this character featured in the Season 8 opening credits? –Krissy

Question: Any word on the renewal of Privileged? –Wendy
"No word yet on anything but we have our meeting set with the network for early May," series creator Rina Mimoun tells me. "Hoping to wow them with our plans for Season 2. And if that doesn’t work, the boys are gonna come into the meeting with their shirts off and make out with Dawn. I play dirty." And we love you for it. 

Question: Please take pity on us CSI: NY fans and tell us when on earth Lindsay is coming home from Montana. We miss her! — Laurzz
She’s back in the Big Apple on April 29, but we won’t actually see her until May 6 when Anna Belknap officially returns from maternity leave and promptly delivers another baby. "Lindsay pops right back into work and, before you know it, she’s in labor," exec producer Pam Veasey says with a laugh. "You see her for a second and her water breaks. We couldn’t do anything else but bring her back and let her give birth." Danny, of course, is at Lindsay’s side for the main event and, like any new parents, "they’re overwhelmed by it," says Veasey. The big question: What do they have? "It’s a girl," she reveals. "I won’t tell you the name because we don’t know if the audience will respond to it." Hmm…. any ideas what it could be? Head to the comments with your guesses!

Question: I was just wondering if you were ever going to reveal who the person was that got axed in the blind item you did. Was it Balthazar Getty from Brothers & Sisters? — Misty
For the millionth time, y**.

Question: I haven’t seen any scoops for Private Practice lately. Got anything on the April 26 finale? — Mary
Certain events in the episode will leave you wondering if both Amy Brenneman and KaDee Strickland have been fired. (Allow me to put your mind at ease: An ABC insider assures me that they’ll both be back.) Elsewhere, there are major turning points in the Violet-Pete and Sam-Naomi romances, and Dell *e** *u**o** *f ****y.

Question: Any good scoop on Chuck? — Andrew
Only one thing will stand in the way of Chuck and Sarah having sex next Monday. And that one thing looks like this.

Question: This week’s Chuck was unbelievable, and the final two episodes of this season look to be even better. Any news or predictions? — Josh
A few predictions: You’re going to love next week’s Ausiello TV; Subway will see a dramatic surge in business the night of the finale on April 27; and NBC will renew Chuck for a third season because I will come down on them like a ton of bricks if they don’t. (That last one was more like a threat disguised as a prediction than an actual prediction, FYI.)

Question: Why didn’t you tell us there are two weddings in the season finale of Chuck? One is obviously Ellie and Awesome’s. What do you know about the other one? — Isabelle
I forgot about the second one. Just kidding, I remembered and decided not to tell you. Just kidding, I honestly didn’t know. Just kidding, I know everything. Just kidding, there are some things I don’t know — like the fact that Kara and Paula were once roommates. Just kidding, I was their landlord. Just kidding, I lived upstairs from them. Just kidding, I lived downstairs. Just kidding, Kristen Wiig’s going to sue me for copyright infringement. Just kidding, Lorne Michaels actually owns the rights to this shtick. Just kidding, NBC does. Just kidding, what was your question? Oh, right, you want scoop on the second wedding. Per Josh Schwartz, "Chuck throws it for someone he cares about."

Question: I heard a rumor that the couple on Grey’s Anatomy that is really getting married is Sloan and Lexie. Please, oh please, tell me this isn’t true. — Terry
Brace yourself: The couple getting married on May 7 is, in fact, [drumroll, please] not McSteamy and ‘Lil Grey.

Question: Any dirt on Brothers & Sisters? — Jennifer
Jason Lewis returns this Sunday and makes Kevin and Scotty an offer they shouldn’t, but probably will, refuse. (I’m talkin’ ’bout a threesome.) Speaking of long lost loves returning, Roger shows up at Nora’s door and drops a D-bomb, and Tommy delivers some news to Julia that could upset the balance of the Walker clan.

Question: How long ’til House starts banging his hallucination? — Adam
Sit down, relax, and flash back to Jan. 26. It was on that day that I first broke news of the forthcoming plot involving Anne Dudek’s dead doc. It was also on that day that exec producer David Shore went on the record as saying, "It would never be a dead ghost sex love triangle thing like on [Grey’s]." Fellow e.p. Katie Jacobs added: "I think that would make a large [number] of people switch off their TVs. I think if we tried that, heads would roll." And that concludes our trip down memory lane.

Question: A lot of Huddy fans fear that the House-Cuddy sex might not happen this season after all. Could you please reassure us? — Camelias
I’ll do you one better. For the first time, I will run the actual transcript of the interview we did with David Shore and Katie Jacobs at House‘s 100th episode party back on Jan. 21. If this doesn’t calm your nerves about the impending Huddy nookie-nookie, nothing will…

EW: What’s the latest on House and Cuddy having sex?
Katie: We have definitely figured how the act will play out. And true to vibe of the show and the characters and thanks to David Shore’s wonderfully creative twists and turns, it won’t be what you expect. We have to be careful about making moves like that. We do not want to disappoint fans and just do something out of left field."
David: Yes we have figured out the details surrounding Huddy having sex. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for fans of Huddy hoping for a hookup. It definitely won’t be what people expect. We have to do things our way, the House way. We wouldn’t want to have the characters do anything out of character.
EW: Just to be clear, the sex will happen by the end of the season?
David: Yes. 
Katie: Yes. Now that we’ve given you that scoop, you have to leave us alone on everything else!

Feel better now, Camelias?

Question: I miss the old Silver on 90210. Please tell me she’s going to return! — Christina
I’m told prom is going to be the eye-opening event that resurrects the Silver we all know and love. Speaking of 90210, Rob Estes says this of the season finale: "There might be a death, perhaps a murder. I don’t know if they will actually die because it is a cliffhanger. We left it open-ended. There may be a death in the finale. I can only promise bodily harm. Expect bodily harm."

Question: I heard the Ryan Eggold is moving over to the new Melrose Place. Is that true? — Lexi
Let’s ask Ryan himself: "I don’t know if it is happening or how exactly they would do it," he told us at Saturday’s PaleyFest ’09 event honoring 90210. "We’ve talked about me being the crossover character but they say I will still be on 90210 as well. I think it would be really cool if it happened, but it’s too early to say it with certainty. If it does happen it will be the same character on both shows. It would not make any sense if I was playing two different characters." It would make a hell of a lot more sense than half of the crap I witnessed in this week’s episode, every second of which I loved.

Question: Do you got any news about the season finale of Lie to Me? — Luca
Would you settle for the penultimate episode instead? It involves Lightman going on a very unorthodox undercover mission, and features guest turns by Rescue Me‘s Daniel Sunjata and Carnivale‘s Clea Duvall.

Question: How many original episodes of NCIS are left this season? — Kate
Four. You’ve got the spin-off launching episodes airing on April 28 and May 5, followed by two regular episodes on May 12 and 19. And according to exec producer Shane Brennan, "You have to watch all four of them because they’re all linked together. Even though we’re off in Los Angeles [in the first two episodes] doing stuff with the new team, they’re all tied very closely together by Tony, Ziva, and Gibbs."

Question: Rumors are flying that Michael Weatherly won’t be returning next season on NCIS. Please tell me that it is not true! — Kristen
Michael Weatherly isn’t the one you should be worried about.

Question: Got any scoop on Desperate Housewives‘ season finale? — Jenny
Lily Tomlin returns to help her sis, Mrs. McCluskey, solve the Crazy Dave mystery once and for all. They better hurry up, ’cause I hear Edie’s widower is going to take Susan on an impromptu fishing trip. Because if it’s one thing we’ve learned over the past five seasons it’s that Susan loves to fish.

That’s a wrap! Please deposit questions-anonymous tips-gratuitous fawning here: Thanks for playing! BTW, still Twittering! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell and Aly Semigran)

Exclusive: 'CSI: NY' says RIP to one of its own

“That’s right,” says CSI: NY executive producer Peter Lenkov. “We lose a member of our family [in the season finale] — and that’s just in the first 10 minutes.”

The other 50 minutes of the hour will probably be pretty killer, too. Leading up to it is episode 5.22, titled “Yarzheit,” which features not only Lou Grant… er, Ed Asner but also comic legend Shelley Berman. In this one, “Our CSIs find themselves investigating a crime that takes them into the world of racism and bigotry, only to uncover a deep, dark secret that dates back to the Holocaust,” teases Lenkov. “Also in this episode, Mac will learn something about his father he never knew.

“And in the season finale” — which also has Craig T. Nelson winding up his arc — “the CSI: NY team is on the trail of a team of sophisticated kidnappers-turned-cop killers,” he continues. “Their crime will forever change the CSI: NY lineup.”

So who do you think bites the dust? Danny? Lindsay? Mac? Stella? Post your theories in the comments section!

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Exclusive: 'CSI: NY' collars an American Idol

Music careers are so 2008. Following in the footsteps of Chris Daughtry, American Idol alum Katharine McPhee has booked a guest gig on CSI: NY.

In an episode tentatively scheduled to air in April, the singer will play… er, a singer. There will even be a scene in which she is… well… singing. All kidding aside, the prime-time appearance is actually bringing McPhee back once again to her roots — she was an actress first, then a recording artist. (Recently, you’ve probably seen her opposite Anna Farris in The House Bunny.)

McPhee will next begin work on the romantic comedy Wedlock opposite Brothers & Sisters‘ Dave Annable.

So what’s your take, people? Coming down with McPheever or so over the celeb cameo thing? Your take below.

Exclusive: Pete and Ashlee escape to 'CSI: NY'

Wentzsimpson_lIf there were any lingering doubts as to which of the three CSIs was the most stunt happy, this next story should erase them: Sources confirm to me exclusively that ubiquitous real-life couple Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz just closed a deal to guest star on CSI: NY.

A show spokesperson declined to comment, but I’m told the Wentzes will not be playing themselves in the episode, which is slated to air on March 18. Rather, they will be playing Bonnie and Clyde wannabes.

Question time: Is this cheeky, attention-getting piece of casting a shrewd business decision on the part of CSI: NY producers, or yet another sign of the impending apocalypse? Weigh in below!

Scoop: Craig T. Nelson in 'CSI: NY' state of mind


Big Mac’s under attack from Coach Fox!

Craig T. Nelson is joining CSI: NY for a three-episode arc, a CBS spokesperson confirms. He’ll play Robert Parker, an extremely powerful publishing magnate and a nemesis to Gary Sinise’s Mac Taylor.

He’s also rumored to be the real father of Lindsay’s unborn baby, but I have yet to verify that. One possible reason: I just made that up to see if anyone was paying attention.


'CSI: NY' Exclusive: Danny and Lindsay Are Expecting!

Anna Belknap’s real-life pregnancy is turning into quite the bundle of joy for Danny-Lindsay fans: Not only is CSI: NY incorporating the baby twist into Lindsay’s story line, but producers have gone and made Danny the daddy!

“Lindsay will be pregnant,” reveals executive producer Pam Veasey. “And, clearly, Danny is the father.”

Feel free to kiss the messenger. Or shower him with gifts. Don’t be shy.

The bombshell will be dropped in the show’s 101st episode, tentatively scheduled to air on Nov. 26, but the fallout will be felt long thereafter. “We’re not going to be so typical about it,” Veasey adds. “They’re both happy about it, but it is unexpected.”

Big questions remain: Will D-L make things official prior to their son/daughter’s birth? How will Lindsay’s absence be explained when her portrayer takes off on maternity leave? How will this news impact the return of you-know-who (I’m talkin’ ’bout Rikki!)? My plan is to answer all of these questions (and more) in Ask Ausiello tomorrow provided you guys, well, ask them. Hurry up and submit your burning D-L Qs to by 5 p.m./EST today and then check AA for the scoop.

In the meantime, is a Danny-Lindsay pregnancy everything you had hoped for and more? Or is it too much too soon? Sound off below!

'CSI: NY' Exclusive: The New Mac Taylor Is...Rumer Willis!

Willisormand_lBefore you accuse me of shamelessly baiting you with another outrageously misleading headline, I just have one thing to say: Guilty!

Come to think of it, I’m only half guilty. The fact is, Bruce and Demi’s actress-offspring will be playing a character by the name of Mac Taylor in CSI: NY‘s 100th episode, but Gary Sinise’s tormented detective isn’t undergoing a radical sex change. Rather, the landmark episode, airing Nov. 19, finds Sinise’s team investigating a serial killer who’s targeting people with the name Mac Taylor; Willis will be playing one of those unlucky Macs. 

The 100th eppy will also mark the arrival of a new detective, played by Julia Ormond (Legends of the Fall, Sabrina), and the return of Nelly as a confidential informant to Mac and Co.

Of course, if I know you CSI: NY fans, you’re probably just reading this item in the hopes that I’ll offer up some scoop concerning your favorite partners in crime and sex, Danny and Lindsay. And lo and behold, I’ve got a little something for you: Sources confirm to me exclusively that the 100th episode does not include any major D-L developments.

On the bright side, no major developments is better than one really bad one, right?

Exclusive: 'CSI: NY' Books Nelly

Nelly_lGary Sinise and Co. are taking a little detour to Nellyville this fall.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that rapper and occasional actor Nelly is joining CSI: NY for a multi-episode arc. The Grammy winner will play a club owner who serves as a confidential informant to Mac and his team.

“He’s a great actor,” gushes executive producer Pam Veasey of Nelly, whose only major thespian credit to date is 2005’s The Longest Yard. “He really stepped up.”

In other CSI: NY news, in a piece of stunt casting that has the words “Danny/Lindsay montage” written all over it, Maroon 5 will make a cameo in this season’s second episode, airing Oct. 1.


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