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'Modern Family': Eric Stonestreet explains the show's upcoming 'gay agenda'

Modern Family
definitely has a gay agenda coming up, but it’s not what you think! We all know that Cameron and Mitchell are preparing for their big wedding day on the ABC sitcom, but before they can make it to the altar, there needs to be a wild and crazy Las Vegas bachelor party! However, as Eric Stonestreet told us when he stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105), it won’t be Cam & Mitchell’s bachelor party. “We just shot an episode that was kind of an anti-bachelor party episode in Vegas,” says the man who plays Cam. “When we get there we run into Langham, Mitchell’s ex played by the great Fred Armisen, and he’s there having his bachelor party. And they say ‘Well, while you’re here, feel free to stop by,’ and he hands me a piece of paper with all the happenings, and I turn and I go, ‘Wow, an actual gay agenda.’ So I sneak off and go and participate in their bachelor party while Mitchell gets a sauna and gets a massage.” READ FULL STORY

Will Arnett open to returning to 'Arrested Development'

Will Arnett may be starring in CBS’ The Millers this fall, but he’s still open to returning to Arrested Development.

“I think that for all of us, Arrested is something that we love doing and we love working together,” Arnett told EW about the series, which might return to Netflix for a fifth season. “Whatever sort of incarnation comes up, I’m very open to it.”

On The Millers, Arnett plays a recently divorced reporter whose plans for bachelorhood get sidetracked when his overbearing mother (Margo Martindale) moves in with him after separating from his father (Beau Bridges).

He’s not the only actor on the CBS sitcom willing to pull double duty: Martindale, who played Russian spy Claudia on FX’s The Americans, told reporters this morning at the Television Critics Tour in Los Angeles that she hopes to return to the role.

So how does The Millers creator Greg Garcia feel about sharing his actors?

Spice Girl meets 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' in new teaser clip -- VIDEO

Newsflash: Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, is making a comedy show in the proud vein of Tori Spelling’s So NoTORIous, Kirstie Alley’s Fat Actress, and Christine Lakin’s Lovin’ Lakin. You know, the “quasi-celebrity plays version of herself for laughs” genre — sort of like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but a little sadder and a lot less funny.

In this first NSFW teaser for the series — evidently titled Geri: Life Sucks — the Girl Power guru lies in bed with a hunky dude. Everything seems perfect… until he reveals that he’s been working toward a certain icky goal ever since seeing Spice World 15 (!) years ago.


'Clear History' trailer: Larry David wigs out -- VIDEO

Clear History should really consider the parenthetical title The HBO Movie With Larry David in an Insane Wig. That’s been the film’s main talking point — but a new minute-and-a-half trailer changes that, revealing more of the story line, a slew of famous faces and even a hairpiece-free David.

In the TV movie, the Curb Your Enthusiasm mastermind plays a marketing exec for a carmaker, and he’s not too impressed with his employer’s latest vehicle, the Howard electric car. He pulls a Jerry Maguire, telling off his boss (Jon Hamm) and selling his share in the company on his way out the door — only to have the detested car become a billion-dollar hit.

Joining David and Hamm for a ride in the Howard: Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Eva Mendes, Amy Ryan, J.B. Smoove, Bill Hader and Danny McBride, who tells a long-haired Larry, “You look like the guy who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart!”

Watch the sneak peek below:

Larry David doing HBO movie (but not more 'Curb' anytime soon)


There’s a Larry David movie coming to HBO.

Don’t ask what it’s called. Don’t ask what it’s about. Larry David will star and executive produce the film. Greg Mottola (Superbad, Paul) will direct.

Beyond that, HBO isn’t saying much — except that it’s not a Curb Your Enthusiasm movie. And the film is going to occupy David’s HBO efforts for the time being, executives say, which means Curb isn’t going to return for a ninth season anytime soon. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore nominated for Directors Guild Awards

Some notable onscreen names are being recognized for their behind-the-camera achievements with this year’s Directors Guild Award nominations. READ FULL STORY

AFI's top 10 TV shows: 'Game of Thrones,' 'Louie' in; 'Glee' out

The American Film Institute has been releasing a top 10 movie list since 2000, yet one more volley in the heady awards season hullabaloo. But since 2001, the AFI has also released a list of its top television programs of the year, and their selections have often recognized shows overlooked by other awards groups, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, and Party Down.

This year’s list recognizes several shows for the first time, including HBO’s Game of Thrones, Showtime’s Homeland, FX’s Justified and Louie, and CBS’ The Good Wife. Notably absent: Fox’s Glee, which was on the ’09 and ’10 lists; AMC’s The Walking Dead, which made last year’s list; and any miniseries or made-for-TV movies, which usually make up a healthy portion of the list.

Check out the full top 10 below:  READ FULL STORY

'Curb Your Enthusiasm': Jeff Garlin gives you five reasons not to miss tonight's finale

Tonight on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David & co. embark on their final(e) adventure in the Big Apple. What kind of madcap misfortune awaits your favorite social assassin? Jeff Garlin (a.k.a. Larry’s manager Jeff Greene) kindly supplied EW with not one but five reasons (SPOILER ALERT!) to watch the conclusion of the HBO comedy’s eighth season, “Larry vs. Michael J. Fox.” (According to HBO’s website, “Larry has some doubts about Michael J. Fox’s condition.” Gulp.)

1. “This could be the last original episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Ever. I’m not kidding.”

2. “If you’ve ever wanted to see Larry David clash with Michael J. Fox, this is your chance. One of them shakes a lot — and it’s not Michael J. Fox.”

3. “A pillow sham is an instrument of destruction.”

4. “Lounge music is not given its proper respect.”

5. “This is the one episode where my balls don’t have fun.”

Consider your curiosity piqued, people! Given this intel, what are your predictions for the finale? And how would you feel if Larry ultimately decided not to make any more episodes of Curb?

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' scores again

What is it about Larry David this season? HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm had another great outing on Sunday, averaging 1.9 million for the 10 p.m. airing. That’s a 12% improvement over the season premiere a week ago. It also was the most-watched episode of the series over its seven-year run on the pay cabler.

An additional 556,000 tuned into the midnight airing, bringing the gross audience for Curb on Sunday to 2.5 million, up 17% versus last week. Naturally, David will probably find some reason to doubt these numbers, but good for him and the show, anyway.

True Blood averaged 6.2 million on Sunday, with 5.1 million tuning in at 9 and an an additional 1.1 million at 11.

alt text

'The Good Wife,' 'White Collar,' 'Bones,' 'Franklin & Bash': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Spoilers are like apples, Roomies. Shake the tree, and you’ll get one to fall. And next week at the annual San Diego Comic-Con, the apples will fall like rain, so be prepared. Rather, help me prepare! Send your burning questions about any and all shows going to Comic-Con (and those that aren’t, if you’re so inclined), so I can come back with a basket of bounty to share with you all. We’ll make spoiler pie together! Also, this apple metaphor has gone on about five sentences too long. So I’m stopping now.

Send questions to (note the two “r”s) or Tweet them to me @EWSandraG.

Also, this week, the “side dishes” are the main course. (Clearly hungry right now… ) Enjoy!

Sandra, I’m betting you’ve already drooled over these pics of gun-wielding Joe Manganiello on the set of White Collar, right? What else can you tell me about his role (and how much heavage we’ll be seeing)? — Maggie READ FULL STORY

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' season 8 trailer: 'What's not to like?'

If all the merriment and social obligations of the 4th of July made you cranky, rest easy. Larry David, the voice of (un)reason is back to save you with a new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The latest preview for the Emmy-winning HBO series, which returns for its 8th season on Sunday, July 10 at 10 p.m., features everyone’s favorite unfiltered curmudgeon calling out unspoken injustices like “pig parkers” and those who “chat and cut” (this could very well be the new “double dip”), fighting with Susie (Essman, natch), and guest stars like Ricky Gervais (“You don’t know anything about bread!”) and Michaela Watkins. Sure, Larry may test some people’s nerves, but as he points out in the clip, he’s not just yelling to yell, he’s yelling for society.

Watch the full clip below. READ FULL STORY

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' returns July 10

Curb Your Enthusiasm will return for its eighth season on July 10. The HBO comedy that stars Larry David will feature appearances by series veterans Bob Einstein, Richard Lewis, Rosie O’Donnell, J.B. Smoove and Wanda Sykes, as well as Jonathan Ames, Bill Buckner, Rebecca Creskoff, Gary Cole, Michael J. Fox, Ana Gasteyer, Ricky Gervais, Michael Gross, Harry Hamlin, Larry Miller, Robert Smigel, Aida Turturro, Mookie Wilson and Jo Anne Worley.

HBO produced 10 episodes in all for the eighth season.

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' trailer: Watch Larry David be Larry David (i.e. tick people off)

Feeling grumpy because it’s Monday? Well, every day is Grump Day for Larry David. But maybe your day will brighten a bit by seeing him manufacture misery in this new trailer for season 8 of HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm. Watch Larry spread harm across gender lines, taking on both man (for hogging two parking spaces) and woman (for stealing his cab). He even offends one Michael J. Fox, who tells him: “I have a sickness in my brain — you have a sickness in your mind.” But leave it to good ol’ Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin) to deliver the best summation to a rather pleased Larry: “You know what you are? You’re a social assassin.” Season 8 premieres July 10, includes a trip to New York City, and offers up celebrity guests such as Ricky Gervais, Michael McKean, Rosie O’Donnell, Paul F. Tompkins, and Rich Sommer of Mad Men. Check out the trailer below:  READ FULL STORY


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