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'Dancing With the Stars' host Tom Bergeron talks season 17

Ahead of Dancing With the Stars‘ two-night finale (Monday at 8 p.m. ET, Tuesday at 9 on ABC), host and eternal gem of the ballroom Tom Bergeron spoke to EW about the different feel of season 17, missing Len, welcoming back Maks, and the merits of the Glitter Pit vs. the Celebriquarium (may it rest in peace). You know, important stuff. Keep reading!

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How have you been coping with the new once-a-week format?
TOM BERGERON: It’s been an adjustment. I’ve really enjoyed elements of it and am still a bit uncomfortable with others. The two hours definitely go faster to me. Bruno and I still aren’t happy with the desk being on the other side of the room. Just the Feng Shui of it feels wrong. Other than that, the changes that they made once the network had taken away our Tuesday show were smart given the limitations that they had.

It’s so hectic on Mondays now. Do you miss the Tuesday results show?
I honestly prefer having a results show. I think sometimes when I’m trying to explain how the voting works right now, I feel like I’m doing a verbal yoga pose.

Ha! And maybe it’s not going over so well in class…
No, it’s not. I love the clean nature of ‘You vote on Monday, we’ll tell you on Tuesday.’ We had all sort of variety acts [in the results shows], and the pros got a chance to do bigger production numbers that meant something to them. So I prefer that model. But I also prefer being on the air. If we have to be on one night only, this is a really good way to do it.  READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars' showrunner on format change: 'The voting isn't ideal.'

Dancing With the Stars looks and feels a lot different these days. Without the luxury of the Tuesday night results show, Monday’s two-hour installments are crammed with competitive performances, random filler interviews, lively exhibition-dance bumpers, and often-rushed eliminations based in part on the previous week’s viewer votes. By the end of the show, the disconnect between what just happened on-screen and what’s about to happen can be jarring — like last week, when Elizabeth Berkley and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy faced elimination mere minutes after scoring a perfect 30 on an extra-beefy salsa trio.

Well, Dancing With the Stars isn’t thrilled about the format changes, either. Showrunner Conrad Green spoke to EW about this season’s downsizing pains, the judges’ enduring dilemma, and the future of the series:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How has the adjustment been to Monday nights only?
CONRAD GREEN: Obviously, it wasn’t our choice not to have a results show. A results show works, and that is the clearest, simplest way — cause and effect, week to week. But the network, they wanted to launch the Marvel show [Tuesday's Agents of SHIELD], and some comedies after it, and they have their own priorities and that’s perfectly valid. So then we have the problem of what do we do? Because if you’ve got one night a week, all of the options aren’t brilliant. It’s then a question of which one is least bad. READ FULL STORY

'Big Bang Theory': Bill Nye teases tonight's episode

If millennials are looking for a sign the ’90s have returned, look no further than the resurgence of Science Guy Bill Nye. Recently, the television fave of any kid who has ever had a substitute science teacher has been making his way back into the public eye, with appearances on news programs and a far-too-short stint on Dancing With the Stars this season. Now, he’ll play himself and join the nerds of Big Bang Theory in tonight’s episode of the CBS comedy, which will also feature the return of Professor Proton (Emmy-winning Bob Newhart).

“They bring [Newhart] back by having the gang meet him in a drugstore,” Nye explained to EW about the set up for tonight. “And you know Bob Newhart’s timing is just amazing. So Sheldon goes up to him and says, ‘Excuse me, Prof. Proton, you probably don’t remember me because of your advanced age’… Prof. Proton ends up talking to Leonard about this idea he has for nano-vacuum tubes, a hypothetical thing. And Sheldon, in order to compete with him, brings me on. And it turns out Prof. Proton feels that Bill Nye the Science Guy stole his shtick.”

Below, check out a Q&A with Nye discussing working with Newhart, his involvement with the show, and his pick to win Dancing With the Stars. READ FULL STORY

'DWTS' cast talks Cher Night elimination -- VIDEO

Another pair of Dancing With the Stars hoofers bit the sparkly dust on Monday’s bleepin’ Cher-infused show. Was it season 17’s most intense elimination yet? (Spoilers ahead.)

Which of the six remaining couples assumed they’d go home instead? Who was shocked by their Week 8 scores? Watch Corbin Bleu, Elizabeth Berkley & Val Chmerkovskiy, Derek Hough & Amber Riley, and Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke react to Monday’s elimination below: READ FULL STORY

'DWTS': Preview the Cher Night routines! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Seven Dancing With the Stars couples remain in season 17’s epic-as-always quest to win a hardened knob of glitter. On tonight’s Week 8 performance show, they’ll have to flaunt their amateur moves in front of perhaps the most sparkly non-ballroom dancer in history: Cher, who will be guest-judging, performing twice, and changing outfits three times.

During rehearsal Friday, three pairs offered EW a glimpse of tonight’s routines set to Cher’s music and discussed their biggest challenges throughout the week. Preview Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd’s foxtrot, Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff’s Argentine tango, and Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke’s tango below! READ FULL STORY

'DWTS' cast reacts to Cher as guest judge -- VIDEO


Oscar-, Emmy-, Grammy-, and Golden Globe-winning superstar (so she’s an EGOG winner) Cher will guest judge next Monday’s performances on Dancing With the Stars. She’ll also perform as a musical guest, announced host Tom Bergeron during tonight’s Week 7 telecast.

Cher will fill in for Len Goodman, who’s taking the week off to judge the show in Britain. Julianne Hough stepped in as guest judge the other time Goodman was away this season, on October 7.

The DWTS cast shared their reactions — some via song! — to Cher’s upcoming glittery star-swoop following tonight’s show. Watch below: READ FULL STORY

'DWTS' cast reacts to 'Saved by the Bell' homage -- VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 1.18.40 AM

On Week 5’s “Most Memorable Year of My Life” episode of Dancing With the Stars, Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Val “Zack Attack” Chmerkovskiy paid homage to Jessie Spano’s “I’m so excited! I’m so… scared!” caffeine pill breakdown from Saved by the Bell in a spirited jive straight out of 1990. (Compare the ballroom version to the original over on PopWatch.)

After the show, the pair provided EW with an audio rendition of the scene — once more, with feeling! — and explained that endless requests from nostalgic Saved by the Bell fans drove them to do it.

Watch the rest of the cast attempt “the Jessie Spano” and share their own Saved by the Bell memories below. (Spoiler alert: The Pretty Little Liars star nails it the hardest.) READ FULL STORY

'DWTS': Julianne Hough slams Mark Ballas

Julianne Hough, former Dancing With the Stars pro and two-time winner, guest-judged Monday’s performances, and had some choice words for her former competitive partner Mark Ballas following his foxtrot with Christina Milian.

Still traumatized by Ballas’ self-spotlighting tendencies, Hough wasn’t a fan of the pair’s side-by-side choreography. “I really wanted to see you shine,” she told Mliian, then paused. “I danced with Mark. You have to stand in front to make sure you’re seen.”

Ballas reacted to Hough’s comments after the show Monday. Watch his interview with EW below: READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars' cast reacts to injured Bill Nye's robot dance -- VIDEO

Bill Nye, TV’s Science Guy, ignored the Dance Doc’s orders to stay off his torn quadricep on Monday’s Dancing With the Stars (read our full recap), opting instead to dance a modified “jazz” routine to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” It was awkward, hilarious, brave, and stupid all at once — and it’s embedded below.

The remaining Dancing With the Stars couples spoke to EW after Week 3’s “Hollywood Night” about Nye’s decision to dance despite his injury. Would they do the same, in his shoes?

“I would,” said Christina Milian as her partner Mark Ballas, ever the sad clown, looked on disapprovingly. “I’d be like, ‘Okay, let’s do this in a wheelchair!” Watch below: READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars' pros react to Julianne Hough as guest judge -- VIDEO

Karina Smirnoff and Corbin Bleu

Julianne Hough, 25, will guest-judge at least one episode of Dancing With the Stars this season while head judge Len Goodman is away judging the British series Strictly Come Dancing, the former DWTS pro and Footloose actress confirmed during tonight’s ABC telecast.

After Week 2’s Latin Night, the season 17 cast spoke to EW about what to expect from Julianne. The bottom line? “She’s just as, if not more knowledgeable than what’s going on over there,” said Mark Ballas (Hough’s former world champion partner), gesturing over at the judges’ table. “She’ll be honest, whether you’re family, a friend, or whatever to her. She’s gonna keep it real.” Watch it below: READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars': All-Time Top 10 Dances

Whew! The only thing more difficult than narrowing 16 seasons of knockout Dancing With the Stars performances down to a Top 10 would have been to perform a ballroom dance myself! (Still, never.)

How would I decide? Should I choose the highest-scored? The ones with the most of my other favorite sport, gymnastics? The ones featuring the 10 most initricate g-strings composed of delicately sequined fringe? Nah — ultimately I selected these routines based on overall quality, creativity, and longevity. (It is truly alarming how much of my memory bank has been devoted to this crazy reality show.)

Your Top 10 will surely be different them mine — offer up your own list in the comments! In the meantime: As the prophets of ballroom dominatrix-wear En Vogue once sang, free your mind… and the rest will follow.

Season 17 of ‘Dancing’ premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. Are you ready for some #sparklebarf?

Bill Nye talks 'Dancing with the Stars' excitement: 'We're out to dance the world.'

Bill Nye knows you all are thrilled to see him bust a move on Dancing with the Stars – but your excitement is making him nervous. Or, in his words, “[It's] terrifying! Not just nervous.”

The Science Guy – who is, it should be noted, a long-time recreational dancer – will hit the ballroom starting next week as a contestant on the 17th season of Dancing, which means he’s currently hard at work practicing with his pro partner, newcomer to the show Tyne Stecklein. “She’s extraordinary,” Nye told EW on the phone earlier this week. “I guess they all are. She’s a professional athlete at a world-class level. When you’re around these people, first of all it’s moving. But it’s also unsettling because it doesn’t look real, it’s so far out of your everyday experience. WOW. The other thing is, she’s an outstanding instructor. I’m honored.”

A fan of the show, Nye is quick to highlight his role model past contestants, mostly focusing on athletes such as Jerry Rice, Kristi Yamaguchi and Apolo Ohno. But Nye can’t keep his focus just on dancing — during EW‘s chat with him, it was obvious his first passion is science, as evidenced by his excited tangents on everything from The Juno Mission (“There’s a spacecraft called Juno at NASA. And so it’s going to – this is- it’s hard to believe – it launched in 2011, I was there in Cape Canaveral, it went out beyond the orbit of Mars, [and] is now falling back in toward the earth on October 9″) to his favorite planet (“[My] favorite planet is Earth. I grew up on Earth, my friends are all Earthlings”). Would fans expect anything less on the 20th anniversary of Bill Nye the Science Guy?

Read on for an edited Q&A with Nye, where he explains his lab coat ballroom attire, his dance-ready catchphrase, and what exactly science has to do with ballroom dancing. READ FULL STORY

'Dancing with the Stars': And the celebrities are ...

Valerie Harper — whose terminal brain cancer is close to remission  — was named one of the 12 celebrities who will compete for the mirror ball when Dancing with the Stars returns Sept. 16 on ABC.

The former Mary Tyler Moore Show comedian, 74, announced in March that she was diagnosed with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a kind of cancer that attacks the membranes around the brain. But a recent MRI showed signs of hope for the actress — who was apparently quite eager to put on her dancing shoes again, Executive Producer Conrad Green tells EW.

“Her positivity is incredible. She’s very much about doing the things she wants to do, living life to the fullest,” he says. “She sees this as an opportunity to say to people who have a devastating illness that you can get up there and enjoy life, embrace it, and make the most of it. She loves to dance. She danced on Broadway 50 years ago. It’s about getting back to her passion.”

Here are rest of the celebrities (and the three new pros) who were announced this morning on ABC’s Good Morning America: READ FULL STORY


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