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'Dancing With the Stars': Sabrina Bryan wins viewers' choice vote

Sabrina Bryan won the Dancing With the Stars‘ viewers’ choice vote to take the 13th slot on the upcoming all-stars season. The former Disney channel star — and the wild card competitor Annie Barrett said “deserves it the most” — will be partnering with Louis van Amstel, who tweeted, “I found out friday night, it was so hard not to tell anyone. I wanted to scream it out loud, but wasn’t allowed…”

During this morning’s Good Morning America announcement, Bryan told anchors, “I am so excited. I’m getting teary eyed just right now.” About Carson Kressley and Kyle Massey, the fellow vets she beat out, she continued, “It was a fight…we all three really wanted it. I’m the lucky one with some amazing, incredible fans that have really stuck behind me.” READ FULL STORY

Marissa Jaret Winokur talks 'Retired at 35' wedding finale, love triangle complication

,” she says, “and there’s definitely a triangle going on for a little while.”

Winokur admits the season-long tug-of-war between the two guys was even tough for her. “I actually didn’t even know as an actress who I wanted Amy to be with,” she says. “Every week when I’d get a script, I’d wonder which way it was going to go — ‘Is this the week that says [she’s] with Brandon, or is the one that says [she’s] with Jared?’ … One week, I’d be super-close with Josh and be like, ‘Oh, I hope we’re going to get together this week!’ [Then again] John and I have such great chemistry, too. So even I was wishy-washy with who [Amy] should be with.” READ FULL STORY

Hope Solo accuses Maks of slapping her on 'Dancing With the Stars'

In her new memoir, U.S. Olympic goalkeeper and one-time Dancing With the Stars contestant Hope Solo accuses her dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy of slapping her “across the face. Hard.” In the “Dancing” chapter of Solo: A Memoir of Hope, which went on sale Aug. 14, the author said Chmerkovskiy “was extremely apologetic,” but that the blow was powerful enough that her ears rang afterwards.


'Dancing With the Stars': Who's your early pick to win this crazy 'All-Stars' season?

Monday’s star-pro pairings caused me to slightly tweak my prediction for how DWTS‘ season 15 sparkaliens will finish. Has your own ranking changed now that we know which of Our Pros will accompany Our All-Stars? Check out my list below, then chime in with your own.

Will the recapper please reveal her scores? Barrett Ann-Inahhhhhh-ber! READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars' pairs announced! They are....

The season 15 contenders now have partners! ABC announced the celeb-pro pairings for Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars on today’s Good Morning America. Fans who didn’t want to see some of their past favorite couples broken up should not be disappointed — and we’ve got a few promising new hybrids in the mix.

Here they are:  READ FULL STORY

'Dancing' all-stars pitch ABC hit for Emmys -- VIDEO

ABC and BBC Worldwide Productions are rolling out their first-ever Dancing With the Stars on-air Emmy campaign with a little help from the fall edition’s all-star cast. The series has been nominated for outstanding reality competition the last six years without a win (yes, Academy voters, we know The Amazing Race is a good show) so this time the network and production company are going wide with a push to try and get Dancing its first victory in the top reality category. Check out the Emmy campaign video below, exclusively on, which includes Pamela Anderson and other all-stars from the fall: READ FULL STORY

Bristol Palin clashes with critics; 'I like to provide for my son'

Just like old times, eh Bristol Palin?

The daughter of ex-Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was back on the hotseat Friday to answer questions about why she — and 11 other celebrities — decided to make a return visit to Dancing with the Stars this fall. Though Drew Lachey and Pamela Anderson managed to get a few words in edgewise, Palin received most of the questions from members of the media, who repeatedly tried to press the young mom about why she wanted to do another reality show.

By the end of the press conference, a rather defensive Palin deflected a question about the upside of getting lots of publicity by repeating her mantra “God provides opportunities like this for me” and by saying “it’s a positive, active show. It’s going to be awesome. Do I like to provide for my son? Yes, I do.”

Asked why she’d return to a show that generated so much negative publicity for her the first time around, Palin said, “the press is going to talk to me no matter what I do. I might as well have fun.”

Apparently, it wasn’t a hard sell to get the eldest daughter of the former Vice Presidential candidate to return to the ballroom. One insider on the show say it was an “easy sell” to get her back in sequins — just like it was the 11 other celebrities who will participate in the show’s first all-star edition beginning Sept. 24. (One star who didn’t make the cut was Kate Gosselin, who wanted to return but apparently the producers didn’t think her current “storyline” was that interesting. Snap!). Then again, DWTS would have been foolish not to approach Palin, as her season generated huge ratings for ABC.

At one uncomfortable point Friday, the conversation turned to Palin’s politics and how she feels about gays. “I love ‘em!” shouted Anderson, in one of the few chances she got to talk during the entire panel.

“I like gays,” Palin said. “I’m not a homophobic. Just because I’m for traditional marriage … I don’t hate anybody. People will make up things about me. I’m going to go dance and have fun. It’s not about politics, it’s not about traditional marriage. It’s about dancing. That’s all I have to say about it.”

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'Dancing with the Stars': Bristol Palin, Kirstie Alley return for all-star edition

ABC announced the lineup today for Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, which bows Sept. 24. And they are:

Pamela Anderson (season 10, withdrew after fourth round)

Emmitt Smith (season 3, winner)

Kelly Monaco (season 1, winner)

Shawn Johnson (season 8, champion)

Melissa Rycroft (season 8, third place)

Joey Fatone (season 4, second place)

Drew Lachey (season 2, winner)

Bristol Palin (season 11, third place)

Kirstie Alley (season 12, second place)

Helio Castroneves (season 5, winner)

Gilles Marini (season 8, second place)

Apolo Ohno (season four, champion)

In addition, viewers will choose the 13th dancer out of a pool of three: Kyle Massey, Sabrina Bryan, and Carson Kressley. Fans have until Aug. 24 to make their selections on

“We got the best of the best,” Executive Producer Conrad Green told reporters Friday in Beverly Hills. “We got the best personalities, the best dancers. We had a wish list and we pretty much got the wish list. All were willing to take part. It’s a testament to how much they enjoyed doing it. This is our version of the Avengers. We tried to focus on the people who went further in the competition, who had the most ability. It will be an intensely competitive season.”

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Bristol Palin clashes with critics; ‘I like to provide for my son’

'Dancing with the Stars' champ to star on 'Army Wives' -- EXCLUSIVE

A very popular victor from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars will make a well-deserved cameo on Lifetime’s hit drama Army Wives this season.

And the lucky hoofer to make the crossover is… READ FULL STORY

'House' series finale ends on solid note


After eight seasons, the series finale of House had a solid final episode in the ratings, claiming one last time period victory for Fox.

House (8.7 million viewers, 2.9), won the 9 p.m. hour Monday evening with its guest-star-filled last episode. The hour was up 32 percent from last week and the show had its best number in a few months, though House was still down quite a bit from its current season high.

After 177 episodes, including many years with really strong ratings, personally I’m a bit surprised more viewers didn’t check out the ending. Guess when we’re done with a show we’re just done, huh? Fox’s House retrospective (6.1 million, 2.0) performed fair. READ FULL STORY

'Dancing With the Stars' doing first 'all-star' edition


Dancing With the Stars will launch its first-ever all-star edition this fall.

ABC’s entertainment president Paul Lee confirmed. “We can’t talk about the casting yet, but I’d love to see some of the fan favorites from the past seasons come back,” Lee told reporters. “We’ve had many favorites over the 14 seasons that we’ve got. So, fingers crossed. We’re out casting now, and I hope we come in with a really interesting cast of people who our audience is passionate about.”

(Though since it’s Dancing With the Stars, isn’t calling it an “all-star” edition sort of redundant? Weren’t they all supposed to be stars in the first place?).

ABC hasn’t yet selected which former cast members will return. So sound off with your suggestions below (you know they’re going to try for Bristol Palin, right?). And for those who missed it, ABC just unveiled its fall schedule, see that here.

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'America's Got Talent' ratings lower despite Howard Stern


Surprise: NBC’s America’s Got Talent premiered lower in the ratings this year despite the high-profile addition of Howard Stern as the show’s new judge.

Monday’s two-hour Got Talent returned to 10.3 million viewers and a 3.6 rating, down 16 percent from last year. EW’s Ken Tucker suggested Stern’s performance was almost too nice.

Before everybody points fingers at Stern, however, here’s a big mitigating factor: Last year Got Talent premiered at the very end of May and was paired with The Voice. This year, Got Talent faced a full boat of competition from rival networks, so the talent competition might have returned lower in the ratings due to the scheduling change. NBC points out last night’s rating matches Got Talent‘s performance two years ago. At 10 p.m., NBC’s Smash (6.1 million, 1.8) finale was steady. [NBC, ABC and Fox’s 2012-13 fall schedules posted here]. READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Who is the ultimate 'Game of Thrones' villain? Plus, picking winners for 'Survivor,' 'American Idol' and 'DWTS'

Image Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO

Theon! What are you doing? We used to like you! But then you attacked Winterfell and starting chopping off people’s heads…badly. Does Theon’s betrayal make him the ultimate Game of Thrones villain, or does he still pale in comparison to that super jerk King Joffrey and the shadow assassin-birthing Melisandre? Our resident Game of Thrones expert James Hibberd joins Jessica Shaw and yours truly on the newest edition of the InsideTV Podcast to break down who is the baddest of the bad right now on the HBO drama. We also discuss the big dragon-napping, how long it actually takes to pull a man’s arm off, and whether we are permanently scarred from seeing Tonks naked. READ FULL STORY


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