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'DWTS' eliminated contestant: 'No tears here'

Jaleel White thought he had done his best during the third — and final — Dance Duel of the season on Dancing with the Stars. “I kind of whispered to Kym before, look, this is our encore, let’s dance this like it’s our last dance!”

Unfortunately, he and Johnson did just that: The duo became the seventh couple Tuesday to leave the dance floor.

“There are no tears here,” he told reporters afterwards. “I am proud of my last dance and I can’t wait to see it in the morning. The judges have to do what they have to do and there is going to be nothing but good dances going forward from here on out.”

White wasn’t too surprised that he got the boot. “Somebody has to go home and that’s what it is. I don’t want to name names but trust me when the next shocker comes up, and the one after that, you guys will be standing here talking to them.”

At least he leaves the show 15 pounds lighter. But he gained something at the same time: Respect for his pro. “Every time I’m going home to go to sleep Kym is going off to rehearsals. She’s looking at something on her iPad, coming up with the next dance, when we roll out of here she’s going back to work. If anything I really respect her work ethic, and that’s what I really enjoyed having my daughter around her, I loved to bring my daughter to work, because I wanted her to see that this is not fame and game, this is work man.”

So what’s next, Urkel Jaleel? “I have a wonderful game show on the sci-fi Channel called Total Blackout. It just premiered to ridiculous numbers last week so congratulations to sci-fi and NBC Universal. Other than that I have a ton of different acting stuff thathas been pushed aside and on the back burner, I have been guesting everywhere so I’m just happy that people are seeing me in a different light and I stepping outside of my comfort zone and that seems to be paying off for me, so I’m going to keep doing it.”  Johnson, in the meantime, is heading to Las Vegas to perform in the Sin City-based version of DWTS.

One last question for the ’90s sitcom star. Any regrets? “Gosh, that’s one I’d have to think about and I need champagne before I could answer it.” — With reporting from Steve Gidlow

EW's season finale calendar

Each year, the month of May brings the promise of warmer weather, the start of big summer movies…and the torturous, agonizing time when we have to bid farewell to our favorite primetime characters. TV addicts that we are, we feel your pain. So to curb the stress, we’ve put together a master list of when your beloved shows will be signing off.  Grab your remotes and ready those DVRs as we present this year’s finales: READ FULL STORY

DWTS eliminated contestant: 'We are not naive...we know the game'

First, the good news from Gladys Knight and her experience on Dancing with the Stars. She lost 60 pounds! And now, the bad news: The intense workout that comes with tripping the light fantastic under the mirror ball had to come to an end for the legendary crooner, who became the latest celebrity to leave the ABC show.

“It was all good,” Knight told reporters after earning a 21 for her rumba on Monday and a mere 3 points for her jive during the Dance Duel. “Everything that’s happened here has been all good. It’s like life.”

Ah, but she didn’t give up without a fight. EW’s own Annie Barrett said Knight’s jive “was all about character” but it wasn’t enough to convince Bruno Tonioli that she should stay over Roshon Fegan (despite how the sudden death competition seemed to favor the youngster). But Knight wasn’t complaining. “It didn’t really matter what dance they chose as long as you are able to put it together and execute it,” she said. “I thought we had a good dance and they felt that someone else did a better job of it.

“We are not naïve, we know the game and we know what kind of ballpark we are operating in and all those things, but we can’t give in to the negative, because that can keep you from going as far as you can go,” Knight continued. “But you have to be prepared in some way for whatever. That was the last thing I said on the tape, whatever. We will do our best and that’s it.”

Knight will be back come finale time, but she can’t say whether she’ll be singing. But she will attempt to maintain her new figure — assuming a certain sequined gentleman continues to lend a helping hand. “I’m going to keep Tristan, He can come over and work me out!” — With reporting from Steve Gidlow

'Dancing With the Stars': Jaleel White on rumors and his new 'Fear Factor'-meets-'Punk'd' show on Syfy

Jaleel White has been tabloid fodder ever since rumors of his rifts with Dancing With the Stars pro and partner Kym Johnson hit high gear. But the former Family Matters star isn’t letting the unfavorable attention get under his skin.

“Tabloids like to have a lot of fun with the show. That’s something I had to learn,” he told EW during a visit to the New York office a few days ago. “They descend on this show like locusts… I’m fine, Kym’s fine. You don’t get through a dance duel like that if you’re not fine, I’ll tell you that.”

And, indeed, White and his partner are back in the “fine” zone after his performance last night, which earned the pair glowing reviews and a score of 29/30. Last week, White was admittedly down. “It’s definitely discouraging to see your scores sometimes. At this point, I try not to focus on my scores too much. The crowd tells me what I need to know,” he said. READ FULL STORY

William Levy injured in rehearsal for 'Dancing With the Stars'

Dancing With the Stars resident hot tamale and frontrunner William Levy was injured during rehearsal, reports People. The Cuban competitor tweeted yesterday, “Just Wanted to let u know that I injured my right ankle pretty bad during rehearsal.. MRI tomorrow. I’ll let u all know .. Love u all.”

Levy, who cavorted in the sand with Jennifer Lopez for her “I’m Into You” video, came out of the gate at a sprint, earning high scores for his first three routines on Dancing. At this point, it’s uncertain whether Levy will be able to participate in tonight’s performance round, which could seriously compromise his and his partner Cheryl Burke’s chances of going all the way.

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'DTWS': Is Melissa Gilbert healthy enough to return?

Melissa Gilbert was not only a no-show on Tuesday’s Dancing with the Stars, her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy questioned whether it made sense for the actress to return to the dance floor.

“She’s in pain. She’s got a big headache,”  Chmerkovskiy told reporters after the show. “I was a bit confused about the injury yesterday because she said that she hit the floor and I was like I was looking at you the entire time, and I was trying to carry her, you know, through some of the moments, and being kind of careful and gentle with her. She hit my knee. I honestly didn’t feel it. I thought I slipped on her dress.

“I think the doctor said that she had a minor concussion. I know that’s very not pleasant,” he continued. “I wish she could take a couple of days off. And honestly, at this point, with Sherri Shepherd getting eliminated I’m not really sure if it’s worth killing yourself and, you know, trying to put on a show when it is what it is. Look, you know, I think the only aspect on our side is our fans, and I’m beyond grateful. I mean, coming back from being in the bottom, and then again being in the bottom, and then again being in the bottom in a competition like this, we owe it all to the fans. So this is my kinda dilemma. What do you do? Do you take it easy and go well listen, it is what it is, or do you try to put on a show? But then, you know, it sucks that she got injured on my, so to speak, on my watch, and this is something that I don’t want to see happen.” READ FULL STORY

'DWTS': Melissa Gilbert will likely return tonight after suffering concussion, whiplash

Melissa Gilbert will likely return to Dancing With the Stars tonight after she was treated for a mild concussion and whiplash after Monday’s show.

The Little House on the Prairie star was taken to the ER for observation and tests before the ABC show was over. She tweeted her 80,000-something fans during her hospital stay. “Very soon I will be safely home resting and being taken care of,” she wrote.

Later, she tweeted a thank you to fellow contestant Gavin DeGraw for “carrying me down those stairs.”

Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy earned a 22 out of 30 possible points for their performance.

'DWTS' eliminated dancer: 'It was a great ride'

Jack Wagner showed a lot of improvement with his samba on Dancing with the Stars Monday, but his top-of-the-show performance with Anna Trebunskaya — and the score of 24 that came with it — wasn’t enough to convince viewers to keep him around for another spin or two on the dance floor. After he joined rocker Gavin DeGraw and music icon Gladys Knight at the bottom three, the popular soap star on Tuesday was handed his walking papers.

“Shocking Tuesdays is what they should rename it,” a surprised Trebunskaya told reporters after the show.

Wagner wouldn’t admit he was surprised or shocked, though the look on his face spoke volumes. “It was a great ride. I think everybody was very close. It is what it is. I’m gonna miss Anna. I’m gonna miss strapping it on every day.”

Um, we think he meant that he enjoyed working hard.

Anyway, let’s let Wagner finish. “You really have every day a goal to try to get better, so I’m going to try to carry that on in real life,” continued the actor. He said that his long-long daughter Kerry, who is actually a professional ballroom dancer, was “pretty upset” about his ouster.

Adding to the disappointment is the fact that they were just one week shy of the show’s big game-changer — the Dance Duel. Bergeron announced on Tuesday’s episode that starting next week, the bottom two couples will dance simultaneously in a Dance Duel and the judges will decide who goes home instead of letting the viewers have a say.

Had Wagner survived another week, could he have beaten DeGraw? “Sure. Any kind of dance duel, we’d be willing to dance against anybody else.”

Ditto for his Russian partner, though she said the Dance Duel is a double-edge sword for the cast. “In one way,” she mused, “it’s definitely going to be more exciting for the viewers to see the two couples dancing next to each other. But the other side, it’s going to be so much stress for the couples to go through this. Monday night, they all have to go to the studio and come up with something, practice something, and that’s gonna be really tough.”

‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: While a Prop Guitar Gently Weeps

InsideTV Podcast: Who is the true 'Game of Thrones' MVP? Plus: 'Spartacus' scoop & 'Dancing With the Stars' predictions

Image Credit: HBO

If you thought there were a lot of people vying for the crown in season 1 of Game of Thrones, just wait till you get a load of season 2 (which premieres Sunday night on HBO). With approximately 3,749 characters milling about in the epic tale of greed, lust, and power, how is it possible to keep everyone and everything straight? EWs own Game of Thrones expert James Hibberd — who was on location with the show in Croatia — calls in to break it all down on the latest edition of the InsideTV Podcast. What’s new in season 2? Will the show start to veer off from what happens in the books? And with all these different characters running around, who are the absolute best of the bunch? (Daenerys? Robb Stark? The Imp? King Joffrey?!?) Listen to our picks and then weigh in with your own! READ FULL STORY

'DWTS' eliminated dancer: 'I thought I had a shot'

After forgetting some steps and “totally blowing it” during Monday Dancing with the Stars, tennis icon Martina Navratilova was so upset at the thought of going home that she teared up during the post-show press line and even walked out on some interviews. On Tuesday, her worst fears were realized when she and partner Tony Dovolani became the first couple to depart after scoring a 17 for their Jive and a 20 for last week’s Fox Trot.

They were joined at the bottom tonight with rocker Gavin DeGraw but fans ousted the athlete, instead.

“I blew it yesterday so I that’s what happens,” Navratilova said after the show. “I couldn’t make it up in the voting.  I knew I’d be in jeopardy but I thought I had a shot at it with the popular vote. Gavin DeGraw is too popular, so I didn’t get it.  But I gave it everything I had, that’s all I can ever do. I’m just thrilled that I gave it a go and it didn’t quite happen for me.”

Dovolani seemed to take it a bit harder, “[I’m] completely disappointed. I’m destroyed right now.  I had so much fun working with Martina. I wanted her to last longer.”

So what went wrong with Monday’s botched Jive?  “I’m not sure,” she said. “I haven’t watched a video of it yet. I think I got too fast with my step. I was anxious about the first fast step and I just got lost and I could never catch up.”

Though she’ll miss her partner greatly, Navratilova said she’s especially disappointed to be missing out next week’s theme, in which each star designs a dance around his or her personal story. Navratilova’s tale would have been her struggle with breast cancer in 2010; she wanted to encourage women to get screened “and show solidarity and now that’s not going to be shown. I’m most disappointed about that. I just wanted to get to week three and it didn’t happen.”

So, who is she rooting for now? “I think Roshon [Fegan] is so experienced and Katherine Jenkins has been dancing amazing well. I think it’s between those two.”

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‘DWTS': Len Goodman apologizes for under-marking Donald Driver
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'DWTS': Judge sorry for 'under-marking' Donald Driver

Wonders never cease! Judge Len Goodman delivered a shocker on Dancing with the Stars Monday by admitting that he “under-marked” NFL Donald Driver for his premiere night Cha Cha. And then he apologized for it!

Goodman explained that after watching the episode, he realized he was wrong to give Driver a 7 for his crowd-pleasing Cha Cha. (Driver’s overall score of 21 left him close to the bottom of the leaderboard). “I apologize,” Goodman said during the show. “I under-marked you… I watched it back. You did a great job.” Goodman went on to explain that unlike in football when referees have access to instant playbacks on video screens, ballroom dancing is judged live and, well sometimes things happen!

Afterwards, Driver said the mea culpa felt good. “I think we both thought it was a low score, but we made history, so if we continue to make history, we’ll be good.” Driver and Partner Peta Murgatroyd scored a 24 Monday for their fierce Quick Step. “He’s a great judge,” Driver continued. “Len, he’s man enough to step up and say he made a mistake and you don’t really get that from too many people today. His integrity showed today. We are smiling ear-to-ear right now.”

“We’re very grateful,” added Murgatroyd. “He’s a very well-respected judge. Everything he says, we take on board, but that was just an added bonus tonight.”

Even fellow pro Mark Ballas gave Goodman a thumbs-up for admitting his mistake. “Len, for me, he’s the judge when he talks, you take it to heart. He’s a chairman. He has a lot of years in this business. I think that’s really big of him to say that he felt like he under-scored it. It’s so hard in the live room to see what you see on TV. But in real competitions in our world, you have to judge fast. There’s no rewinding it back. You just gotta judge and go.”

Going forward, Driver’s strategy is simple: Work hard and inch up that leaderboard ladder. “That’s what we want to do. We practiced hard. I told her week one, we’re not going home first and I still don’t think we’re going home.”

'DWTS': Is crowd pleaser William Levy an early favorite?

It’s only week two of Dancing with the Stars, but if the ballroom screams for Cuban soap star William Levy are any indication, the “Brad Pitt of Mexico” might be on his way to win the mirror ball trophy.

Bold statement? Sure, but until you sit near the studio where Dancing is taped and hear the catcalls from the audience, you can’t possibly understand how manic American women (and some men) are for Levy.

“I have no words to explain how good it feels,” Levy told reporters afterwards. “When I was a little boy and I was in Cuba, my dream was to come to America, like 3 years old. And today to be at this position in my life to receive this kind of love in this country, it’s amazing. It’s crazy.”

Levy scored a 25 Monday for his Quick Step, which put him at number two on the leaderboard behind Katherine Jenkins and Roshon Fegan, who both earned 26s. “We improved from last week and that’s my goal, to slowly climb up the leaderboard and that’s what we did,” said Levy’s partner Cheryl Burke. “I think he has both styles. He can really do the ballroom and the Latin really well. He obviously needs some work, but it’s only week two. This show is about if you’re good at both styles.”

The judges certainly like what they see in Levy. “I’ve never seen anything like it before,” Carrie Ann Inaba said about the crowd reaction. “You’re the Harry Connick Jr. of the ballroom!” Bruno Tonioli called Levy “matinee idol” who reminded him of Jean Dujardin from The Artist.

Levy hasn’t seen the Oscar-winning movie, but he appreciates the kudos from Tonioli. “He’s a great guy. He’s really fun. It’s fun. We’re here to have fun. To have him saying the things, is a good thing, you know?”

'Dancing With the Stars' premieres to all-time low ratings

Dancing With the Stars judges may have given Monday’s dancers the best performance scores ever for a premiere, but fans gave the show its lowest Nielsen ratings ever for a debut episode.

The ratings drop is not really a surprise. The veteran reality show returned up against NBC’s fresher reality hit The Voice, and lacked buzz-worthy tabloid names this spring (Katherine Jenkins, William Levy, Melissa Gilbert, yawn… the secret to casting Dancing is having hot-button names like Bristol Palin, The Situation, Nancy Grace and Chaz Bono, celebrities that a large number of Americans have strong feelings about, positive or negative).

Dancing delivered 18.5 million viewers and a 3.5 rating in the adult demo, down 34 percent from last spring and off 13 percent from last fall. At least the two-hour Dancing helped boost Castle (16.3 million, 2.4) up 14 percent, but that wasn’t quite enough to win 10 p.m.

The big winner last night was The Voice (11.8 million, 4.5 — and, yes, as always, we’re going off the adult demo here because that’s what advertisers and networks, whether we like it or not, base their decisions on; obviously among viewers of a certain age, Dancing was more popular). The Voice has held up strong overall during its battle rounds so far and easily crushed Dancing, though last night’s episode slipped 13 percent. Smash (6.7 million, 2.3) was down 4 percent. READ FULL STORY


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