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'Grimm' Comic-Con panel hints Renard will resurrect in season 4

Grimm‘s third season ended with a disrupted wedding, a loss of powers, and an apparent death.

How the NBC show will follow up all the cliffhangers might not be fully known to even the show’s writers, as co-creator David Greenwalt confessed at Grimm‘s Comic-Con panel.

“We’re supposed to go [at the beginning of] every year and tell our betters at the network what they heck we’re doing up in our little office,” Greenwalt said. “Every year we have a plan, and every year [co-creator] Jim [Kouf] scares the hell out of me by saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be better if we did this instead…?'”

Kouf added, “We keep writing ourselves into corners, and then we have to figure out how to get out of them.”

With season four now in production, Grimm‘s writers are back in the business of getting out of corners. At the Comic-Con panel—which this year had graduated to its biggest room yet, Ballroom 20—some of those corner-escape plans were revealed. Read on for some hints of what’s to come and other fun moments from the panel. READ FULL STORY

'Grimm': Nick brings someone else in the loop about the key -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Grimm is often a game of “we know they know we know” with characters like Hank and Juliet gradually getting in the loop about Nick’s Grimm life and the Portland detective learning the true identity of his boss. Now it’s Monroe’s turn to learn about something that’s been kept from him. In tomorrow’s episode, Nick finally shows Monroe the mysterious key the Royals are determined to get their hands on.

EW has an exclusive clip from this moment, which picks up right after one of those inevitable, unfortunate roomie encounters that even happen to a Grimm and a Wesen. “There is a very funny scene where I perhaps walk in on a moment I shouldn’t have walked in on,” actor David Giuntoli (Nick) told reporters on Monday.

Check out the clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Grimm' lesson of the week: David Giuntoli teaches us just how much a hero is allowed to cry

The waiting game is over. In tonight’s mid-season finale of Grimm, fans were treated to a few moments they’d been ready to see for months. Secrets were revealed, hearts were broken and missions for vengeance were born.

Beware: SPOILERS AHEAD about tonight’s mid-season finale. READ FULL STORY

'Grimm': David Giuntoli on his favorite part of shooting season 2 thus far and #ShirtlessRage

Awkward encounters with your girlfriend who doesn’t remember you, teaching your friend about the monsters who live among us, pondering whether ghosts exist, saving people, hunting things — in season 2 of Grimm, it’s all in a day’s work for Detective Nick Burkhardt. And as the first half of Grimm‘s sophomore season comes to a close, Burkhardt’s real-life alter ego, David Giuntoli, is giving us a peek at what’s in a day’s work for an actor on the NBC show.

In anticipation of tonight’s mid-season finale, Giuntoli took a break from shooting episode 15 to chat with EW about shifts in character dynamics in season 2, what he thought of costar Sasha Roiz’s Twitter campaign to get a deleted scene released and why Nick really does have to sleep on the couch.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: There have been a lot of changes this season with new developments like Hank getting in the loop and Juliette losing her memories of Nick. What has felt most different from last season shooting the show?
I’ve really enjoyed working with Russell Hornsby now that [Hank] is in the loop. We’ve had the ability now to have episodes of us just kind of copping it out and Grimming it out a little bit. READ FULL STORY


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