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David Letterman to drop by 'Late Late Show' hosted by Regis Philbin

David Letterman is playing interviewee for a change. The long-time host of The Late Show will appear as a guest during Regis Philbin’s two-night stint leading The Late Late Show, EW has confirmed. READ FULL STORY

CBS sets premiere for 'Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

Stephen Colbert will make his CBS debut this fall.


Darlene Love talks singing 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)' on 'Letterman' -- for the last time

David Letterman’s reign as host of The Late Show ends in May 2015—and Friday marks his last holiday broadcast. Which means the episode will also be the last one to feature Darlene Love singing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” Love first performed the song on Letterman’s show in 1986, when he was still hosting Late Night on NBC. 28 years later, the tradition is still going strong…until the end of the week, at least.

In advance of the performance, EW talks to the vocalist about the origins of the tradition, the end of an era, and why the song won’t be leaving TV for good.  READ FULL STORY

Watch Darlene Love sing 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)' on Letterman over the years


David Letterman’s holiday broadcast is a zany, wonderful thing that will be dearly missed when Letterman steps down next year, especially since Darlene Love will no longer have a regular platform to sing her classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).”


CBS announces May 2015 date for final 'Letterman' show

David Letterman’s final show as host of The Late Show will be May 20, 2015.

In April, the longtime late-night host announced he’d be retiring without much information about when—other than that it’d be in 2015. Soon after, CBS announced that Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert would be dropping his conservative persona—and dropping his Comedy Central show—to head Late Show once Letterman’s out.

Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' will stay in New York

Los Angeles may be the long-reigning entertainment hub, but New York’s getting a grip on the nation’s talk shows.

CBS’s Late Show will remain at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, even as Stephen Colbert takes over hosting duties from David Letterman next year. The decision was announced Wednesday by network CEO Leslie Moonves and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. READ FULL STORY

On the scene: Another walkout as Joan Rivers visits 'Letterman'

Joan Rivers made it clear during a CNN interview last weekend that she wouldn’t take any crap—which is, in a way, exactly what got her in trouble during a visit to the Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday.

EW was on the scene as Rivers summoned her trademark inappropriate humor to make even the seasoned Letterman blanch by making a joke about losing out on a Depends commercial to June Allyson, quipping that the ’50s star would shill the adult diapers by saying, “Hi, I’m June Allyson. While I’m talking to you, I’m taking a dump.” Yesterday just happened to be the anniversary of Allyson’s death.

It all proved too much for Letterman, who tossed off his jacket and walked off the set, leaving Rivers to her own devices as both host and guest. Of course, she went straight for the vagina jokes: READ FULL STORY

David Letterman addresses Craig Ferguson exit: 'His show was unlike any other'

Outgoing Late Show host David Letterman took a moment during his Tuesday night show to address Craig Ferguson’s announcement Monday that he would be stepping down as host of CBS’ The Late Late Show in December when his contract expires.

Letterman said:”Did you hear this last night? Craig Ferguson announced that he will be leaving his show, The Late Late Show, which comes on right after this show, at the end of the year, which is too bad. He’s been on that program, the star of the show, since 2005 and he’s going on to do other things, I guess a new show that is in the works for him. But his show was unlike any other late night show, and I’m telling you, to be unique in the world of television — virtually impossible. So congratulations to Craig on a great run and we all wish him well.”

Letterman was likely referring to Ferguson’s new gig as host of the syndicated game show Celebrity Name Game this fall.

CBS explains why they picked Colbert, confirms dropping conservative character


Why Stephen Colbert? CBS’ Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler spoke to about choosing the Comedy Central host to replace retiring Late Show icon David Letterman.

Nina Tassler
: He just is head and tails above everybody else and Dave is a very big seat to fill. We’re huge fans, he’s inspired and talented for all the obvious reasons.

I’ve heard you’ve had at least hypothetical conversations for awhile now running up to Letterman’s announcement. How long has this deal been in the works?
Tassler: During the last year of the extension we knew at some point Dave was going to retire. We’ve been planning. Obviously the world changed the day after his announcement. We pulled together our resources and put everything in motion.

What does this mean for Craig Ferguson?
Tassler: We’re big fans of Craig. We had an 11:30 issue. That was our first order of business.

Saying it’s the first order of business seems to suggest there’s a second order of business.
Tassler: Obviously, as much as we knew that this day would come with Dave, Craig is here and doing his show at 12:30 and we love having him there.

We’ve been hearing that Colbert will drop his conservative Colbert Report character, is that correct?
Tassler: Correct. READ FULL STORY

David Letterman reveals the real reason he's retiring on Friday's 'Late Show' -- VIDEO

Legendary late-night talk show host David Letterman, who announced he would be retiring in 2015 during Thursday’s show, addressed Friday night during his Late Show monologue the real reason he would be hanging up his hat: makeup.

“Dave, there’s really nothing more I can do,” he said, quoting his longtime makeup artist Jane — who he joked had a pretty “lousy job.” He also joked about his future prospects, saying that a year from now, “I will be on a beach with a metal detector.” READ FULL STORY

Arsenio Hall talks David Letterman: 'My plan is working perfectly!' -- VIDEO

When we think of the Late Night Wars that erupted when Johnny Carson retired in the early ’90s, we tend to recall the conflict as fought between two fierce adversaries: David Letterman and Jay Leno. There was, however, another dog in the fight as well: Arsenio Hall, who came out guns blazing in 1989 and, once Leno had officially taken over Tonight, memorably promised to “kick Jay’s ass” in the pages of Entertainment Weekly.

Of course, by now, all that bad blood is ancient history. Leno and Hall would eventually make up, enjoying a mutual friendship and respect — and clearly, Hall feels the same way about his other onetime rival. Or does he?!

After announcing the news of Letterman’s impending retirement on his syndicated series, Hall noted that late-night talk-show hosts seem to be an endangered species: “Man, they are dropping like flies! First Jay, now Dave…” Which led, of course, to the perfect punchline — “My plan is working perfectly! Dig that Evil Overlord Laugh, Arsenio.


Bill Clinton to appear on 'Late Show With David Letterman' for ninth time


Former President Bill Clinton will be a guest on The Late Show With David Letterman on Monday, CBS announced today.

It will be his ninth time on the show. His last appearance was on Oct. 12, 2011, when talking points included Clinton’s conditioner, trade deficits, and philanthropy. Clinton will be in New York for the annual meeting of his Clinton Global Initiative, according to the network’s press release.

The Clinton Global Initiative “convenes global leaders to create and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges,” according to its website.

Bill Murray channels Liberace for 'Late Show with David Letterman' 20th anniversary -- VIDEO

On Aug. 30, 1993, Bill Murray was the first guest to ever appear on Late Show with David Letterman. And tonight, Murray is back (and more glamorous than ever) when he hits the Late Show stage with a Liberace-inspired persona.

To help Letterman celebrate his 20 years at CBS, Murray prepares the grandest of entrances, complete with a white vintage Rolls-Royce, a toy poodle, and even a cape. And when Letterman claims he didn’t know Murray had a dog, the comedian remains in character and replies, “I had to get something that went with this outfit.”

In addition to Murray’s entrance, the 20th anniversary show will feature a billboard Murray readied for the occasion and a time capsule full of “artifacts,” according to a press release.

Watch Murray’s entrance below:


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