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Oscar Isaac, Catherine Keener to star in HBO miniseries from 'Wire' creator David Simon

Film stars Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener are getting in on the miniseries game, and they’re doing it with The Wire creator David Simon.

The duo are set to star in Simon and William F. Zorzi’s upcoming HBO miniseries Show Me a Hero, based on Lisa Belkin’s 1999 non-fiction book about the fight for housing desegregation in the late ‘80s.

Directed by Paul Haggis, the six-hour series follows the struggles of a young mayor ordered by the federal court to build low-income housing units in the city’s white neighborhoods—an effort that tears apart the city, the government, and ultimately the mayor himself. The series will explore the ideas of home, race, and community through its portrayal of ordinary citizens, elected officials, bureaucrats, and activists.

Isaac will star as Nick Wasicsko, described as “the youngest big-city mayor in the nation.” Keener will play Mary Dorman, “an East Yonkers homeowner who comes to a remarkable realization during the battle over where to build low-income housing.”

Simon has had a long history of success with HBO, most famously for his seminal crime saga The Wire, which aired on the network from 2002-2008. He is also responsible for the HBO miniseries Generation Kill and co-created the New Orleans drama Treme, which spanned four seasons.

Simon, Zorzi, and Haggis will executive produce Show Me a Hero, along with Nina Noble and Gail Mutrux.

David Simon talks 'Treme,' America, and a possible end to his TV career: 'Maybe I'm in the wrong line of work.'

Treme is not really like any other show on television. Set in the city of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, the series follows a huge cast of characters through myriad subplots set in the city’s overlapping cultural spheres, with regular tangents into the worlds of jazz musicians, local politicians, celebrity chefs, and even the occasional fishermen. The show was co-created by David Simon, the famously provocative TV auteur who created The Wire. Treme shares The Wire‘s symphony-of-a-city panoramic perspective. With the show returning for its third season on Sunday night, Simon got on the phone with EW to talk about the long-term plan for Treme, how post-Katrina New Orleans is an allegory for post-Recession America, and the possibility that he might move on from television.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Can you set the stage a little bit for season 3?
David Simon: In the third season, the money comes back. It doesn’t get to where it’s supposed to go, of course. That would be too much like right. The first season was about the people coming back, the second season the crime came back, and the third season, the money starts to show up. The money that was promised long ago. How that money routed itself, or didn’t, is the theme of the season in some ways. READ FULL STORY


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