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Watch James Franco and Seth Rogen get 'Naked and Afraid'

Celebrities, they’re just like us: They’ll also get Naked and Afraid.

Good Morning America released a sneak peek at the Pineapple Express stars, who will appear alongside each other in the comedy The Interview, stripped down for a special episode of the Discovery Channel series.


Talking 'Great White Matrix,' shark demonization

Paul de Gelder has every reason to steer clear of the ocean. In 2009, the former daredevil Navy clearance diver was attacked by a bull shark in Sydney Harbor. He lost his right arm and leg in the process. Images of reenactments, which have become synonymous with Shark Week, are likely filling your head right about now. This, however, is not an attack story.

Saturday, de Gelder will return to the water, this time with great white sharks, to investigate a spike in deadly shark attacks in Australia for Great White Matrix. De Gelder, who had never seen a great white shark until making this program, will co-host alongside long-time Shark Week filmmaker Andy Casagrande.

The pair have undeniable chemistry (“We get along like a house on fire,” de Gelder says), but Casagrande was initially wary about telling a shark attack story, fearing they would demonize sharks. His concern quickly changed upon meeting and subsequently working with de Gelder, who is making his hosting debut. “He once told me it definitely wasn’t a great thing to get attacked by a shark, but it sort of allowed him to actualize, not his goal in life, but why he’s here,” Casagrande says. “He’s a champion for sharks and conservation.”

For de Gelder, it’s simple: Having faced death, there’s not much else to be afraid of, which is why he’s back in the water, working to protect the declining species. “The bottom line is knowledge dispels fear,” de Gelder says. “The more we can teach people, the more they can understand and respect, and be in awe of these animals; the more they’ll fall in love with them, the more they’ll want to protect them, just like Andy and I want to do.”

In Great White Matrix, de Gelder and Casagrande hope to answer a number of questions: When do shark bites turn into fatalities? What do juvenile great white sharks tell us about adults and attacks on humans? Is every mature great white shark a man-eater?

By the end, they only scratch the surface (we’ll avoid spoiler territory), but they learn about the myriad attack styles of great white sharks using multiple GoPro cameras to capture the different angles of a bite. In the process, the sharks are shown baring their jaws, lunging toward prey, and acting violently.

This is where the criticism comes in. Though the show has yet to air, Casagrande is a vet, and expects at least some backlash for showing such predatory behavior and further “demonizing” sharks. “The reality is, I say it in the show, if you’re going to showcase the world’s greatest athlete, you’re not showing him sitting on his coach, hanging out, drinking coffee, just chilling out there,” Casagrande says. “You’re going to show his amazing or her amazing athletic prowess: how fast she is, how high she can jump, her strength. That’s what we do on these shows.”

Criticism aside, both would love to make a tentatively titled follow-up, Great White Matrix 2. If not a sequel, they have a few other ideas up their sleeve (which they declined to share at this point). There’s still much more to explore with the elusive great white sharks and we can certainly expect de Gelder to get back in the water.

“There’s so many unanswered questions and that’s true with a lot of sharks, but great whites are sort of a mystery still,” de Gelder says. “It’s kind of like hunting Big Foot, except you know Big Foot’s there and now you just want to learn about him. It’s just an enchanting sort of exercise in a world where we kind of know everything about everything or we think we do. There’s still these unanswered questions about one of the oldest species of animals on the planet.”

Great White Matrix airs tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

GoPros on dorsal fins: How a Shark Week filmmaker tells sharks' stories

Shark Week is highly visual: Its name alone conjures up images of great white sharks breaching out of the sapphire blue waters of South Africa in slow motion. Between their impressive size and sleek design, sharks lend themselves to sight. They are the perfect subjects to be filmed, entirely photogenic.

This imagery grabbed hold of Andy Casagrande, now a long-time Shark Week filmmaker, at an early age—he grew up on Shark Week. “I’m so passionate about sharks, always have been,” Casagrande says. “I saw my first [shark] on television and never looked back.” READ FULL STORY

Shark researcher Paul Clerkin takes EW on a dive into 'Alien Sharks'

The ocean is a vast space, much of which has yet to be uncovered. Sharks are no exception, and what’s out there might will surprise you. Insert Alien Sharks: Return to the Abyss, which aired tonight on Discovery Channel and explored the mysterious world of alien sharks.

The special was led by shark researcher Paul Clerkin (pictured above holding a longnose velvet dogfish), a fourth year graduate student at San Jose University, studying marine science at Moss Landing Marine Laboratories with a focus on shark ecology at Pacific Shark Research Center; working with and discovering new shark species has been the focus of his research. In the special, Clerkin set out to uncover never-before-seen alien sharks, and in many ways his search proved successful.

Here, Clerkin talks about his passion—alien sharks—his new discoveries, and his holy grail: the bigeye raggedtooth shark.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How do you define an alien shark?
Alien sharks have otherworldly features they’ve adapted from living in an environment so different than our own. Because we rarely have access to this world, they are very strange to our eyes. That is part of why I love studying them. Sharks are an incredibly diverse group, and there is an entire world below the surface that we have not explored. In an ever-shrinking world, it is exciting to venture to remote locations and discover species that have remained hidden for the last 400 million years. Weird sharks need love, too.

You are one of a select few to see these creatures in the wild. What is it like seeing these alien sharks up close, especially considering that most people will only see these creatures on-screen?
It is simply amazing. There is no other way to put it. The animals have such unique features, and as a shark scientist, I am thrilled to be fortunate enough to encounter and handle these beautiful monsters. There is something humbling about being the first human to ever interact with a species that has existed since before the dinosaurs.


Discovery Channel announces Shark Week premieres, teases glow-in-the-dark sharks -- EXCLUSIVE

Discovery Channel has revealed the dates and early line-up for its wildly (get it? GET IT?) popular Shark Week, the network’s almost 30-year-old annual summertime event.

Shark Week 2014 will kick off on Discovery Sunday, August 10, and will continue all week long with new programming during primetime followed each night by the hourlong special Shark After Dark, airing live at 11 p.m., featuring shark experts and celebrity guests (last year’s included Tara Reid and Dominic Monaghan) breaking down the evening’s events. READ FULL STORY

Discovery to make Everest avalanche documentary from scrapped live jump footage

Discovery’s ambitious Everest adventure will still result in a special that will air on the network.

After scrapping plans Sunday  to air Joby Ogwyn leaping from the summit in a wing-suit, the cable network has decided to create a documentary about last week’s avalanche tragedy instead.

NBC News’ Peacock Production was set to produce the special and was already filming Ogwyn at Everest base camp when the avalanche struck, killing at least 13 people and injuring more. Several of those killed were Sherpas hired by producers for the special. The cable network confirmed Deadline’s report that the network will air a one or two-hour special using its footage from the mountain. Discovery intends for the special to honor the Sherpas who lost their lives, as well encourage donations to a charity fund.

Discovery's 'Everest Jump Live' gets late-night talk show -- EXCLUSIVE

Most of us will never get to Everest Base Camp in our lifetime, but if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like…Discovery Channel’s got you covered. The cable network announced Friday it will be broadcasting a segment of late-night, live programs titled Everest: Live From Base Camp, beginning Monday, May 5, at 11 p.m. ET (weather permitting, of course — this is Everest.)


Discovery's next live tight-rope walk: The Windy City skyline


For their next live stunt, Discovery and famed wire-walker Nik Wallenda will traverse the Chicago skyline — that’s right, The Windy City.

The “King of the High Wire” will attempt to cross the Chicago skyline, untethered, this fall. Discovery made the announcement at its upfront presentation Thursday. No other details were immediately available. Last year, Wallenda’s Skywire Live crossing of the Grand Canyon delivered more than 10 million viewers.

“I am excited about Discovery’s Upfront programming slate with even bigger live events, including our follow up to Skywire Live,” said Eileen O’Neill, Group President, Discovery Networks. “The past year has been filled with history making live events, landmark original programming, scripted programs, compelling characters and amazing storytelling. Our next year will be epic.” READ FULL STORY

Science and Discovery Channels partner for Google Lunar XPRIZE competition

If all goes well with the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition, we’ll be seeing an unmanned spacecraft land on the moon before the end of 2015 — and we’ll be seeing it on Discovery Channel and Science Channel,  the two networks partnering together to air the process of getting that craft on the moon from start to finish.


Discovery Channel reveals 'Survival Live,' it's like a real-life 'Hunger Games'

Discovery Channel is putting on a real life Hunger Games. At least that’s what the network’s new show, Survival Live (WT) sounds like to me — without the killing, of course. Eight contestants will compete for 42 days in the wilderness on what the network is billing as the first-ever live broadcast survival show. READ FULL STORY

Naked reality contestant bites off lizard's head -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

This Sunday’s episode of the Discovery Channel’s survival reality show Naked and Afraid will find one contestant in a self-described epic battle with a lizard he intends on eating in order to survive.

“I’ve already burnt more calories than I’m gonna get from eating the guy, but I don’t like this lizard,” Jeff says as he works tirelessly to dig the lizard out of its hiding spot in the harsh Madagascar heat. When Jeff finally wriggles the lizard free, he is so excited that he bites its head off right then and there.

Watch the intense clip from Sunday night’s episode below: READ FULL STORY

'Klondike': Richard Madden on that ending

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the final installment of Discovery’s three-part gold-rush miniseries Klondike, stop reading  now. Star Richard Madden chatted about the ending — from its surprising potty humor to the nightmares it gave him. READ FULL STORY

'Klondike': Richard Madden talks icy shoot (plus, see his dad's cameo!)

Discovery’s first scripted miniseries Klondike, starring Game of Thrones‘ Richard Madden, begins Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. ET (and continues through Jan. 22). The stories of making the gold-rush drama, which costars Abbie Cornish, Sam Shepard, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tim Roth, are as fascinating as the tale that unfolds onscreen. When Madden, who plays real-life prospector Bill Haskell — a man who learns that nature and human nature are equally dangerous in remote locales — stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio recently, he chatted about filming some of his most harrowing scenes. Listen to an excerpt below in which he describes really digging a costar out of a fake avalanche, going hypothermic after getting tossed around in Class IV river rapids, and hearing the “boom” of ice shifting (which sounds particularly great in his Scottish accent) while filming on a frozen lake. Then, read on for more about those key scenes — and to see a photo of Madden’s father’s cameo.



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