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Kiefer Sutherland: '24' movie 'hopefully' shooting in April

Kiefer Sutherland was at Fox’s press tour event in Pasadena on Sunday to talk about his new show Touch, but after eight seasons of 24, critics weren’t quite ready to quit asking about his previous hit.

On the long-anticipated 24 movie, Sutherland had some potentially good news. The production team, he said, will “hopefully be shooting at the end of April.”

As for Touch, critics asked several questions along the lines of “how is your new character like Jack Bauer?” and “did you just want to do something different than 24“?

Sutherland recalled he wasn’t necessarily looking to jump into another TV show and somewhat reluctantly read Tim Kring’s Touch script, about a father whose mute special needs son can predict future events. “I got to page 35 and I went, ‘Shit, I’m in real trouble here,’ because it was really beautifully written. The character was so vastly different [than Bauer] and the tone was so vastly different. I had to read it twice.” READ FULL STORY

Terry O'Quinn: I won't quit you, Michael Emerson!

Lost fans, don’t give up on Terry O’Quinn ever working again with Michael Emerson. In preparation for his multi-episode arc on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, EW asked the 59-year-old actor to reflect on his past roles — including an NBC drama from J.J. Abrams’ company that O’Quinn was supposed to make with his former Lost co-star Emerson. It was a light drama called Odd Jobs from writers Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec and would have starred O’Quinn and Emerson as former black-ops agents.

“I was actually looking to do a series after Lost,” O’Quinn told EW. “Michael and I fiddled around with one and we sort of got through the process of generating some interest in it, and we just didn’t come up with a script that everyone agreed on. Michael and I stay in touch; we still talk about that. Maybe we’ll make it happen before we get too creaky. I would love to have at least one more good experience like Lost.”

Hmm, maybe in the short-term, he should just shoot for a reunion on CBS: The premiere of Abrams’ new thriller Person of Interest that stars Emerson earned a pretty solid number (13.2 million, 3.1 rating). But keep the faith, Locke!

For more about O’Quinn and his past roles on movies like The Stepfather and The Cutting Edge, pick up the current issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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Fall 2011-12 drama and comedy pilots: What's the next hit (and what's headed to the trash bin)

After spending untold amounts of cash on hundreds of dramas and comedies — most of which will never make it to your living rooms — the five broadcast networks will begin announcing in New York next week which projects are good enough to earn a coveted fall pickup. (NBC and Fox will present their fall schedule to advertisers on Monday, followed by ABC on Tuesday, CBS on Wednesday and the CW on Thursday).

Buzz is already strong for several projects (for more on the hot ones, click here). But every year, we always wonder what diamond-in-the-rough was left on the cutting room floor because some actor may have been miscast or some writer failed to come up with a decent third act. Here’s your one last look at the fall development roster before the annual upfront presentations next week:  READ FULL STORY

Exclusive: 'The Cape' and the subversive secrets of NBC's new superhero drama

In the new superhero drama The Cape premiering this Sunday on NBC, David Lyons plays an honest cop named Vince Faraday living in a crooked metropolis terrorized by a masked villain named Chess (True Blood’s James Frain) and freakish thugs like the reptile-skinned Scales (X-Men: The Last Stand’s Vinnie Jones). Vince is a family man, too, and he shares with his son a passion for a comic book superhero named “The Cape.” When he’s framed for murder and accused of being corrupt, Vince goes underground and finds safe harbor among a group of circus performers/not-so-bad bank robbers that go by the knowingly threatrical handle “The Carnival of Crime.” They hook him up with a seemingly magical cape that allows him to fight crime in Palm City (with assistance of the mysterious anti-corruption crusader Orwell, played by Summer Glau) and hopefully clear his good name as the superhero that both he and his son love, and in this way, weekly adventures will ensue. READ FULL STORY

Exclusive: 'Veronica Mars' creator insists movie is 'not dead'

veronica-marsImage Credit: Robert Voets/UPNReports that the Veronica Mars movie is in the final stages of rigor mortis have apparently been greatly exaggerated. According to the franchise’s boss, Rob Thomas, there’s still a chance his teen sleuth will be reborn on the big screen. READ FULL STORY


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