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'Drop Dead Diva' welcomes back Ben Feldman -- EXCLUSIVE

If Jane (Brooke Elliott) and Grayson (Jackson Hurst) finally making it to her bedroom in the April 27 episode wasn’t enough reason for Drop Dead Diva fans to be happy, we have another: Fred (Mad Men‘s Ben Feldman), Jane’s original guardian angel, will make a return in the final season. He’ll appear in an episode airing in June. Enjoy your first look (and pray no one touches any buttons).

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

'Drop Dead Diva' to end this year (really)


Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva will expire after season 6.

Marking the show’s second cancellation, the series will officially come to a conclusion this year, the network confirmed Thursday. The program starring Brooke Elliott has told the story of shallow model Deb, who died in an accident only to find her soul reincarnated in the body of a brilliant, plus-sized attorney. Lifetime briefly axed the show after its fourth season, then reversed course. READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' postmortem: Brooke Elliott on that final moment

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, stop reading now. Star Brooke Elliott (Jane) gives us her take on the final twist and teases what’s to come. READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva': Brooke Elliott teases show's return

On Sunday, Drop Dead Diva returns for the remaining five episodes of its fifth season (9 p.m. ET on Lifetime). It’s an episode fans have probably been curious about since creator Josh Berman first teased it: Grayson (Jackson Hurst) is asked to represent a young man who was kicked off an airplane after he refused to open his window because, he claims, he’s a vampire and the sunlight will burn his skin.

“We wanted to find a Diva way in to a bullying story that would not seem like your typical bullying story,” Berman told EW before the season began. “We also wanted to write an emotional storyline for Grayson that ties into something that we’ve always suspected had gone on in his past. So Grayson ends up bonding with this boy who thinks he’s a vampire and it helps both of them gain closure on events in their past.” READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' premiere postmortem: Creator talks Old Jane reveal

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the season 5 premiere of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva, stop reading now. Below, creator Josh Berman dishes on Old Jane. READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' returns: What to expect

Drop Dead Diva returns Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime for the fifth season that almost wasn’t. After a surprise cancellation, the series starring Brooke Elliott was resurrected after its loyal fan base got vocal. “We had never trended on Twitter, and within minutes of our cancellation, we trended off and on for two weeks,” creator Josh Berman says, noting that an online petition also quickly amassed 10,000 signatures and fans began cutting their own videos of the show to explain why the series was important to them and should return. (A Facebook page has been created for the show’s Devoted Divas — with exclusives and prizes.) The show’s budget was still a concern, but because producers had always expected the show to have a long run, they’d invested heavily in the sets during the previous two seasons and even bought their own editing equipment. “Had we had to cut the budget in any prior season, it would have been noticeable, but the timing of season 5 was actually perfect for us,” Berman says. With that business out-of-the-way, here’s what you can expect story-wise this season:

• By the end of the premiere, which will begin with a “previously on” to make the show accessible to new viewers, last season finale’s crazy cliffhanger is resolved: When we last saw New Jane (Elliott) — how we’ll now refer to attorney Jane with the soul of dead aspiring model Deb inside her — she had just kissed Grayson (Jackson Hurst), Deb’s former fiance, who’d told New Jane he loved her right as she was about to marry Owen (Lex Medlin). Owen saw the kiss and collapsed, right as Old Jane pushed the button to return her soul to Earth. “So Old Jane is back, and we don’t know if she’s in Owen’s body or somewhere else,” Berman says. “Jane desperately wants to find Old Jane and also to figure out if Owen is dead or alive. I think the cliffhanger of this episode is just as good as the cliffhanger as last year’s season finale.” READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' creator Josh Berman on cancellation: 'Don't lose hope'

For fans of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva disappointed with the show’s unexpected cancellation after four seasons, creator Josh Berman has a message for you: “Don’t lose hope,” he tells EW. “Jane Bingum came back from the dead. I think Drop Dead Diva will, too.”

Berman has met with the show’s studio, Sony, which he describes as extremely passionate about the series.”We’ve all been getting calls, both on the creative side and on the business side, from other possible homes,” he says. He wouldn’t say who, but adds, “Everything is in play. There are players that I never even expected that are expressing interest in the show…. I’m not ruling anything out. I’m not even ruling out Lifetime and Sony reaching a new deal. Like, I’m open to anything that will save the show. My goal is to still have the show on the air this summer, no matter what.”  READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva': April Bowlby teases Stacy's legal troubles, the Owen-Jane-Grayson saga

Production on Drop Dead Diva‘s fourth season wraps on July 6, and April Bowlby couldn’t be more excited about the fun that awaits fans of the Lifetime dramedy.

So far this season, Stacy (Bowlby) has opened a new business, the gang has welcomed a new angel (Carter MacIntyre), and Jane’s (Brooke Elliott) romantic entanglements with Grayson (Jackson Hurst) and Owen (Lex Medlin) have become more complicated than ever. And the triangle stands to get more difficult to decode — for the audience, anyway. Bowlby says this season, Stacy has thrown her weight behind only one man.

“I think they’re really writing my character to root for Owen this year,” she says. “I think it’s kind of bittersweet. You want it so badly to work out [between Jane and Grayson], but at the same time, I think Stacy can see that Jane/Deb is a completely new person [with Owen]. Why wouldn’t [Jane] choose a new guy with a new point of view? [He’s] someone who she can have fun with and who really gets her. And I don’t think Grayson has really gotten her yet. I think that’s why Stacy is a big supporter of Owen.” That’s not to say Stacy is on bad terms with Grayson — quite the contrary, in fact. Later this season, the hunky lawyer will even help Stacy after her “pakery” comes under attack by a man who claims he had the idea first, Bowlby says.

But as Grayson helps Stacy figure out a way of of the lawsuit, fans are still wondering if he’ll ever solve the bigger puzzle at hand. They’ll have to stay tuned for that, though, she says. “This year, I think Grayson is definitely understanding that there are a lot of things about Jane that are Deb-like, and I think he’s now paying attention to these things. The audience is either going to root for him to figure things out or not, because of Owen. As I’m reading the scripts, I don’t know who to root for,” she says. “I think the audience will get a little frustrated because [Grayson’s] so close.”

And if that’s not enough to keep audiences hanging on the the addicting series, Bowlby also offered up three more teases for the rest of the season: READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva': 10 Things to Look Forward to in Season 4

Drop Dead Diva returns to Lifetime on Sunday (9 p.m. ET), and after three seasons of Jane (Brooke Elliott) pining for Grayson (Jackson Hurst) — the man she was engaged to as model Deb, before Deb died and her spirit entered attorney Jane’s body — the tables will turn. Last we saw Grayson, Deb/Jane’s best friend Stacy (April Bowlby) had informed him “I’m not Deb, Jane is,” and now, he’s the one smitten. The problem: Jane saw Grayson kiss Stacy in a moment of missing Deb, and she went to Italy with Owen (Lex Medlin), with whom she’s now happy. (Jane returns from abroad when a former law school classmate, played by guest star Megyn Price from Rules of Engagement, is accused of murder.) The season premiere ends with a cliffhanger that rivals the season 3 finale, Berman says. “Grayson is beginning to figure things out,” he teases. And the final Grayson-Jane scene of the second episode is his favorite of the entire series: “It’s really so emotional. The editor had me come in to watch the first cut, and I look over and the editor is crying. This is a macho guy in his 40s, just cutting film, and he’s like, ‘Ohmygod, this scene is so good.'”

While the Jane-Grayson-Owen love triangle will play out over the entire 13-episode season, Berman says he’s not afraid to move the story along: “Within the first six episodes, we have a huge proposal that can change the direction of the series.” Here are 10 more things to look forward to in season 4: READ FULL STORY

Serena Williams to star on 'Drop Dead Diva' -- EXCLUSIVE

Serena Williams will move from the tennis court to the court of law when Drop Dead Diva returns to Lifetime in June.

EW has learned exclusively that Williams will play Kelly Stevens, a family lawyer representing Elisa Shayne (Brandy Norwood) in a bitter, life-changing custody battle against Jay Parker (Josh Stamberg). Norwood first appeared last season as Jay’s estranged ex-girlfriend.

“I had heard that Serena was a fan of the show, so I reached out to her directly,” says Josh Berman, Diva’s creator and executive producer. “The writers developed this part specifically for her. I can’t wait to watch Serena serve it up on our set.”

Williams has made several TV appearances in the past on shows like My Wife and Kids, The Division, ER, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Diva is currently in production on its fourth season in Atlanta. Last season, the drama averaged 2.3 million viewers and was the No. 1 program in its Sunday time period among women 18-49 and women 25-54 versus all basic cable networks.

Read more:
Josh Berman looks ahead to ‘Diva’ season 4

'Drop Dead Diva' creator Josh Berman talks cliffhangers (and looks ahead to season 4)

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t yet watched Drop Dead Diva‘s season 3 finale, stop reading and come back to us once you’re done gasping, cheering, and/or tearing up. Creator Josh Berman answers our burning questions below.  READ FULL STORY

'Drop Dead Diva' gets fourth season

Drop dead? Not yet. Lifetime is getting a fourth season order to Drop Dead Diva.

The body-swapping drama series received a 13-episode order. “Drop Dead Diva is a signature series for Lifetime that continues to resonate with audiences with its heart and humor,” said Lifetime president and GM Nancy Dubuc. “We are thrilled to bring it back for another season.” The show has averaged 2.3 million viewers and its third season finale is this Sunday.

'Drop Dead Diva' season-finale preview: 'This episode is three years in the making'

If you’ve seen the promo for Sunday’s season 3 finale of Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva (9 p.m. ET), you know Stacy utters the words “I’m not Deb… Jane is” to Grayson. It’s a moment creator Josh Berman knows fans have been waiting for. “This episode is three years in the making, and after this episode, nothing will ever be the same,” he tells EW. “My hope is that at the end of season 3, fans will feel exhilarated and desperate for more. I also want them to feel rewarded. I love television, and as a fan of TV, I remember growing up with series where nothing would evolve, and I felt like they would just be airing the same episode over and over. I wanted our show to take a giant step forward to really reward all the serious viewers. Like life, it’s not the same storyline over and over. For the show to grow, and to reward our viewers, something big needed to happen.”

The hour brings every character a mini-cliffhanger, Berman says. From the promo, we know Owen wants Jane to go away with him. Parker, who thought he was getting back together with Kim, finally finds out he has a son with Elisa (Brandy Norwood). And as for Stacy, who ended last episode in jail after assaulting her costar/boyfriend, Berman has this to say: “Now that she’s become the ultimate diva and hit rock bottom, it’s the time to see if she’s learned from the mistakes she’s made. And what she’s certainly learned is that she actually does have real genuine feelings for Fred. But the question is, can Fred forgive her? The relationship absolutely comes to a head.”  READ FULL STORY


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