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'True Blood' Blu-ray extra shows how the special effects magic happens


It’s been more than two months since we said goodbye to True Blood, but with the Nov. 11 release of True Blood: The Complete Series and True Blood: The Complete Seventh Season fast approaching, we can all say hello again to Kristin Bauer van Straten, Alexander Skarsgard, and Karolina Wydra in this exclusive sneak peek of the Blu-ray only extra “True Death: The Final Days on Set.”

This clip, “Tricks of the Trade,” reveals how vampires feed others their blood, the fun of blocking vampire action scenes, and what a vampire death actually looks like on set.  READ FULL STORY

Behind the scenes of the 'American Horror Story: Coven' Halloween hour

For American Horror Story: Coven, Halloween was basically its Olympic games, and this time last year, fans got their taste of how witches dealt with their competition.

Now, EW has an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the episode from the show’s Blu-ray release, in which some of the cast reveal that shooting the episode was sometimes just as scary as watching it. Watch below to find out exactly how Angela Bassett really feels about working with snakes.


Tony Almeida wants out of solitary in new '24' Blu-ray feature


When 24: Live Another Day is released on Blu-ray and DVD on Sept. 30, fans of the show will be reintroduced to a character they haven’t seen in a while: Fan favorite Tony Almeida. Almeida makes his return in “Solitary,” a Blu-ray exclusive feature that revisits Jack’s former colleague-turned-terrorist in a new storyline extension.

Now, EW has an exclusive first look at “Solitary,” in which Almeida requests to be let out of solitary. He claims that he’d be willing to work for the police by going undercover in general population and befriending terrorists to find out their plots. According to Almeida, his “desire for revenge” consumed him after his wife’s death and now that he’s had time to reflect, he’s realized that his wife would have hated the person he’s become. Watch his plea below.


See the 'Once Upon a Time' gang's wicked season 3 gag reel

Epic tales of the endless struggle between good and evil don’t always leave a lot of room for laughs. That’s where this video comes in.

Below, see an exclusive first look at Once Upon a Time‘s season-three gag reel, a short, sweet montage of your favorite fairy tale characters (including Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow White, Joanna Garcia’s Ariel, Lana Parilla’s Evil Queen Regina, Sean Maguire’s Robin Hood, and, of course, Colin O’Donoghue’s Captain Hook) getting goofy on the set of ABC’s magical fantasy. There’ll be even more of The Fairest Bloopers of Them All on the series’ season three DVD/Blu-ray set, which also includes deleted scenes and a featurette about OUAT‘s deliciously wicked villains.


Sneak peek: 'Sons of Anarchy' Collector's Set (plus a deleted season 6 scene)


If you thought that “Hell Awaits” season seven teaser for Sons of Anarchy‘s final ride seemed foreboding, check out the packaging for the Collector’s Set that fans will be able to pre-order at Comic-Con. Not only does it come in a wooden box (gun crate or coffin?), but also a custom re-creation of the iconic SAMCRO Reaper clubhouse table—which looks a lot like a tombstone when you stand it vertically.

The set will be available for pre-sale at the Fox booth #4229 in San Diego. When it’s released in November, it will include the first six seasons and a slot for season 7. The Comic-Con price tag—$150 for DVD and $200 for Blu-ray—does not include the final season.

Season six itself will be first available on DVD and Blu-ray on Aug. 26, ahead of the final season’s Sept. 9 premiere. Watch a deleted scene between Tara (Maggie Siff) and Eli (Rockmond Dunbar) from episode 603, “Poenitentia,” below.

Fred Savage, Danica McKellar, and Josh Saviano reflect on 'The Wonder Years'


My, how they’ve grown.

Earlier this year, the cast of The Wonder Years reunited for a momentous occasion: Their beloved nostalgia-com, which was kept away from the home-video market for years (reportedly due to music licensing issues—that boomer-friendly soundtrack doesn’t come cheap), was finally slated for a full DVD release. Months later, The Wonder Years: The Complete Series is finally available… for pre-order.

So, yeah: You’ll still have to wait a few more months to snag the full 26 DVD set, which comes packed in a collectible metal locker (just like the ones at Kennedy Junior High) and includes two notebooks that serve as episode guides, a replica yearbook, and every one of the show’s 115 episodes, as well as more than 15 hours of bonus features. (Phew.) READ FULL STORY

'Pee-wee's Playhouse' Blu-ray box set gets fall release date


Get ready to scream real loud: All 45 episodes of Pee-wee’s Playhouse are coming to a Blu-ray player near you this fall.


'Boy Meets World': The true story of Shawn's 'sister' -- EXCLUSIVE


As the name implies, Boy Meets World focused on the story of one specific kid’s coming of age: Ben Savage’s Cory Matthews. But the beloved TGIF sitcom wouldn’t have had half its power without the titular boy’s two closest compatriots — his best friend Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) and his true love Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel).

Of course, there was a time before the series had its core trio firmly established. According to Strong, BMW in its early days was determined to find two male best friends for its protagonist — which is why several season 1 installments feature Cory and Shawn hanging out with a third kid who subsequently disappears into the ether. Strong says that after one of those third wheels was let go from the show, he was even given all of the other kid’s lines — which explains why in the season 1 episode “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” Shawn says he has a sister named Stacy. (Nobody ever mentions Stacy again.)

See Strong and his costar Will Friedle reminisce about the show’s casting process in the following exclusive clip, an excerpt from Boy Meets World: The Complete Collection. The 22-disc set hits stores today.


'Weeds: The Complete Collection' DVD first look: Mary Louise Parker, more talk Nancy's sexcapades -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Weeds‘ leading lady left quite an impression on the television world, one that involved lots of drugs, lots of humor, and lots of sex, among other things. And on Tuesday, viewers can get an inside look at Nancy Botwin’s many sexcapades when Weeds: The Complete Collection arrives on Blu-ray.

We’ve got an exclusive first look at one of the collection’s bonus features, which shows Mary Louise Parker, Guillermo Diaz, Hunter Parrish, and Alexander Gould giving their take on how Nancy uses sex on the show, in which Gould compares her to a “hunter.” According to Parker, Nancy uses “whatever she has in her toolbox to get what she wants.” So what does that make sex? “A pretty big hammer.”

Watch the exclusive video below:

'New Girl': True American gets a theme song and season 2 was 'Full of Schmidt' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Jess and Nick may have driven to Mexico and back since season 3 began, but that doesn’t mean all the great times that brought them together should be left in the rearview. As New Girl: The Complete Second Season comes out on DVD and Blu-ray today, EW can exclusively offer up an outtake from “Cooler” that shows the whole gang rockin’ the game of True American that led to THAT KISS. Who knew the country’s favorite rule-free drinking game had a theme song? Ringtone, please!

After that, just for funsies, check out the official “Full of Schmidt” reel of Max Greenfield’s best moments as the loft’s favorite former heavyweight. From this one-minute supercut alone, there have to be enough Douchebag Jar contributions to buy a lifetime supply of shower gelato. Watch below. READ FULL STORY

'Nashville' deleted scene: Rayna and Teddy in happier times -- VIDEO

Nashville‘s first season hits DVD on Sept. 17, which gives you plenty of time to marathon it before the drama returns to ABC on Sept. 25. View a deleted scene below, and watch Rayna (Connie Britton) take an extraordinarily long time to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Speaking to EW for our Fall TV preview issue on stands Friday, Nashville exec producer Dee Johnson offered a couple of teases for the formerly happy couple of Rayna and Teddy (Eric Close) in season 2: She will — surprise! — survive that car crash with Deacon (Charles Esten), have a “love/mostly hate” relationship with the hot new head of her record label (played by Oliver Hudson), and perhaps get involved with a country star whose stature in the business is even bigger than hers (played by Will Chase). And Teddy, well, last we saw him, he’d just found out that Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley) was pregnant.  “He’s not very happy about it,” Johnson said, laughing. “It continues to be a story point for them moving forward, and he and his whole family have to wrestle with how best to handle that.”


'Scandal': Watch a steamy deleted scene between Fitz and Olivia -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


If it’s been too long since you’ve seen a hot kiss between Scandal‘s Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) and Olivia (Kerry Washington), you’re welcome: We’ve got exclusive video of a deleted scene that includes one from the extras on the season 2 DVD, which is out today. You might recall the election night lip-lock from the montage played in the explosive episode “Nobody Likes Babies,” when, SPOILER ALERT, dying Verna (Debra Mooney) explained to Olivia why she’d hired an assassin to shoot Fitz.

The clip is an example of why Scandal, in some fans’ eyes, has finally earned Goldwyn a pardon for what his character did to Patrick Swayze’s in 1990’s Ghost. “I’ve gotten so many tweets about that, saying, ‘Finally, I’ve forgiven you for killing Sam Wheat.’ So I’m grateful, after 20 years,” Goldwyn says, laughing. “I was surprised that there were so many people who had yet to forgive me, because I’d forgiven myself a long time ago.” But the episode itself is one that shows why loving Fitz is … let’s call it “complicated”: This is also the hour in which our fictional president both killed Verna by removing her oxygen mask after she told him his election had been rigged and that she was going to come clean about it before she died, and, after learning Olivia’s involvement, delivered this cold line: “Don’t wait for me. I don’t know what I was thinking: Screwing your mistress is one thing, but marrying her? That’s political suicide, really. I mean, you believe that my presidency is more important than anything else, right? You must. You worked so hard to get me here.” Below, Goldwyn talks about those bombshells and looks ahead to season 3.

'The Walking Dead': Watch an exclusive deleted scene with Lori as a zombie!

Okay, let’s be honest: Rick Grimes went a little nuts last season on The Walking Dead after his wife Lori died. He started hearing things and then seeing things — things that weren’t actually there. But, as a new exclusive deleted scene from the upcoming Walking Dead season 3 DVD/Blu-ray set shows, it could have been even worse. Much worse.

Remember back in episode 10 (“Home”) when Rick had himself a tender moment with a vision of his former wife in a white dress out on a bridge past the prison yard? Well, a new deleted scene shows how the scene was originally shot — and it seems that tender moment actually turned quite terrifying. After making out for a bit — because who doesn’t love making out with hallucinations from time to time — Rick pulls back to see that his beautiful wife is now a significantly less kissable zombie version of his beautiful wife. That’s right, Sarah Wayne Callies got zombified! READ FULL STORY


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