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'Hemlock Grove' trailer: Seriously NSFW

We’re only three days away from the full-season debut of Netflix’s new horror series Hemlock Grove. The show’s new trailer positively glories in the lack of content restrictions. “The following trailer is restricted to Mature Audiences only by Netflix Inc,” reads the opening card, “for Mild Fornication, Fellatio, Heavy Cocaine Use, Lesbian Necrophilia, and Violent Hemorrhaging.”

What follows is two minutes of madness that make Hemlock Grove look a little bit like The Vampire Diaries if The Vampire Diaries had way more blood and nudity and worms crawling places and Famke Janssen swanning around a mansion in a tantalizing bathrobe. Also, Nazis. See below: READ FULL STORY

'Hemlock Grove': Watch the totally disgusting werewolf transformation now -- NSFW VIDEO

Are you tired of werewolves who spend most of their day walking around as shirtless teenaged humans, while occasionally transforming painlessly into a big digital wolf? Then you really need to watch this insanely R-rated and totally hilarious video from Netflix’s upcoming horror serial Hemlock Grove, which features a truly grody werewolf transformation in the grand tradition of An American Werewolf in London. Like, I’m talking skin-rippingly, blood-splurtingly, bone-crackingly grody. For bonus points, show it to the nearest Twilight-obsessed high schoolers; you’ll be able to pinpoint the second when their hearts split in half. READ FULL STORY

'Hemlock Grove': EW Exclusive! Check out the poster from Eli Roth's new Netflix horror series

Finished with your House of Cards binge-watch marathon and feeling like your life is empty? Then you might be just about ready for Netflix’s next original series: Hemlock Grove, a new horror saga from Hostel director Eli “The Bear Jew” Roth. The show premieres April 19, with all 13 episodes hitting the service at once.

EW has an exclusive poster for Hemlock which is guaranteed to freak you out and make you reconsider hanging out with any wolves. Or, for that matter, any people who seem like they might transform into wolves. Really, just don’t leave the house. Check out the poster: READ FULL STORY


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