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Countdown to the 'Bachelor' finale: Chris Harrison, Juan Pablo butt heads over Clare in deleted scene -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

All right Bachelor fans: We are five days away from what ABC is promising will be an explosive and contentious season finale. To celebrate, we thought we’d start the fireworks early and show you some of the scenes that got cut from this season’s roller coaster ride of love. Starting now and going through Monday, we will release a new, never-before-seen deleted scene each day. Buckle up, rose lovers: This ride isn’t over yet!

For day one of our countdown, we have a clip of Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo discussing this season’s most talked about moment: Juan Pablo’s late-night swim with Clare. At the rose ceremony, just after Juan Pablo left Clare in tears, Chris confronted him about how the Bachelor “devastated” Clare. As Chris put it: “You really think Camila’s going to be upset if she found you swimming at night?” Suffice it to say that Juan Pablo’s answer didn’t exactly put Chris at ease.

Is this the first time in Bachelor history that Chris really doesn’t like the guy sitting across from him? Decide for yourself by watching below.

So, will you accept this video?


'Grimm' sneak peek: Sgt. Wu's most personal case yet -- VIDEO

Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee) is going to be front and center in this week’s episode of Grimm as the team looks to track down the creature responsible for attacking a pregnant friend of the witty lawman.

In the episode, airing Friday, we’ll also take a deeper dive into the life of Wu, finally learning his first name and seeing him have an encounter with what exec producers Jim Kouf and David Greenwalt have called “the scariest Wesen ever.”

Take a look at a sneak peek from the episode below: READ FULL STORY

'The Red Road': Jason Momoa shows off his guns -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


Last week, The Red Road‘s premiere introduced viewers to the world of Sheriff Harold Jensen (Martin Henderson), who works hard to keep his community safe and his family together. But at the end of the premiere, a tragic car accident changed everything for Jensen: His wife got behind the wheel while under the influence, which resulted in a hit-and-run that killed a young boy. In the episode’s final moments, ex-con Phillip Kopus (Jason Momoa) met up with Jensen to confront him about the incident, which the community has yet to learn about.

The two unofficially became partners in crime when Kopus agreed to help convince eye witnesses to protect Jensen’s wife by giving shady statements to the police. Now we have an exclusive look at the show’s second episode, in which Kopus uses his past in juvie and his present-day shooting skills to coerce those witnesses before they talk to the police.

Watch Momoa play a real straight-shooter below:


'Glee': Frenemies Rachel and Santana battle on 'Flashdance' number -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Last week, Glee‘s Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana (Naya Rivera) basically ended their relationship as friends. Based on this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode, airing at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, things have not cooled down. The pair duet on Laura Branigan’s “Gloria,” which you may remember from Flashdance, along with Elliot (guest star Adam Lambert). READ FULL STORY

'Psych' First Look: Lassie's baby arrives! -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Lassie’s wife has a baby on board, and before Psych sails off into the sunset, the little bundle of joy will make his or her debut. How do we know this? We have the first pictures!

In the episode airing March 5, Lassie (Timothy Omundson) and wife Marlowe (Kristy Swanson) finally welcome their child, but, as Swanson previews, things don’t go according to plan. “It’s a very comical birth,” previews the actress. “But it’s also very touching at the same time. It’s all very emotional.” As is the impending farewell to Psych, which will conclude its run in March after eight seasons.

Swanson, who first appeared on the show back in 2011, remembers her time on the series fondly. “That was the most fun show I’ve ever done in my life,” she said. “I’m sad I wasn’t on it from the very very start. I’m so grateful to have done the last three years with them…They greeted me from the very start with big, big open arms, like family, and treated me with the highest respect. I’ve had the best of times with them and the greatest of laughs.”

See below for a bonus exclusive image from the episode: READ FULL STORY

'Originals' post-mortem: Claire Holt previews Rebekah 'on the run'

The Mikaelson family is possibly in the most fractured state it’s ever been in following Tuesday night’s episode of The Originals.

As chronicled in our recap, the secret is out about Rebekah and Marcel summoning Mikael, and Klaus is not happy about it. In fact, he and his sister had it out and it was pretty clear that one of them was going to die if someone didn’t intervene. Thankfully, that’s when Elijah showed up, stabbed Klaus, and told his sister to get the heck out of town. And according to Claire Holt, so much is easier said than done. “They’re on the run, and they have to decide what the future holds,” she tells EW of Marcel and Rebekah in the next few episodes. “They have to decide if they’re going to leave everything behind or if they’re going to come back and fight.”

The debate, she says, is more complicated than one may assume. “I think Rebekah knows that if they don’t leave, it may be the end of her. Klaus will find a way to put her in a box or ruin her life. She’s very scared. She also knows Marcel’s history with the city and how strongly he feels about it and how easy it won’t be for him to just go,” she says. “So it’s going to be very interesting.”

While Holt declined to spill the details of the pair’s ultimate decision, she teases, “We do have a scene in a car.”

Meanwhile, says Holt, the family will have to contend with being more fractured than ever as threats to their existence mount. And while Holt says the latest episode “won’t be the last time she sees Elijah,” the same can’t be said for Klaus. She doesn’t see Rebekah’s relationship with Klaus healing anytime soon. “I don’t think there’s a way they could ever [come back from this],” she says. “I mean, he’s done some pretty nasty things and she’s forgiven him, so maybe. But I can’t imagine, so… The next few episodes are definitely about [Klaus] dealing with the betrayal and how he feels about it and what he’s going to do.”

In EW’s Google+ Hangout with Holt on Tuesday, she opened up a bit more about filming the latest episode. Skip ahead to the 27-minute mark to hear some behind-the-scenes scoop about her wardrobe troubles during the flashbacks to 1919. READ FULL STORY

'Real World Ex-plosion' roommates open up with serious LGBT talk -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The most recent seasons of The Real World have been remembered for the roommates’ violent behavior and wild partying. The current season, Real World: Ex-plosion, already set itself apart when it welcomed five of the roommates’ exes to live in their San Francisco home with them. And now, the show is going back to its roots to tackle some more serious issues, like it did in the earlier seasons.

On tonight’s episode, Arielle, a lesbian roommate, invites over a couple of her friends, including Kingston, who is transgender. Living as a man, Kingston transitioned from being a female and shares some great insight about what it’s like to be trans. Some of the roommates are very open about their ignorance to the issue as a whole. Watch the exclusive clip of the honest discussion of sexuality and identity: READ FULL STORY

'The Crazy Ones' sneak peek: James Wolk and Robin Williams woo Cheryl Hines -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

On this week’s The Crazy Ones, guest star Cheryl Hines is going to turn to an unlikely duo for help planning her son’s bar mitzvah: Simon (Robin Williams) and Zach (James Wolk).

In this exclusive clip from the episode, airing Thursday night at 9:30 p.m. ET, watch as the ad agency’s attempt to woo a client (Hines) turns into a commitment to throw the celebration of a lifetime. Also, anyone else excited to see Zach is the emcee? READ FULL STORY

'Friends With Better Lives' key art: James Van Der Beek and Co. ready for post-'HIMYM' debut

After the series finale of How I Met Your Mother, CBS viewers will be introduced to a new group of friends.

On Friends With Better Lives, debuting March 31 following the hour-long HIMYM sendoff, we meet six friends at different stages in their lives — married, not, etc. — who internally question who has it better. James Van Der Beek, Kevin Connolly, and Brooklyn Decker are among the stars, and above we have an exclusive look at the key art for the show. (Fun, approachable…)

Following the aforementioned special preview, Friends With Better Lives resumes its regular time slot April 7 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

Jason Sudeikis makes Olivia Wilde go boom on 'Hollywood Game Night' -- VIDEO


The town of Hollywood isn’t anything particularly special and a game night is really cute if you live in 1957, but when you combine the two, you get our favorite TV show to yell at from the couch. And oh, is there yelling.

Hollywood Game Night returns after a casual Olympics hiatus, and although you won’t find Tara Lipinski or Johnny Weir anywhere, a new crew of six bona fide non-figure-skating celebrities will take their places on the couch. Sean Hayes, Christina Applegate, Allison Janney, Don Cheadle, Jason Sudeikis, and Olivia Wilde are on board for Thursday’s episode, begging the question: Is this the most famous panel yet?

Let’s talk about Sudeikis and Wilde for a quick second, who constitute that rare breed of real-life celeb couple who also look like they’re just a big fun pile of impeccably dressed bananas. In our sneak peek at this Thursday’s episode (airing at 9 p.m. on NBC), boyfriend and girlfriend face off in a rousing game of Clue-Boom, wherein fast food clues are given and things explode (all typical for a Thursday night). READ FULL STORY

'Revenge' First Look: Olivier Martinez gets close to Victoria...and Emily?

Somehow it doesn’t surprise us that Victoria is looking cozy with media mogul Pascal LeMarchal (guest star Olivier Martinez) in this Revenge First Look, but what’s he doing with Emily on his other arm?

Explanations will be given soon enough as Revenge returns with new episodes March 9. And it is in this upcoming string of fresh episodes that we will first meet Martinez’s character, who is the father of Karine Vanasse’s Margaux and is said to have a romantic history with Victoria. Judging by these exclusive photos from the March 23 hour, however, perhaps their attraction isn’t necessarily a thing of the past. READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy' sneak peek: Meredith and Derek spar, Cristina teases wedding chaos

This sneak peek of Thursday’s new episode of Grey’s Anatomy is a hair over a minute long, but it left us with so many questions!

First, how long are Meredith and Derek going to be fighting? On one hand, Meredith has a right to be angry, as she is in this clip. A promise is a promise, and in this case, her husband had agreed to take a step back from work to help with the children. On the other hand, the man got a call from the president of the United States! (Um, probably not this one.) I’m guessing this could be a long debate, folks.

Second, in the midst of Meredith and Derek’s martial spat, Cristina walks in and announces with joy that the drama at the wedding has left her giddy. (“I’m not just a friend, I’m a fan,” Cristina says, referring to April.) As you recall, the last new episode left off right after Jackson declared his love for April. Does this mean April turned Jackson down? Or not? Cristina, elaborate!

Help us pick this apart more by checking out the exclusive clip below: READ FULL STORY

'Franklin & Bash' invites Mike Tyson into the ring this summer -- EXCLUSIVE

You know it’s worth watching when they’ve got a Mike Tyson cameo.

Franklin & Bash returns for a fourth season this summer, and in one episode the boys will have Mr. Face Tattoo to reckon with. The amazing John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect, Best in Show) will also star in the episode as Gordon Derringer, a restauranteur and rival of Stanton Infeld (Malcolm McDowell), the head of the law firm. As a power play, Derringer hires Iron Mike to rough up Infeld, but Franklin and Bash take him on instead. Tyson will play himself. Word is out on the tiger; I hope she’ll be playing herself too.

Sounds great right? It’ll be hard to beat this scene though… READ FULL STORY

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