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'Once Upon a Time' first look: Elizabeth Mitchell makes her debut as the Snow Queen


Elsa isn’t the only ice queen in Storybrooke.

At the close of Sunday’s episode of Once Upon a Time, Lost alum Elizabeth Mitchell finally made her debut as the owner of the local ice cream parlor, which wasn’t affected by the town’s power outage caused by Elsa (Georgina Haig) thanks to similar magical powers that enable her to freeze things. That’s right, Mitchell is playing the Snow Queen, the real villain of the first half of the season.

Once fans got their first glimpse of the Snow Queen during the promo for next week’s episode, but you can check out Mitchell in all her Snow Queen glory below:


'Dancing with the Stars:' Jonathan Bennett gives a sneak peek at his 'Mean Girls' samba


Jonathan Bennett looks sexy with his hair pushed back, but you already knew that.

That moment is just one of many the actor plans to recreate in a tribute piece for the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls on Monday night’s Dancing with the Stars, just days after (the unofficial) National Mean Girls Day on Oct. 3. EW got an exclusive first look inside rehearsal while Bennett and partner Allison Holker prepared. READ FULL STORY

Watch Gene pitch a 'Die Hard' musical in the 'Bob's Burgers' season premiere

Die Hard or Working Girl? That’s the kind of question that plagues the young students at Wagstaff School, and Gene Belcher is in the middle of all of it in this exclusive clip from this Sunday’s season-five premiere of Bob’s Burgers.

The episode finds Wagstaff’s pupils competing to pitch up with what they think should be the big fall musical this year. Gene is set on adapting Die Hard, the movie’s Christmas setting be damned. But his confidence is shattered when he finds out that his “thunder thief” and once-lover Courtney is pitching Working Girl—or as he calls it, “the sassy sister film to Die Hard.”

Needless to say, things get tense and keyboard insults are hurled. Take a look at Gene and Courtney’s dueling musicals in the exclusive Bob’s Burgers clip below.


'Castle' sneak peek: Castle wants answers, and he's ready to prove it


Richard Castle is a man who loves mysteries. He’s made them his life’s work, after all. But the one mystery that Castle wants solved more than anything else is his own.

After he was found at sea with a bad case of amnesia in Castle‘s season-seven premiere, the mystery of what happened to him in the two months after his car accident is still very much alive. And in an exclusive clip from next week’s episode, titled “Montreal,” we get a glimpse at just how far Castle’s willing to go to find answers. When an interview gets a little too personal, Castle asks for his fans help in solving his case.


Nici and Shelley try to float past the competition in exclusive 'Amazing Race' clip


The Amazing Race is not for the faint of heart… or the proud, judging by Nici’s willingness to make herself right at home in the River Thames just to get ahead of the competition. Mother-daughter duo Shelley and Nici have clearly learned from those who came before them. (May we never forget when sisters Kisha and Jen Hoffman were eliminated in Season 14 because the call of nature was too strong for Jen to resist.)

Watch this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode to see how Nici holds up to the question that’s plagued humankind since the creation of indoor plumbing: Can I hold it [to win $1 million]? READ FULL STORY

'Weeds' alum Elizabeth Perkins heads to 'How to Get Away with Murder'

Weeds alum Elizabeth Perkins has landed a guest-starring role on How to Get Away with Murder, EW has learned exclusively.


'The Office' star Angela Kinsey lands recurring role on 'Bad Judge'

The Office’s Angela Kinsey is returning to NBC on its new upcoming series Bad Judge.

The comedy stars Kate Walsh as the sexually unapologetic, well-respected judge Rebecca, whose personal life is often messier than the criminals she sentences.


Jax and Jarry have a talk in exclusive 'Sons of Anarchy' sneak peek

After the tragic events of “Poor Little Lambs,” it’s no surprise that Sheriff Althea Jarry (Annabeth Gish) asks for a few moments of Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) time in the Oct. 7 episode of Sons of Anarchy. Our exclusive sneak peek shows his reaction. READ FULL STORY

Go behind the scenes of NBC's new supernatural series 'Constantine'

Just in time for Halloween, NBC is about to get a little bit spookier thanks to its new supernatural series, Constantine.

Based on the DC Comics property Hellblazer, Constantine stars Matt Ryan as the titular con man-turned-occult detective who begrudgingly keeps dark forces at bay as he struggles with the sins of his past.


Julia confronts Joel on 'Parenthood': 'You destroyed us'

Last season, Parenthood fans watched as Joel and Julia’s marriage fell apart. Julia kissed Ed, Joel moved out, and suddenly, the happily married couple had stopped communicating. But in last week’s season 6 premiere, fans saw a glimmer of hope when Joel comforted a distraught Julia with a kiss.

However, after months of separation and emotional turmoil, one kiss isn’t going to fix their marriage. In fact, we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at tomorrow night’s episode, in which Joel and Julia find themselves at Sydney’s school for a meeting with their daughter’s teacher, after which the exes have a tearful heart-to-heart.


'Once Upon a Time' sneak peek: Elsa puts Storybrooke on lockdown

Hell hath no fury like an Ice Queen scorned.

Upon discovering Anna’s (Elizabeth Lail) necklace in Mr. Gold’s (Robert Carlyle) pawnshop during the Once Upon a Time premiere, Elsa (Georgina Haig) will lock down the town of Storybrooke in a bid to find her sister. But taking things to an icy level will have severe consequences for the residents, namely Emma (Jennifer Morrison). Check out a sneak peek at what’s ahead:


'Bones' sneak peek: The team vows to avenge Sweets' death

Though Bones fans are heartbroken over the loss of Sweets, his death may ultimately help the Jeffersonian team uncover the big conspiracy.


Tour the new secret headquarters on 'Person of Interest'

All summer long, Person of Interest fans have dealt with one lingering question after last season’s so-good-it’s-maddening finale: Where are Finch, Reese and the rest of Team Machine supposed to go now?

With the library dismantled and the team now underground, Tuesday’s episode finally held the answer to the gestating question, revealing the whereabouts (well, vaguely) of the brand-new headquarters that will now serve as the meeting place for our newly displaced heroes. Viewers got their first peek at the new HQ—an abandoned subway station deep underneath New York City, far from the prying eyes of Samaritan—and EW has an exclusive, closer look at the new digs. READ FULL STORY


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