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'The Vampire Diaries': Director Paul Wesley explains why he nixed a shirtless moment in this week's episode -- LISTEN!

Paul Wesley stepped behind the camera to direct the April 17 episode of The Vampire Diaries, and while the hour will give viewers answers about new arrival Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) — “This guy is creating this alternate reality that is manifesting in Stefan and Elena’s mind, and that alternate reality is actually a set of clues leading to something,” he teases — there is one thing it won’t have: Stefan shirtless. The script originally called for it: “It was this beautiful scene where Stefan takes Elena, and he picks her up and kisses her, and they go on the kitchen counter and things get kinda hot and heavy. But rather than sexualizing it, I decided to make it romantic,” he says in an interview airing Thursday on Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM 105). “I pitched it to the writers – I was like ‘Guys, I think this should be romantic and not sexual,’ and they fell for it. Suckers!” READ FULL STORY

'True Blood' star Amelia Rose Blaire talks final season (and being turned by Eric) -- LISTEN!

The stars of True Blood are halfway through filming their final season (which premieres June 22 on HBO), and according to Amelia Rose Blaire, who plays Willa, it’s already a “jaw-dropper.” While she she’s predictably tight-lipped on what’s to come, she will say Willa comes into her own as a vampire with Tara (Rutina Wesley) as her teacher, and that she’d like Sookie to end up single. (If she had to root for someone, it would be Bill or Eric. Sorry, Alcide.)

Stopping by Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM 105) this week for a chat on the TV Editor’s Hour, Blaire relived one of our favorite scenes from season 6 — Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) turning Willa — and shared her friends’ reactions. Listen to the clip below. READ FULL STORY

'The Mindy Project': Ike Barinholtz calls tonight's show 'our most R-rated episode to date' -- LISTEN!

The Mindy Project is back tonight with an hour-long episode (Fox at 9 p.m. ET) that finds Mindy (Mindy Kaling) not only dealing with the aftermath of her kiss with Danny (Chris Messina) and the start of a possible new relationship, but also with an incriminating video of herself that has surfaced on the Internet.

Phoning in to Entertainment Weekly Radio’s EW Morning Live, co-star Ike Barinholtz, who pitched the initial idea that led to the video story line, teased the tape thusly: “The worst possible tape you could make is one with Bill Hader, I think, because his character on our show is a subhuman degenerate.” He also told hosts Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw that the hour is “our most R-rated episode to date.” Listen below. READ FULL STORY

Seth MacFarlane explains the new ship on 'Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey'

On Sunday, March 9, Fox and National Geographic Channel will simulcast the premiere of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a 13-part series hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson that follows in the epic footsteps of the Emmy Award-winning 1980 TV series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Ann Druyan, who co-wrote the original Cosmos with her late husband Carl Sagan, serves as an executive producer, and as Seth MacFarlane revealed in his SiriusXM Town Hall with Entertainment Weekly editor Matt Bean, you can thank her for the trippy spaceship that becomes “home base” through this new journey across space and time.

“It was very important to her that it be something that was kind of timeless and very simple,” MacFarlane says in the excerpt below, noting that the original “Ship of the Imagination” was used only in the first episode of the original series and had an exterior shaped like a dandelion. “There was, I guess, some people smoking weed in 1980 also,” he jokes.

The new ship has a flat floor and flat ceiling: “The floor opens up to reveal the past, the ceiling opens up to reveal the future. The front wall is just a big open window,” he says. “It was important to us that [Neil] not just be a guy who’s lecturing us but that he actually take us to the places that he’s talking about.”

MacFarlane also spoke about the inspiration for his new film A Million Ways to Die in the West, which hits theaters this summer. His novel of the same name is on shelves now. Listen to that clip below as well. READ FULL STORY

'Downton Abbey' stars tease new season on EW Radio: Sneak peek!


Season 4 of Downton Abbey finally begins in the U.S. on Jan. 5, and to celebrate, Entertainment Weekly editor Jess Cagle sat down with stars from the show for a SiriusXM Town Hall chat that will premiere Dec. 24 at 6 p.m. ET on EW Radio (SiriusXM Channel 105). It will be available on demand immediately after it airs and will also replay throughout the week. Below are two sneak peeks with Hugh Bonneville (the Earl of Grantham) discussing how Matthew’s death affects both Mary and the family’s estate, and Laura Carmichael sharing what’s ahead for Lady Edith. READ FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy': Maggie Siff on 'disturbing' fan hostility toward Tara

Whether it was Skyler on Breaking Bad, Rita on Dexter, Lori on The Walking Dead, or Margaret on Boardwalk Empire, TV wives often seem to be on the receiving end of a lot of hate, even when their on-screen husbands are often guilty of much worse crimes. So it was not altogether surprising when many Sons of Anarchy fans set their sights — and vitriol — on Jax Teller’s wife Tara.

Granted, she faked a pregnancy and a miscarriage to trick Jax into signing a restraining order against his own mother. And granted, she was doing this to get her sons away from the dangerous world of SAMCRO, and, it seems, their father. But is removing the boys away from such an environment such a bad thing? Is Tara just the latest victim of another sexual double-standard, in which female characters are held to a different standard than the male protagonists to which they are married? READ FULL STORY

'Sons of Anarchy': Maggie Siff on Tara's shocking turn

It’s been the wildest of rides for Tara this season on Sons of Anarchy. She faked both a pregnancy and a miscarriage in an attempt to get herself and her sons away from SAMCRO. But then her plan went haywire when the truth came out and she is now hiding out in a motel with her boys as we head into Tuesday’s season 6 finale.

So what did the actress who plays Tara, Maggie Siff, think when SOA creator Kurt Sutter first explained her storyline for the season? “My eyes sort of rolled back into my head,” said Siff when she called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105). “My first concern…as an actor was how to make it believable, that she would do this and go to these lengths.” READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Chad Coleman talks about the 'jaw-dropping' midseason finale

Even before this season of The Walking Dead started, Andrew Lincoln was warning us about the midseason finale on Sunday, Dec. 1 — saying that it was the doozy to end all doozies. Well, that day is finally here, and Chad Coleman (who plays Tyreese) called into Entertainment Weekly Radio (SiriusXM, channel 105) to concur with his castmate, warning viewers to “fasten their seat belts” for an episode he promises is “gut-wrenching, epic, jaw-dropping, all of the above.” Now you can hear our entire conversation with the man who plays Tyreese by clicking on the video player below. READ FULL STORY

'Modern Family': Julie Bowen's revealing, hilarious take on each of her costars -- LISTEN!

Five seasons in, the cast of ABC’s Modern Family knows each other well. Julie Bowen proved as much when Entertainment Weekly editor Jess Cagle asked her to describe each of costars during a chat on EW Radio this week. Listen to their chat below, which explores why Eric Stonestreet (Cam) is such a wonderful contradiction, how Ariel Winter (who plays her on-screen teen daughter) has to hide her “sexy,” and more Family tidbits. READ FULL STORY

David Boreanaz talks post-wedding 'Bones' and rumors it's his last season ('There's no truth to that')

Rumors that David Boreanaz is planning his exit from Fox’s Bones, which is now in its ninth season, have once again been greatly exaggerated. “There’s no truth to that,” he told EW Radio of the report that surfaced this week claiming he’s planning on this being his last season on the show.

In his talk with EW Morning Live hosts Dalton Ross and Jenna Morasca, he also addresses how the season will proceed after Booth (Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) finally wed in the Oct. 21 episode. “Now you have more conflict than you think: I still have got to plan a bachelorette party that she never had. We have to go on our honeymoon. We got to deal with, really, how to live with each other as a married couple. So there’s a lot of conflict that we’re going to be bringing to the show. It’s gonna be fun,” he said. “The dynamics will change… and it will still be solving crimes.”

Listen to more of his interview below.


Alyssa Milano shares her favorite 'Melrose Place' memory (and it's pretty great)

She may be the star of ABC’s Mistresses now, but Alyssa Milano had no qualms reminiscing about her days on Melrose Place as Jennifer Mancini, Michael’s sister, when she stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio’s TV Editor’s Hour. Asked for her favorite Melrose memory, Milano didn’t hesitate: “I have a great visual memory of Heather Locklear being pregnant and adorable, and passing her trailer — ’cause we used to share a two banger — and she was in denim overalls, with a black lace bra, nothing else, eating a tub of chocolate frosting.”

Listen to her interview with Entertainment Weekly‘s Henry Goldblatt below. There’s also talk of a Charmed reunion (at her house) and a discussion about why she’s drawn to shows that combine drama with comedy. “Because that’s life. What is life without laughter? No matter how hard things get in your world, you have to be able to laugh at the situation,” she says. “I remember someone once telling me before I married my husband, ‘You know you found the one if you can laugh no matter what the situation is.’ And that is truly what I have with my husband. So yeah, I think that those types of characters are really relatable — where you’re just able to look at yourself and be like, Ohmygod, what is my world — it’s hilarious.” READ FULL STORY

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