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'Survivor: Philippines' contestants reveal their most embarrassing moments ever -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

The potential for embarrassment when you go on a reality TV show cannot be understated. Frankly, if you don’t embarrass yourself, then what good are you? They put you on the show to embarrass yourself! Now get to it! Right before filming began, I decided to warm up the contestants of Survivor: Philippines for the experience for getting them to share with me their most humiliating moments to date, and boy, are there some doozies.

Which contestant once jumped into bed with the wrong (naked) man? Who accidentally flashed her lady parts? Who accidentally flashed his man parts? Who got caught shoplifting beef jerky? And who started vomiting violently just 3 days before filming began? To learn the identities of these and other culprits, click on the video payer below. (Note to self: never do Pete’s laundry. Never. Ever. Ever.) And for more Survivor scoop all season long, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Danai Gurira talks about Michonne's kick-ass katana sword -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Food Network won’t be the only place to turn for slicing and dicing this fall as The Walking Dead welcomes the sword-wielding Michonne when season 3 kicks off on AMC on Oct. 14. A fan favorite from the comic book (and glimpsed briefly in the season 2 finale) Michonne is known for dragging along two armless, jawless zombie “Pets” on chains and carrying around a bitchin’ katana sword she uses to remove zombies from their heads.

We caught up with the woman who plays Michonne, Danai Gurira, at our EW photo shoot to ask what it’s like to get to swing that sucker around, and how the sword helps define her character. “It became of an extension for her of many things,” says Gurira. “Of a rebirth into a new world. Not the world than anyone would ever want, but one that she’s damn sure gonna make sure she survives in — and thrives in.”

To get the inside intel on Michonne and her weaponry, click on the video player below. And for more Walking Dead news sent directly to your virtual doorstep, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. READ FULL STORY

'Awkward.' season finale preview: Jenna spins the bottle and lands on... -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO


The big question on MTV’s comedy Awkward has always been: Team Matty or Team Jake? And that big debate for Jenna (Ashley Rickards) will still be front and center in the show’s season finale, titled “The Other Shoe,” which is set to air tonight.

EW has an exclusive clip from the finale, which finds Jenna playing what appears to be a harmless game of Spin the Bottle. It’s harmless, of course, until she takes her spin. “While I was past my prime to play, it seemed fitting given all the spiraling I’d done throughout the year,” Jenna explains in the clip.

Of course, the game doesn’t help Jenna with any choice between her two boys, Jake (Brett Davern) and Matty (Beau Mirchoff), as it points just between them. But, she makes it clear she knows what she wants: “The bottle didn’t know what I wanted, but I did.” The episode’s logline teases that Jenna has indeed made her decision about which boy she wants to be with, but as you might imagine, something goes wrong that “leaves Jenna questioning if getting everything she wants is really what she needs.” Watch the teaser clip here:


'Covert Affairs': Christopher Gorham teases a 'surprise visitor' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

There are lots of reasons to be excited for tonight’s episode of Covert Affairs — and beyond. For elaboration, we turn to Christopher Gorham, who stopped by EW recently to host a quick Spoiler Room: Video Edition for us.

In the video, which you can see below, he previews tonight’s episode, talks about the progression of the Annie/Auggie relationship, promises shirtlessness — and teases the arrival of a surprise visitor.


'Survivor: Philippines': Jeff Probst names the players he doesn’t think can win -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Before every season, Survivor host Jeff Probst tells me the players he thinks have a good shot to win. But what’s always more fun is when he IDs the players he thinks can’t take home the million dollars. At the top of his list for Survivor: Philippines is a former Miss Teen Utah, Angie Layton: “She’s just naïve,” Probst told me on location right as filming on the season began. “She has a beautiful tan. And she’s concerned about it. And that’s a clue. You shouldn’t be thinking about that. Angie’s probably three years too early for this game and we probably shouldn’t have put her on.” READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Philippines': Is Jonathan Penner already making a fake hidden immunity idol? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

That Jonathan Penner is a crafty fellow. While I was on location at the start of Survivor: Philippines I saw the returning player schooling tribemate Katie Hanson on the nuances of searching for a hidden immunity idol (tip #1: If the camera crew does not bother following you while searching, you’re not close; if they scurry over quickly, however, BINGO!). While there, I also saw him do something else, and this being Penner, he completely ignored the rules about taking to press and/or cameramen while the game was afoot and told me all about it.

In the video below, you can see Penner tell us all about the items he is collecting for — yep, you guessed it — a fake hidden immunity idol. You’ll also be treated to part of my pre-game conversation with Penner, in which he compares the shame and humiliation of being medically evacuated to being voted out. “It’s harder to take and infuriating,” says Penner of being taken out of the game due to his infected knee in Fans vs Favorites, “but in some ways it’s easier than getting voted out.” Click on the video player below to learn why. And for more Survivor news and views all season long, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Philippines': Jeff Probst explains why this next season is old school 'Survivor' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

If you are a fan of water challenges, then you have reason to be excited for Survivor: Philippines. That’s because the last eight seasons have been in locations (Gabon, Tocantins, Samoa, Nicaragua) that did not allow for underwater challenges. The best the show could do was have contestants paddle on top of or run through a few feet of liquid. But now you can expect full-fledged swimming, diving, and other assorted water-based activities. READ FULL STORY

'Saturday Night Live' host Seth MacFarlane breaks his silence on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson split -- VIDEO

Between the presidential elections and very important pop-culture developments like this, first-time Saturday Night Live host Seth MacFarlane has a lot of ground to cover when he takes the reins during the season premiere of the sketch comedy series this weekend. But one topic the Ted and Family Guy creator likely won’t touch is the heart-wrenching headline-blazing breakup between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

“Who f**ing cares?” MacFarlane told EW, after we gave him a quick primer on the obsession that is “Robsten,” during rehearsals for SNL. “I still have my house, my cat is still alive. I don’t care what happens.” (Make sure to watch the video below to see his complete hilarious reaction).


'Survivor': Lisa Whelchel says 'Facts of Life' tribe could have beaten 'Diff'rent Strokes' tribe. Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Lisa?

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

All 1980s TV addicts know that The Facts of Life started out as a spin-off from Diff’rent Strokes when Mrs. Garrett took her talents from the Drummond household to the Eastland school. But now that the woman who played Eastland’s Blair Warner, Lisa Whelchel, is competing on Survivor: Philippines (premiering Sept. 19), one can’t help but wonder: What if The Facts of Life girls had taken on the Drummond family in Survivor? Who would have won?

I posed that question to Lisa herself in the Caramoan Islands just prior to filming. “Well, this sounds kind of crass but I’m going to have to say Facts of Life because we’re still around.” Not now, Lisa! I’m talking about back in the day! “Facts of Life for sure!” she insists. “Because we were tough girls.” To hear more about why she thinks Natalie and Tootie could kick Mr. D’s ass, as well as my interrogation on The Facts of Life Goes To Paris, check out the video below. And for more Survivor news and views, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

Click here to find out more!

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'The Walking Dead': Norman Reedus says 'I can sleep with everyone. I can kill everyone.' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Norman Reedus’ Walking Dead character of Daryl Dixon is a bit different from the rest, and not just because he wields a kick-ass crossbow and can empty the remains of a zombie’s stomach. Unlike Rick, Lori, Andrea, Glenn and the others, the character of Daryl was not imported from the comic book on which the TV show is based. And the man who plays Daryl, Norman Reedus, says he likes the fact that his character is completely unique to the television version. “Not being a character from the comic book is kind of cool for me because I can do what I want to a certain extent, “ says Reedus. “I can sleep with everyone. I can kill everyone. I don’t know when I’ll die.” READ FULL STORY

'Survivor': Where are all the women? Jeff Probst explains why they keep bringing male players back -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image credit/Monty Brinton/CBS

Math was never my strongest subject. But it doesn’t take a genius to perform simple arithmetic, and by my count — not including the All Stars or Fans vs. Favorites type seasons — Survivor has now brought back nine returning players to compete alongside newbies. And only one of those nine — Stephenie LaGrossa in Survivor: Guatemala — was a woman. The rest — Bobby Jon Drinkard, Russell Hantz, Boston Rob Mariano, Ozzy Lusth, Benjamin “Coach” Wade, and now Michael Skupin, Russell Swan, and Jonathan Penner on Survivor: Philippines — have all been dudes.

What gives with the discrepancy? I went to the host himself for answers. While on location for the new season (premiering Sept. 19 on CBS), I asked Jeff Probst why the show keeps bringing back men instead of women. “There just aren’t as many colorful women characters in Survivor history, and we’ve used up the ones we can,” says Probst. “For whatever reason we’re loaded with interesting guys.” READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Philippines': Russell Swan will try his best to not almost die this time around -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Jeff Probst called it the scariest moment in Survivor history, and we’re not arguing with him. When Russell Swan’s eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed during a challenge in Survivor: Samoa, it looked like it might be game over for the player. And we’re not talking about his actual game (which was cut short as he was helicoptered out to safety), but his life.

So why, after that brush with death, is Russell back to tempt fate again on Survivor: Philippines? “My wife is extremely worried,” Russell told while on location the day before filming began. “We had to have some long conversations about me coming back here.” But what was Russell’s reaction when he first got the call asking if he’d like to return? He shares his initial response in the video below, as well as his reasons for why he ultimately decided to come back. Just click on the video player to learn the method behind Russell’s madness. And for more Survivor news and views, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss. (P.S. DRINK WATER, RUSSELL! LOTS OF WATER!) READ FULL STORY

'Survivor: Philippines': Michael Skupin says he still has the fire to compete (no pun intended) -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Life can be cruel sometimes. In a position of power on a tribe with superior numbers with the merge closing in, Michael Skupin dozed off by the fire, severely burning both of his hands. That lead to him being helicoptered out of Survivor: The Australian Outback in 2001. Now, 11 years later, Skupin is finally getting another chance. But does the now-50-year-old still have what it takes? After all, his fellow Australian Outback castmate Colby Donaldson seemed far less dominant in his two follow-up appearances.

Skupin, who comes into the game looking as fit as a fiddle, claims he will once again be a physical powerhouse. “I still think I’m that 39-year-old guy, that 38 year old guy that played 22 seasons ago. I still think I’m that guy — just a smarter version.” (He means 23 seasons ago, but you get the point.)

To hear more from Skupin on why he’s ready to do some damage, click on the video player below. Speaking of damage, check out the in-game footage: Is that already a big cut on Skupin’s head? Can this guy ever not injure himself?! And for more Survivor news and views, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.


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