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Mayim Bialik will host TV Land's reboot of 'Candid Camera'

Don’t worry, your reaction isn’t being taped right now.

EW has learned that TV Land will announce at their Comic Con panel today that Emmy-nominee Mayim Bialik (The Big Bang Theory) will host Ben Silverman’s new version of Candid Camera alongside Peter Funt, the son of the show’s creator and host, Allen Funt. Silverman’s company Electus will co-produce with Peter Funt’s Candid Camera Inc, with Funt and Silverman serving as executive producers.


Exclusive: Watch the trailer for Bravo's first scripted series, 'Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce'


Bravo is adding a new group of Girlfriends to its ever-growing collection of Housewives.

The network will make its first foray into scripted television with the launch of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, a new original dramedy from showrunner Marti Noxon based on the book series by Vicki Iovine.

“When we saw Girlfriends’ Guide, we said this is the thing we’ve been waiting for,” explains development exec Lara Spotts, adding that Bravo has been slowly and deliberately trying to get into the scripted game for about four years. “Marti Noxon is such a fantastic writer, and her script was so funny and so real. She writes from such a place of truth that it felt like something very much in the zeitgeist. It’s hilarious, it’s set in a very Bravo-feeling world…it really checked so many of the boxes that we were looking for.” READ FULL STORY

Two filmmakers, one script: YouTube star Shane Dawson takes Starz challenge

In Starz’s competition series The Chair, two filmmakers are given the same script and the same budget—then challenged to make two different movies. YouTube star Shane Dawson is one of those directors. The trailer for his movie delivers just the sort of comedy his fans might expect, with sight gags aplenty. But Dawson also tells EW that he also tried moving away from his typical mode of comedy, using the feature film timeframe and budget to focus more on his characters.

Using a screenplay by Dan Schoffer titled How Soon is Now, Dawson’s take (which has been retitled Not Cool) follows a group of college students who return home for Thanksgiving. Dawson said that the film’s title comes from the experience he and many of his peers felt after leaving high school and realizing the rules of popularity don’t matter anymore. “The movie is about how important ‘being cool’ is when you’re in high school,” he said, “and the realization you have after you graduate that maybe it doesn’t matter that much anymore.”


'The Challenge': Talk to the (busted) hand -- EXCLUSIVE

Which injury will have greater consequences as The Challenge heads into its homestretch: Cara Maria’s fractured hand, or her seemingly irreparable rift with former bestie Laurel?

On the next episode of Free Agents, Cara returns to the Challenge house the morning after a physical elimination battle sent her to the hospital. Through tears, she frets over how her damaged middle finger (how appropriate!) could jeopardize her chances of making it to the final.

Soon enough, sadness morphs into anger as trash talk about Laurel (who just happens to be eavesdropping) heats up. The question is, once the Amazonian Laurel confronts Cara, will the punk pixie have to worry about more than just her hand getting hurt? Watch below.


'Adventure Time': New 'Fionna and Cake' episode! Meet Lumpy Space Prince -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Fionna and Cake are back! On June 26, Cartoon Network’s hit fantasy romp Adventure Time will once again feature gender-swapped versions of main characters Finn and Jake. Madeleine Martin and Roz Ryan are set to reprise their alterna-universe lead roles as girl-with-cool-hat Fionna and stretchy-cat Cake on June 26.

The episode focuses on Lumpy Space Prince, the mustached, XY-chromosomed version of Lumpy Space Princess. EW is excited to exclusively share the first clip of the episode, complete with an impressive new voice for everyone’s favorite purple ball of fluff.

Can you guess the guest-star behind Lumpy Space Prince? Hint: He’s British. Double hint: He’s been in British things. READ FULL STORY

'Brew Dogs': Watch a clip from the new season -- EXCLUSIVE


Raise your glass, because Brew Dogs is coming back for a second season.

The show follows Scottish renegades James Watt and Martin Dickie as they visit different American beer towns to celebrate craft beers and create their own locally-inspired drafts, including stops in Chicago, Las Vegas, and New Orleans. We’ve got an exclusive first look at the Las Vegas episode, in which James and Martin create the world’s most expensive brew. The key ingredient? Gold, which is scavenged from old computers and electronics they find at the scrap yard. Check it out after the jump.  READ FULL STORY

See the trailer for 'Rectify' season 2 -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s been exactly one year since the first season finale of Rectify, the powerful drama about a man released from death row into the wonders and terrors of the modern world. The show finally returns for a ten-episode second season on June 19 — but before then, EW is excited to share an exclusive trailer for the show’s return.

Mostly, the trailer promises more: More intra-family melodrama, more beautiful shots of the Southern naturescape, and more reasons to tell everyone that they have to start watching Rectify now. For now, watch the trailer: READ FULL STORY

'Girl Meets World': See the 'Boy Meets World' spinoff's opening credits -- EXCLUSIVE


We’re almost there, people.

In just five weeks, Girl Meets World — Disney Channel’s highly ridiculously anticipated Boy Meets World spinoff, which follows the trials and tribulations of Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga’s (Danielle Fishel) 12-year-old daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard) — will finally make its small screen debut. And we’ve got a taste of what to expect from the new show: Check below to find the upcoming sitcom’s opening credits, set to a bouncy tune called “Take On the World.” (Yes, the vocals come from stars Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter, who plays Riley’s Shawn Hunter-esque BFF — but that doesn’t mean either character is dying to be famous.)


'The Challenge': See how a wild night leads to a watch-your-back day

Looks like Jordan is set on making yet another enemy in the Challenge house.

After a crazy night out, the Free Agents fall guy cuddles with showmantic partner Laurel and reflects on a conflict brewing between him and one “unpredictable” competitor, whom Jordan accuses of being “caught up with playing the role of… tough guy.” So which vet has Jordan ticked off now? (Hint: He’s a heavy hitter… or puncher, as it were.)

Find out below — just after Jessica proves she’s even mouthier than we thought.


'The Challenge': Will Jordan be the new 'Free Agents' fall guy? -- VIDEO

The latest Free Agents finds big talker Jordan set up to take a fall.

In a team challenge, the former Real World: Portland roommate is quite literally hanging by a thread. (Or, you know, a ropes course, because this is The Challenge – where everything is super-macho-rawrrrrr.) Will an untimely plunge be a surefire ticket to the elimination round?

Watch to see whether Jordan can pull it together, and what Challenge sage Johnny Bananas has to say about it all. READ FULL STORY

New 'Challenge' promo: 'The stakes don't get any higher' as season 25 hits its back half -- VIDEO

Thursday sees the Free Agents on this Challenge get over the hump — but that doesn’t mean season 25 will be all downhill in its back half.

EW can exclusively premiere a new midseason supertease that, like any Challenge promo, has more than its fair share of blood, sweat, and tears. As Johnny Bananas foreshadows, “The stakes don’t get any higher.” Hook-ups will be up even hotter, the Challengers’ superhuman bodies will continue to crumble from overexertion, murder will be threatened, and let’s not neglect to point out that CT will claim that one of his competitors “would eat her own child if she was hungry.”

Who exactly is this she-cannibal causing even Chris “I punched a cactus” Tamburello quaking in his boots? Find out below. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': Another day, another middle-finger salute -- VIDEO

We can tell you how this week’s exclusive clip from The Challenge: Free Agents ends — with Jessica storming out of the room, her middle finger defiantly raised in the air.

But how did the former Real World: Portland roommate get to that breaking point? Or, as it were, who got Jessica bird-flippin’ mad? (Hint: It’s a guy.) And what could this fellow Challenger have possibly done to inspire her to call him “inadequate”? Click through to find out. READ FULL STORY

'The Challenge': Lives hang in the balance -- VIDEO

The upcoming episode of The Challenge presents a test with which the Free Agents will have to get on board — literally.

The Three Js — Jasmine, Jonna, and Jordan — must work together to create a moveable four-by-four path across a dangling course. Jordan surprises his competitors early on by nailing the timber test, but can he keep up the momentum? See for yourself in the video below: READ FULL STORY

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