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'Idol' Exit Interview: Runner-up Jena Irene on her name change, why she won't perform at prom -- VIDEO

Jena Irene may have been a wildcard pick by the judges to get into the top 13 on American Idol, but the 17-year-old rocker from Michigan quickly wowed and won the hearts of America to make it to this week’s finale. Though she didn’t claim the title, it was clear from our chat with Jena that she still has a lot more to do in this business. Well, right after she graduates high school.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling about the result?
JENA IRENE: I think the fact that I just got to perform and compete in the finale was all I could ask for. My goal was just to get to top 5 so to reach that and surpass that and be the runner up of American Idol, that’s just so awesome and I’m so grateful. READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: Alex Preston on how he made the music his own -- VIDEO

After three months of competition and 75,000 hopefuls, Alex Preston was voted out of American Idol on Thursday night, ending in third place for the singing competition’s 13th season. Touted as “The Most Popular Thing in New Hampshire,” Preston got a hometown celebration fit for a rock star before his elimination. EW talked to Alex about his time on the show: READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: Jessica Meuse on why 'American Idol' is 'The Hunger Games'

Jessica Meuse won’t get to go home as part of the traditional local celebration that greets the final three contestants on American Idol, but she will go home a winner in the minds of many fans back in Alabama after making it to the final four. EW talked to Jessica about her emotional night and why last week’s twist was unproductive, and the real reason she wore a braid that night. (Watch out, Katniss!) READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: Sam Woolf on the twist that almost saved him (again) -- VIDEO

An unexpected turn of events Thursday night took everyone by surprise on American Idol, when the final five contestants had the option to vote for everyone to stay one more week or have another singer go home as usual. Ultimately, Alex Preston and Jena Irene voted against the twist, and after being saved already by the judges earlier this season, Sam Woolf missed an opportunity to be saved again and was eliminated. EW talked to Woolf after the twist: READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: What was C.J. Harris going to sing next week? -- VIDEO

It was an emotional goodbye for C.J. Harris on Thursday night, as the 23-year-old Alabama native was the latest contestant voted off American Idol. Though he didn’t make the top five, Harris will spend the summer touring across the country with the American Idols Live! Tour, but first he’s just excited to get back home and spend some time with his son. EW was with C.J. after his elimination, and then he stopped by the offices Friday for a video interview. READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: Dexter Roberts is happy to get some sleep -- VIDEO


With the competition getting down to the wire, every American Idol performance counts. Unfortunately for the three finalists from Alabama who joined together for a trio performance, their “Compass” pointed Dexter Roberts and Jessica Meuse to the bottom — with Dexter not getting America’s vote. EW talked to the “lucky man” after his elimination. Plus, check out our video interview with Dexter to find out what he was planning to sing next week. READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: Malaya Watson on her emotional goodbye, J.Lo comparing her to Michael Jackson -- VIDEO

It was an emotional night on American Idol as Malaya Watson, the 16-year-old Michigan native firecracker, was the latest finalist voted out of the competition. Watson chose to sing a Chaka Kahn song for the ’80s night performances, but unlike her song choice “Through the Fire”, Malaya didn’t make it through the next round. Watson was joined in the bottom two by C.J. Harris, her duet partner the night before. EW sat down with an emotional Watson after her elimination. READ FULL STORY

'American Idol' exit interview: Majesty Rose talks tour, having her own kid's show -- VIDEO

Majesty Rose may have sung “Happy” on American Idol, but how is she feeling now that she’s been eliminated?

Rose is the latest finalist let go on Idol after a shaky performance of Florence and the Machine’s “Shake it Out” on Wednesday night. Rose was joined by Sam Woolf and C.J. Harris in the bottom three in a quick elimination. Though Jennifer Lopez said she thought one of the performers sounded better live than on TV, she wouldn’t reveal which of the bottom three she was referring to. Well, the judges once again didn’t use their save and EW talked to Majesty right after the elimination, as well as on camera in our offices Friday. READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: M.K. Nobilette talks to EW after fourth elimination


M.K. Nobilette’s less-than-perfect performance wasn’t a hit with America.

Nobilette was the fourth finalist voted off American Idol Thursday night after singing Pink’s “Perfect” during the Top 10’s performance night of Top 10 hits. M.K. Nobilette, Majesty Rose and Dexter Roberts rounded out the bottom three —  Majesty for the second week in a row, while M.K. hit the bottom for the third time this season. After an emotional goodbye from the judges, M.K. talked to EW after the elimination. READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: Ben Briley talks to EW after third elimination


Well, we know what Ben Briley won’t be doing this summer!

Briley missed out on this year’s top 10 and therefore, the annual summer tour. The bottom three featured two boys for the first time —  fan favorite Sam Woolf and a hatless Briley, along with a very brave Majesty Rose who tackled “Let it Go” from Frozen on this week’s cinema-themed night. Jennifer Lopez said the bottom three made sense to her based on their performances and only .07% separated Briley and Rose from the final elimination. EW talked to Briley right after his elimination about his new look and defending himself against the judges’ comments.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling?

BEN BRILEY: I’m fine. I’m ready to go home. I’m tired.

It looked like you were expecting some bad news tonight.

I was. I knew it was going to happen. I was expecting to be there. I knew I was going to be in the bottom three because I had a weak performance [Wednesday] night, and I knew I could do better than that. I just wanted to show people that I could do something different and that didn’t pay off and that’s fine, it doesn’t matter. Musicians don’t prepare for one show a week only, week-to-week and then don’t have to do it again. Real musicians don’t have to worry about that. I’m ready to get this show behind me and start making my own music. READ FULL STORY

'Idol' Exit Interview: Emily Piriz talks to EW after second elimination

America did not get loud for Emily Piriz.

The 18-year-old Florida native was the second finalist sent home by America’s vote on American Idol. Piriz sang “Let’s Get Loud” by judge Jennifer Lopez on Wednesday night’s “Home” themed show. Though Lopez liked the performance, Piriz still got the boot. For the second week in a row, the bottom three was a girl’s club with MK Nobilette and Jena Irene joining Piriz in “the most hated stools in television,” as host Ryan Seacrest noted. EW talked to Emily Piriz right after the elimination to see how she feels.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling?
EMILY PIRIZ: I’m okay. This has been an incredible experience and everyone there is amazing and deserves to win, so it’s okay.

What was going through your mind after you were the first one sent into the bottom three?
I was a little nervous. I was like, ‘Okay, now let me think of my song and practice a little in my head just in case.’ I got nervous, but I wasn’t trying to put my hopes up too high before the show started so that whatever happens, happens.


'Idol' exit interview: First eliminated contestant of the season speaks

Well, the first cut is the deepest.

That’s probably what Kristen O’Connor is telling herself this morning after being the first contestant eliminated on the 13th season of American Idol. The young beauty sang a Kelly Clarkson song on Wednesday night, but her time on the Idol stage won’t get the same happy ending.



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