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CBS renews 'Under the Dome' and 'Extant,' cancels 'Reckless'

CBS is sticking with its sci-fi series. The network has renewed Under the Dome and Extant, EW has learned. Additionally, freshman drama Reckless has been canceled. There’s no decision yet on the fate of Unforgettable.


Halle Berry teams with 'House' producer on CBS medical drama

CBS has given a script commitment to a medical drama from Halle Berry and House executive producer Katie Jacobs, EW has confirmed.


Halle Berry makes a deal with a creepy robot in 'Extant' clip

Secrets, secrets, are no fun… unless they’re shared between a mysteriously pregnant astronaut and her possibly murderous android son.

That’s the main gist of this exclusive sneak peek at the next episode of CBS’s spooky sci-fi drama Extant, starring Halle Berry as the astronaut (who may have been impregnated by… a space ghost?!) and Pierce Gagnon as Ethan, the boy robot. It also includes a handy explanation of natural selection, delivered by a ‘bot who’s several orders of magnitude less creepy than Ethan is. READ FULL STORY

'Extant': Halle Berry doesn't know what she did last summer (in space)

ex·tant [ˈekstənt,ekˈstant/ ]

1. (especially of a document) still in existence; surviving.

There, now you’ll be the talk of the office at the water cooler tomorrow.

Much of this summer’s TV buzz has circulated around Extant, the Halle Berry sci-fi vehicle premiering July 9 on CBS. With the heft of Steven Spielberg on board as producer and the summer’s eeriest premise, the thriller promised to be a gleaming light of television narrative and originality during what can be typically the trashiest weeks of TV. So, now that we’ve blasted off into space with Berry—how did it do?

It appears that CBS may have scored on its gamble with Extant, a mostly compelling and categorically original story that’s part conspiracy thriller, part family drama, and part cautionary technology tale (most likely). It’s that last bit—addressing our growing curiosity with human-robot relationships and our increasingly divergent opinions about the nature of the future—that’ll likely prove to be one of the more interesting elements of Extant, which takes place in a near future with plenty of fun gadgets reminiscent of technologically prescient films like Her or Minority Report.

Extant’s premise sounds easy enough—Molly, an astronaut who spent 13 months on a solo mission in space, struggles to reconnect with her husband (Goran Visnjic) and son Ethan (Pierce Gagnon). Oh, and Ethan happens to be a robot. And Molly happens to be pregnant, despite spending a year alone. And there may or may not be aliens, fake suicides, hallucinations, government and corporate conspiracies, and a systematic product roll-out of robotic children who yearn for soft, warm, human flesh touch.

Sure, Extant poses some lofty philosophical questions about human souls and science, but that’s not why you’re here this summer. It’s Berry, and she is in fine form as Molly, an unreliable heroine who perhaps doesn’t even comprehend the information she’s intent on withholding. Berry nails the role of detached wife and mother, but the real gem of the performance is when Berry balances Molly’s frustration and “I’m pregnant!?” disbelief with an undertone of deceitful self-awareness that makes her a fully-formed character of clashing motives.

Perhaps it’s simply the case of being a loaded pilot, but Extant managed to pack a whopping number of story lines into its hour premiere. Let’s dive in: READ FULL STORY

Steven Spielberg talks about 'Extant' and your future

Halle Berry isn’t the only high-profile get in Extant, CBS’ futuristic drama about an astronaut who returns pregnant after a year-long mission in space. The drama is produced by Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment. Here, Spielberg talks about discovering the script, and the drama’s futuristic elements that aren’t entirely out of the realm of possibility, before the show premieres tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When you read the script for Extant, was your first thought, “Hey! Mickey Fisher bogarted parts of A.I. and Minority Report!
No, not really. My first thought was what a tremendous concept for a series about a woman who discovers that her baby isn’t her own and then goes in search of the truth and what part of that offspring belongs to her genetically. The subplot and the other characters were really compelling to me. I never thought it was any kind of homage to my other science-fiction movies. I was really, really pulled into Molly’s story and her relationship with her husband and what happens when you get pregnant and have to come home and you don’t know who the father is or what the father is. READ FULL STORY

Why Halle Berry was drawn to 'Extant' and that (alien?) baby

On Wednesday, Halle Berry will make her TV comeback in Extant, a new futuristic drama on CBS about a married astronaut who returns to earth pregnant after a year-long mission in space. Here, Berry (whose first acting jobs were in old TV shows like Living Dolls and Knot’s Landing) talks about her character and that thing growing in her character’s belly.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Talk about when you first discovered the script for Extant.
The minute I started to read it, I couldn’t put it down. Every step of the way, as I read that script, I thought, wow. This is different, it’s innovative, it’s got a strong female character. I want to do this. This was a complicated woman, a complicated family. Who is a woman who goes away to space for a year and leaves her husband? Who is a woman who comes back pregnant and tries to handle it somehow on her own? READ FULL STORY

Watch Halle Berry's steamy space encounter in 'Extant' -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The creepy mysteries come fast and furious in Extant, CBS’ new sci-fi drama from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV, premiering July 9. Exhibit A: Marcus (Sergio Harford), the handsome ex-lover of Molly Woods (Halle Berry), unexpectedly shows up during her year-long solo space mission.

The series begins with the news that Molly came back from space pregnant–the question is how. Is Marcus the father? And how did he show up in space? And is he actually…human? Watch an exclusive clip below: READ FULL STORY

Malia Obama works as a production assistant on new CBS show 'Extant'

Her dad might be the leader of the free world, but that hasn’t stopped Malia Obama from chasing her dreams. And most recently, she followed those dreams to the set of Halle Berry’s new show, Extant.

According to The Wrap, Malia Obama spent a day on the set of Extant working as a production assistant, even helping the director slate a take on the show that follows Molly (Berry), an astronaut who returns home to learn that her experiences in space will alter her experience on Earth — along with those of every other human being.

How Malia got the gig or whether she plans to return are yet to be determined. CBS has not yet responded to EW’s request for comment.

Extant is set to premiere Wednesday, July 2 on CBS.

Spielberg/Halle Berry series 'Extant' gets mysterious trailer -- VIDEO

What, exactly, is Extant? According to the dictionary, it’s an adjective meaning “still in existence” or “the opposite of extinct.” According to CBS, it’s a method by which Oscar winners are lured to network television. And according to the following 25-second teaser, it’s a mysterious upcoming drama about mitosis, flowers, creepy children’s laughter, and the entirety of the human condition… or something.


Camryn Manheim joins Steven Spielberg's 'Extant'

Camryn Manheim has been cast as a series regular in Extant, the forthcoming futuristic drama from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television.

The Practice alum is set to play the role of Molly’s best friend Sam Barton. Main character Molly will be played by Halle Berry, who joined the show in October.

Set to premiere this summer, Extant is a serialized drama about a female astronaut (Berry) who is trying to reconnect with her family after returning after a year in outer space but soon learns that her experiences will “change the course of human history.”

Manheim’s other credits include Person of Interest, Ghost Whisperer, and Ally McBeal.

Halle Berry coming to TV in Steven Spielberg-produced drama 'Extant'

Television is the new movies.

CBS announced today that Oscar-winner Halle Berry will star in the upcoming new drama Extant. The Steven Spielberg-produced show has already received a straight-to-series order and will begin airing next summer.

The network describes Berry’s role as “an astronaut who returns home from a year-long solo mission in space and tries to reconnect with her husband and son in their everyday life.  Her experiences in space and home lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history.”


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