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100 most-watched shows on broadcast TV

With the year almost over, it’s time to take stock over what shows brought the most viewers — and which ones didn’t. The No. 1 show shouldn’t surprise you (who can deny the power of Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly?) but it’s nice to see a newbie in the Top 10 (way to go, James Spader!).

Here are the Top 100 most-watched shows of the fall. (Survey dates are from Sept. 23 to Dec. 15). Remember, Persons 2+ isn’t the coveted advertiser demo, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have a show that millions upon millions like to watch. READ FULL STORY

Capsule TV Reviews: Give These Shows a Second Chance


We weren’t so sure about this crop of five new fall series — but to our surprise, they’ve ripened quite nicely.

When they debuted, we thought we might hate them. The ditzy blondes. The malevolent horsemen. The cranked-up-to-11 scenes of Robin Williams’ improv. But as these fall TV series we doubted developed beyond their pilot episodes, they began to grow on us: We laughed at uterus jokes and rooted for telekinetically gifted teens. Here’s what changed our minds. READ FULL STORY

'Doctor Who': Check out a new webisode with some old enemies -- VIDEO

Following last week’s “The Night of the Doctor” webisode the BBC has released to iTunes another mini-tale ahead of this Saturday’s 50th-anniversary special show. The new story — ominously titled “The Last Day” — doesn’t feature the Doctor himself but does boast some familiar faces. Did I say “faces”? That may not have been quite the word I was looking for.

'Doctor Who' shocker! Ex-Time Lord actor reprises role in 50th anniversary minisode -- VIDEO

Are you a fan of Doctor Who? Then you need to stop what you’re doing  — be it driving a car, flying a plane, or talking about how you didn’t sexually harass a member of your mayoral staff — and watch the just-released video below, which contains a big surprise and sets up the forthcoming 50th anniversary special show, which debuts November 23.

I’ll say no more, except that it does indeed feature a surprise appearance by a former Time Lord actor and…Argh, I’ve said too much already!

Fall TV's 7 flops: What went wrong?

They’re the Unlucky 7: New broadcast shows that have tanked in the ratings. They’re not the only freshman flops this fall, but these are the seven with the most creatively intriguing face-plants. Most are still on the air and could improve — perhaps even go on to lead long healthy lives. Yet none are currently delivering numbers that are likely to earn a second season. From NBC’s The Michael J. Fox Show to ABC’s Betrayal, here’s our list of seven deadly snores. Starting with … READ FULL STORY

'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary show to be screened in more than 300 theaters

This November’s Doctor Who 50th anniversary show really will be bigger on the inside — the inside of cinemas, anyway. BBC America announced today that on Nov. 23, the 75 minute-long “The Day of the Doctor” will be screened in theaters in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, and Minneapolis at the same time the special is being simulcast around the world. The screenings will be 3-D with tickets going on sale Oct. 25, 2013 at 9:00 a.m. ET. READ FULL STORY

'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special: First-look photos

The simulcast of the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special show “Day of the Doctor” is now just over a month away — unless, of course, you’ve popped ahead in your TARDIS to the future (in which case, NO SPOILERS!) Regardless, the BBC has just released the first batch of photos from the show, which feature current Doctor Matt Smith, former Doctor David Tennant, “mystery” Doctor John Hurt, Jenna Coleman, and Jemma Redgrave who plays the Brigadier’s daughter Kate Stewart.


NBC orders full season of 'The Blacklist'

Cross this one off your “will it last?” list.

NBC announced Friday that it has ordered nine more episodes of The Blacklist, the twisty “villain catching villains” procedural starring James Spader. The network had previously ordered 13 episodes of the drama; with this, it has committed to a full 22-episode season.

“The many layers of Red Reddington and his mysterious reasons for getting into bed with the FBI seem to be fascinating to fans of this show,” NBC Entertainment president Salke said in a press release. “With great talent like James Spader and Megan Boone on board, as well our stellar executive producers and the whole cast and crew, we believe this outstanding series will continue to make NBC a big destination on Monday nights.”

The big lead-in theory: Fall TV time slots trumping buzz


So far, nearly every new show with big ratings this fall has something in common: An even bigger show airing right before it.

CBS’ The Crazy Ones and The Millers, NBC’s The Blacklist, ABC’s The Goldbergs and Super Fun Night were not the fall’s most buzzy titles and only The Blacklist averaged firmly positive reviews, according to Metacritic. But along with the sophomore season of NBC’s Chicago Fire, these shows have generated some of the best ratings we’ve seen so far this season while standing comfortably in the shadow of even larger lead-ins.

Crazy Ones and Millers had massive Big Bang Theory support, Blacklist and Chicago Fire benefited hugely from The Voice, Super Fun Night had back-up from Modern Family and Goldbergs is coming out of top-rated new drama Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — which was one of only two new shows at this point to really notably break out without the benefit of a larger opening act (the other is Fox’s Sleepy Hollow, which has a lead-in from Bones). READ FULL STORY

'Doctor Who': BBC America to simulcast 50th anniversary show

Couches of the world, prepare for young Doctor Who fans around the globe to hide behind you next month — all at the same time. The BBC announced today that on Nov. 23 it will simulcast the beloved science fiction show’s special 50th anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor,” in at least 75 countries, including the U.S., where it will be shown on BBC America. Meanwhile, details of 3-D screenings in select cinemas here will be announced in the coming weeks.

Which new TV show will be canceled first?

Who will be the chosen one?

We’re smack in the middle of the fall TV launch rush. Each show is birthed with the bright shining hope of lasting for five years on the air, or perhaps even more, followed by a luxuriant and lucrative after-life in syndication. Only a few will be lucky to survive to the end of the season. And just one will infamously become the First Cancelled Show of the Fall. Anybody remember which title first blinked off the grid last year? … Nope, not Fox’s The Mob Doctor. It was CBS’ Made In Jersey.

Vote below in our poll. There’s also the fall schedule for advanced players who want to take into account a show’s competition and lead-in. Since I don’t want to skew the post, I’m putting my guess on my Twitter feed. READ FULL STORY

'Two and a Half Men': Amber Tamblyn describes the scary part of filming sitcoms, Ashton Kutcher's nipples, and more

Amber Tamblyn is no stranger to the realm of TV, but this time she’s in uncharted territory: sitcoms. Known for her roles in dramas such as Joan of Arcadia and House, Tamblyn is set to guest star in a five-episode arc — with the possibility of a recurring role — on the upcoming 11th season of Two and a Half Men. With her first-ever sitcom appearance airing tonight, Tamblyn spoke with Entertainment Weekly about portraying the previously unknown daughter of Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen), as well as more ventures on the horizon.

Fall TV: Our critic's take on 'Hostages,' 'Almost Human,' more new shows -- VIDEO

EW television critic Jeff Jensen calls Hostages on CBS a “compelling thriller” and has a theory he can’t wait to share about Karl Urban’s role in the new Fox show Almost Human.

Check out his take on these shows, plus The Blacklist starring James Spader, Anna Faris’ edgy comedy Mom, and more in the video below.

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