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Most (and least) watched shows of fall -- UPDATED


Now that we’re in rerun hell, it’s high time to take stock of what we liked (and loathed) from September to December. Below is a list of every network show and how many viewers each one averaged.

While these numbers aren’t a key piece of the puzzle for the broadcast nets when they are setting ad rates and deciding whether to renew a series, they definitely help to tell a story of a program’s true popularity.*


Fall 2011-12 rankings: What's a hit, what's a bomb

UPDATED: Why is Whitney still on but Prime Suspect is about to wrap? How can Last Man Standing survive but How to Be a Gentleman can’t?

You’re about to get your answer.

Here is the season-to-date ranking for all the broadcast network shows through Week 8 of the 2011-12 season. Since advertisers (and the networks, whenever it suits them) salivate over adult viewers between the ages of 18-49, we’re listing which shows fared the best (and the worst) in the key demographic.

Note to anyone who ventures past No. 89: It gets pretty depressing from there so tread lightly, CW fans. (And a show that appears in red means it’s been canceled). READ FULL STORY

Justin Long talks 'New Girl' stint, being adorkable, and the funniest sex scene he's ever filmed

Aren’t you just always happy to see Justin Long? He just seems so nice and funny and the kind of guy you wouldn’t mind sitting next to on a long, turbulent plane ride. Anyway, tonight he begins his New Girl arc as Paul Gunslinger, a teacher who works at the same school where Zooey Deschanel’s Jess teaches. No shocker, he’s both nice and funny.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Did you have to familiarize yourself with the word ‘adorkable’ before you started this gig?
JUSTIN LONG: I was unfamiliar with that word before the litany of billboards that I came across. My friend Addison claims her mother created the word, actually. READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Writer Robert Kirkman talks about tonight's episode, 'Chupacabra'

The most recent episode of AMC’s zombie show The Walking Dead was notable for the unexpected appearance by a legendary, terrifying beast whose regular diet probably includes recently slain, uncooked woodland creatures .


Death Watch 2011: Fall TV Survival Status Week 7

UPDATED: We skipped last week to focus on the fate of returning shows, but now we’re back to run down the odds of all the new series surviving past the holidays.

What has changed in the last two weeks? Once upon a time, two networks premiered two shows about fairy tales. One of the dramas premiered on Sunday, debuted to really big numbers and managed to keep all its new friends around for week 2. The other show bowed in a haunted swamp called Friday where it still managed to find some followers.

Here are the latest, season-to-date averages including DVR playback among adults 18-49 (the demographic of most concern to advertisers). Who will get a lump of coal for Christmas? READ FULL STORY

'Project Runway' season 9 winner: 'I did not anticipate creating such great friendships out of a competition'

SPOILER ALERT! Click below if you want to hear from not only the winner of this season of Project Runway, but the official “fan favorite”:  READ FULL STORY

Death Watch 2011: Fall TV Survival Status Week 5

UPDATED: So far, so predictable: All the shows that have been pink-slipped were pretty much expected. (Across the nation, scores of TV critics are crowing “we told you so!”) Now comes the really tough decisions: Some new (and old) shows are still posting ratings south of a 2.0 rating (here’s looking at you, Prime Suspect), but at what point does a network start to hit bone when it makes so many painful cuts?

Let’s look at the latest, season-to-date averages in adults 18-49, the demographic of most concern to advertisers. (Note: We’ve included the averages for the shows that have already earned full-season orders. Yeah, we’re scratching our heads at some of those CW pickups, too). READ FULL STORY

'Glee' scoop: Chord Overstreet in negotiations to return


Chord Overstreet’s character Sam has been MIA from this season of Glee so far, but there’s a good chance that will change in the coming months: EW has confirmed that Overstreet is in negotiations to return as Sam, a.k.a. “Trouty Mouth,” later this year on the Fox hit. (TV Line first reported the news.)

The hope would be for him to do a handful of episodes and then potentially recur. Sam’s departure was explained in the season three premiere by his father getting a job in another town. But the big question is what this will mean for Amber Riley’s Mercedes, who began dating Sam in the season 2 finale but now has a new boyfriend. Meanwhile, a rep for studio 20th Century Fox would not confirm the news.

Follow Tim on Twitter: @EWTimStack

Read more:
Chord Overstreet not returning to ‘Glee’ as series regular
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‘Glee Project’ winner Damian McGinty gets roughed up on ‘Glee’ — EXCLUSIVE

How a 'House' call put Charlyne Yi's soul-seeking plans on hold

Not long before she was scheduled to get on a plane to Sri Lanka, a call from House executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs put Charlyene Yi’s plans to visit orphanages on hold. The irony has not escaped her.

“I was like ‘I don’t know if I should take this job because I was soul-seeking and trying to do something meaningful,’” she said. “But I realized I’d be broke if I left and went for that Sri Lanka trip. And I thought if I took this job — aside from being interesting and an awesome opportunity — I could use that money I got pretending to help people and help people in real life. I thought that’d be really fun.” READ FULL STORY

Sneak peek at 'Six Days To Air: The Making Of South Park' documentary -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

When EW recently spoke with Trey Parker and Matt Stone about the new documentary Six Days To Air: The Making Of South Park, the pair promised that the film would be a relatively sober affair. “It’s about the making of the show,” said Stone. “It’s not a documentary that’s going to be like, ‘Oh my god, here’s Matt taking a p—.’”


'Suburgatory': Watch the new opening credits -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Opening credits are an unfortunately dying practice in the world of television, so I’m glad that one of my favorite new shows of the season, Suburgatory, had made the effort to whip some together, even if they’re only 10 seconds. In the new credits, airing tonight, we get to see quick flashes of Tessa and George’s life in New York City — and, most importantly, Jeremy Sisto in a “Kiss the cook” apron.

Take a look below!  READ FULL STORY

'2 Broke Girls' picked up for full season

Expected, yet still welcome news: CBS’ 2 Broke Girls is getting some job security, landing a full-season order.

The Monday night comedy has been flying high as part of the network’s comedy block. The most recent episode averaged 11.5 million viewers and a 4.5 adult demo rating, matching its How I Met Your Mother lead-in. New comedies this fall so far are definitely getting the network love over dramas, with Fox picking up New Girl and NBC ordering more Whitney and Up All Night. No freshman drama, however, has yet to receive a full season.

Death Watch 2011: Survival status of all the fall shows

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