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'Family Guy': Maya Rudolph and Glenn Howerton to guest in episode -- EXCLUSIVE

Family Guy has recruited two familiar TV voices for an upcoming episode, and those voices belong to Maya Rudolph and Glenn Howerton. Rudolph, a veteran of SNL and Up All Night, will assume the role of an avid runner who catches Brian’s eye. To win her over, he pretends to be a fellow jogger. “After Brian experiences the ‘runner’s high’, he becomes a distance running douche, and even signs himself up to run a marathon,” Family Guy executive producer Steve Callaghan tells EW. READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy': Details on Cleveland's return

When The Cleveland Show wasn’t renewed in the spring, Family Guy fans wondered when and how Cleveland might make his return to his original home.

At Comic-Con in July, it was revealed that after spending the last four seasons in Stoolbend headlining his own animated comedy, the genial, mustachioed character would journey back to Quahog in an episode this season titled “He’s Bla-ack.” Now, more details about his homecoming have emerged. Family Guy executive producer Steve Callaghan says that the plan is to fully reintegrate Cleveland into Family Guy by moving him into his old house on Spooner Street with his blended family from The Cleveland Show (including Donna, Roberta, Cleveland Jr., and Rallo). While Cleveland will buddy up again with Peter, Quagmire, and Joe, he’ll have some some obstacles to overcome in his welcome-back episode: When a conflict arises between Lois and Cleveland’s wife, Donna, the two women inform their husbands that they can’t be friends anymore either. “It’s up to Cleveland and Peter to reconcile the women and see a way to allow these two guys to be friends again,” Callaghan tells EW.

'The Simpsons,' 'Family Guy' doing crossover episode

The Simpsons are going to spend some quality time with the Griffins: In a crossover episode titled “The Simpsons Guy,” Homer & Co. will be featured in an episode of Family Guy, EW has learned. READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy' takes on 'Girls' in Emmy ad


The envelope-pushing, please: In what has become an annual tradition, Family Guy has gone to great/outrageous lengths to grab the attention of Emmy voters. Last year, the animated show’s for-your-consideration ad took a shot at the Academy’s “bloated, overprivileged Brentwood Jews,” and a few years before that, it tried the heartstring-pulling “Vote for us or you’re racist” approach with a Precious parody.

This year, the Academy itself is not in Family Guy‘s comedy crosshairs, but Girls is. Peter & Co. spoof the HBO comedy’s iconic four-women-crowded-onto-a-sofa poster and top it off with a family-unfriendly tagline, which is a naughty nod to Adam Driver’s controversial sex scene.

'Family Guy': Conan O'Brien to guest star -- EXCLUSIVE

Conan O’Brien may have been a writer on The Simpsons, but he’s getting animated on a different Sunday-night Fox comedy:  The late-night talk show host will lend his voice to an upcoming episode of Family Guy. READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons' finale: Seth MacFarlane sings Sinatra, hits on Marge -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Who’s trying to come between Homer and Marge in the season finale of The Simpsons? Sounds like Seth MacFarlane. The Family Guy creator/masterthroat will voice the role of Ben, a charmer who makes a play for Marge after she obliviously winds up on a Ashley Madison-type website. Will Marge be able to get the Sinatra-crooning Ben out of her mind? Check out the following clip. READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons': Seth MacFarlane episode will now air as season finale on May 19 -- EXCLUSIVE IMAGES

The season 24 finale of The Simpsons will feature a voice that might be a little familiar to viewers of Fox’s other animated shows: Seth MacFarlane.

Yes, the guy behind Family Guy (as well as American Dad and The Cleveland Show) will try to make a romantic connection with Marge on the May 19 episode titled “Dangers on a Train.” In the 8:30 p.m. episode — which was originally slated to air as the season 25 premiere — Homer’s wife winds up accidentally on a website for married people to arrange affairs and crosses paths with a smooth operator named Ben (MacFarlane). You can see Ben in full-charm mode with Marge below, which apparently doesn’t sit well with Homer. READ FULL STORY

'Downton Abbey' star Michelle Dockery to guest on 'Family Guy' -- EXCLUSIVE

Every time that Peter Griffin has burped, farted, or otherwise acted boorishly on Family Guy is about to be evened out with one classy casting move: Downton Abbey star Michelle Dockery will lend her voice to the animated Fox comedy. READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy' Boston Marathon bombing clip is an Internet hoax


A clip purporting to be from a March 17 episode of Fox’s animated comedy Family Guy was edited to suggest the show depicted the bombing of the Boston Marathon, representatives for the show have confirmed to EW.

“The edited Family Guy clip currently circulating is abhorrent. The event was a crime and a tragedy, and my thoughts are with the victims,” show creator Seth Macfarlane tweeted today. READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy' meets 'American Dad' meets... 'King of the Hill'? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Worlds are going to collide this week on Family Guy when Lois and Peter are joined in the bedroom… by Hank Hill. And we’ll tell you whut: Sunday’s episode (Fox, 9 p.m.) not only blends the universes of Family Guy and King of the Hill, it also tosses American Dad into the mix, and features opening credits in the style of King of the Hill. Check out the clip below and then read the backstory of this dream crossover. READ FULL STORY

'Family Guy': See Sunday's 'Monty Python' opening credits -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

And now for something completely different than the normal Family Guy intro: The beginning of Sunday’s episode will pay homage to Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Yes, the animated Fox series has hijacked one of the beloved British sketch comedy’s opening credits sequences and given it a Griffin twist. (Family Guy, of course, has a history of reimagining TV show and movie opening credits, including those from The Incredible Hulk, Law & Order, and The Naked Gun.) READ FULL STORY

Fox to air preempted 'Family Guy' episode Sunday

An episode of Family Guy that was scheduled to air last weekend but pulled following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn. will air this Sunday, EW has confirmed.

Last weekend, Fox decided to pull the episode titled “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph” in wake of the shooting to avoid running potentially sensitive content.

The same reasoning also led to the preemption of an American Dad episode titled “Minstrel Krampus.” However, that episode, which reportedly contains gun violence, has not been rescheduled.

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Fox pulls new episodes of 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad' after shooting

FOX has decided to pull new episodes of Family Guy and American Dad, which were scheduled to air Sunday, in light of yesterday’s tragic shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

It is understood that the network decided not to air the episodes, titled “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” and “Minstrel Krampus,” to avoid running potentially sensitive content.

Yesterday, Syfy made a similar move when it pulled a new episode of Haven that featured fictitious high school violence.

The episodes of Family Guy and American Dad will be replaced by repeats of “Grumpy Old Man” and “Wheels & The Legman and The Case of Grandpa’s Key,” respectively, according to The Futon Critic.

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