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Key art for new Thandie Newton drama 'Rogue' -- PHOTOS

DirecTV will finally launch its first original series Rogue in April that stars Thandie Newton (ER) as a emotionally-conflicted undercover detective named Grace who thinks her actions contributed to her son’s death. She’s also carrying on a “forbidden relationship” with a sexy crime boss (The Bourne Supremacy’s Marton Csokas) who may have had a hand in the kiddo’s offing. Oh my.

Here’s a look see at the show’s key art: READ FULL STORY

'Young and the Restless': See Victor and Nikki wedding photo

Say what you will about Victor (and we’ve all said a lot), but the ol’ boy definitely knows who is best for him — Nikki. Beginning March 18, the on- and off- again couple from CBS’ The Young and the Restless will be on again for their second third fourth wedding (though wasn’t that one illegal?) that’s guaranteed to feature a few surprises.

EW nabbed this sneak peek of the ad promoting the “killer” nuptials: READ FULL STORY

'Shark Tank': Entrepreneur peddles cruel (looking) shoes -- VIDEO

On Friday’s episode of Shark Tank on ABC, a budding entrepreneur with a gnarly twang pitches an unattractive women’s shoe that features a changeable sole — all for the not-so-reasonable price of $200. “Push, slide and snap!” Jessica promises, “it’s that easy.”

But is it that profitable? Decide for yourself:


'Young and the Restless': Shemar Moore pays tribute -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Shemar Moore’s too busy to stage a Genoa City comeback but the former star of The Young and the Restless did take time away from Criminal Minds to pay tribute to the 40-year-old sudser that got him where he is today.

Here’s a first look at one of many anniversary promos that will begin airing next week on CBS. READ FULL STORY

'CSI': What is sad Sara waiting for? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Why so sad, Sara?

In Wednesday’s episode of CSI on CBS, Sara (Jorja Fox) will deal with her long-distance marriage with Gil (William Petersen) in an episode titled “Forget Me Not.”

“The implication is that they have been having a sort of beautiful … if not stuck … romantic, long-distance marriage,” Fox tells EW exclusively. “He’s been on the move, leading his nomadic life. But there comes a time when you can’t leave a pivotal story suspended forever. All these characters around her are enjoying flirtations and romances. Sara is too young to sleep alone!”

Does that mean she doesn’t want Gil anymore? Fox is predictably coy, though she admits there are still plenty of fans out there who want Petersen, who was last seen on the show via a Skype conversation in 2011, to return. “When I go out in the world, people continue to ask when Grissom is coming back. It’s extraordinary,” she tells EW. “You never really know, which is true. We labored so intensely over the Sara and Grissom arc from seasons 3 to 8 and we never really imagined there would be a season 13. And here we are with the opportunity to open a new chapter that we never thought we were going to get. Along with the darkness and violence, somewhere there is love and peace.”

But will that be the case for Sara? See for yourself. READ FULL STORY

'The New Normal': See 9 year-old Shania dressed up as the Dowager Countess -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Bebe Wood, who plays Goldie’s precocious daughter Shania on NBC’s The New Normal, is building an impressive resume of impersonations thanks to her role on the sitcom. Shania has already channeled Little Edie from Grey Gardens, Cher, and even Honey Boo Boo. Now, in tonight’s brand new episode of Normal, she takes on one of TV’s most-discussed characters: Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess from Downton Abbey. EW has an exclusive first look at the young actress dressing up like the beloved character.

Turns out, Wood is a huge fan of the British hit. “It’s my favorite show ever,” exclaims the 11-year old, who tonight also does Smith’s Mother Superior (Sister Act) and Professor McGonagall (Harry Potter). “I was on the red carpet for the People’s Choice Awards and they said, ‘What’s your favorite TV show?’ and I said, ‘Downton Abbey!’ Then the writers wrote the script that night and sent it to me but they hadn’t even had seen the interview!” Wood used a dialect coach and repeat viewings of Abbey to nail the impersonation. Click below for the finished result. READ FULL STORY

'General Hospital': Laura and Scotty are back! -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

The 50th anniversary really kicks into high gear this Monday when Genie Francis returns to General Hospital on ABC. The icing on the cake continues on Feb. 19, when Kin Shriner will reprise his role as Scotty.


EW obtained these exclusive first looks of the actors — back where they belong in Port Charles.


Image Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo': No 'apprehensum' about skating! -- VIDEO

From this week’s postcards from the edge of hell, the Honey Boo Boo clan not only ice skates but shares a new, previously undocumented language that includes gems as “apprehensum,” “apstamentical,” and “theirself.” And once again, this Thompson Family special titled A Very Boo Christmas will probably result in another ratings bonanza for TLC. READ FULL STORY

'CSI': See Mac and D.B. finally meet -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Just so you know, Mac and D.B. met before — at some work shindig, where somebody covered Freddy Mercury with a karaoke machine, which prompted a local to hurl chicken wings.

But for the purposes of the CSI and CSI: New York fans, this will be the first time Mac (Gary Sinise) and D.B. (Ted Danson) meet on camera. Here’s a sneak peek of the crossover episode that starts on CSI tomorrow at 10 p.m. and ends on CSI: NY this Friday. READ FULL STORY

'Vampire Diaries' goes 'Into the Wild' -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK

The race for the cure leads the three teams to an island off the coast of Nova Scotia in the Feb. 7 episode of The Vampire Diaries, appropriately titled Into the Wild since, in our exclusive first look photos below, Shane (David Alpay) is seen offering Damon sunscreen and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is brandishing a machete. Is Professor Shadypants leading them into a trap? Click on the images for larger versions. READ FULL STORY

'Nashville': Rayna to cross paths with Chris Young and Brantley Gilbert -- EXCLUSIVE

On next week’s episode of Nashville, Rayna (Connie Britton) and Juliette (Hayden Panettierre) will celebrate the surprise success of their no-good-man anthem “Wrong Song” at a party thrown by their label, Edgehill Records.

While there, Rayna bumps into two real-life country stars, Chris Young and Brantley Gilbert, the latest artists to make cameos on the twangy drama. (See a bigger photo of the stars on set HERE) “It was pretty true to life since I’d had a number one and Neon CD release party at the very same location where our scene was shot,” Young tells EW. “And really, who doesn’t jump at the chance to meet Connie Britton?” Hey, the man’s got a point.

Catch Gilbert, Young, and a whole lot of catty drama between Rayna and Juliette when the episode airs on January 23 on ABC.

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'CSI': Gil Grissom comes a-calling (sort of) -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Is an old friend headed back to the CSI offices?

In this exclusive preview of Wednesday’s original episode of CBS’ CSI, Gil Grissom wants to talk to Sara — but she’s not inclined to oblige her man. Yikes; looks like distance hasn’t managed to make the heart grow fonder. READ FULL STORY

BBC America puts first three minutes of 'Ripper Street' on YouTube -- VIDEO

Good news for Anglophiles who aren’t satisfied by new episodes of Downton Abbey alone: This Saturday, BBC America will premiere a new period miniseries called Ripper Street.

The show is set in London’s infamously seedy East End in 1889, six months after the last documented Jack the Ripper murder. When another prostitute is found dead — er, ripped — a pair of detectives played by Matthew Macfadyen (Mr. Darcy!) and Jerome Flynn find themselves wondering if the killer is up to his old tricks.

Here’s the first three minutes of the miniseries, courtesy of BBC America. Think it’ll be enough to tide you over between Downton viewings — and until Sherlock finally returns?


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