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'The Simpsons' pokes fun at Karl Rove's election night behavior

Breathe easy, Fox News — you weren’t explicitly singled out for mockery on this week’s post-election episode of The Simpsons. Karl Rove, on the other hand, wasn’t quite so lucky.

Fox’s long-running comedy mocked the Republican strategist last night with a chalkboard gag that alluded to Rove’s election night meltdown. The sentence Bart was forced to write over and over during his latest detention: “I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission.” Here’s video:


'Fox and Friends' accuses NBC of using hurricane benefit concert to boost Obama

Is NBC’s upcoming Hurricane Sandy telethon truly a benefit for victims of the superstorm — or is it actually a stealth benefit for Barack Obama?

The latter — according to Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy and guest host Eric Bolling — is a distinct possibility. During today’s episode, both questioned why NBC’s affiliates are airing the benefit tonight rather than waiting for New York City to “get its feet under itself”; Bolling called NBC’s timing “more than suspect.” Later, he elaborated: “This just seems like a rush job because the election is gonna be [in] three days.”

Both Bolling and Doocy also pointed out that three of the benefit’s headliners — Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and Billy Joel — are vocal Obama supporters. “Where are the conservative performers?” wondered Doocy. (Maybe Meat Loaf will make an appearance?)

The bottom line, in Doocy’s words — “Is it a hurricane benefit or a concert for Obama?” See the clip here:


Roger Ailes signs new deal with Fox News

Roger Ailes, the conservative mastermind behind the Fox News empire, will remain in charge after signing a new four-year contract. Political media analyst Howard Kurtz of The Daily Beast broke the news on Twitter, and News Corp confirmed it with a release this afternoon.

Ailes, 72, has run Fox News since it was founded in 1996. Under his watch, the station became the home of conservative pundits like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, and Fox News has dominated its competition at CNN and MSNBC in the ratings. READ FULL STORY

The Odd Couple: Tom Hanks and Bill O'Reilly pair up for 'Killing Lincoln'

Tom Hanks and Bill O’Reilly don’t always see eye-to-eye on things. Earlier this year, Hanks narrated an Obama re-election campaign video, a job that O’Reilly quickly dismissed as “career suicide.” Then, when an old home video turned up that captured Hanks at a 2004 private school fundraiser where a parent donned blackface as part of an ill-conceived skit, the Oscar-winning actor apologized to the Fox News personality because he name-checked him as a desperate punchline during the awkward videotaped banter.

But both men share a passion for history, with Hanks a star and producer of huge Hollywood films about World War II and the space race, and O’Reilly the author of a best-selling book about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. And sometimes, that’s enough.

Today, the National Geographic Channel — which is also partially owned by News Corp, the parent of Fox News — announced that the two will team up to turn O’Reilly’s book, Killing Lincoln, in to a two-hour television event. READ FULL STORY

Glenn Beck returns to TV on his very own channel

Jon Stewart, it’s time to dust off that chalkboard.

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck is returning to television on his very own 24-hour satellite channel: TheBlaze TV, named after the live streaming video arm of Beck’s website (formerly known as GBTV). Beck’s new venture launches on Dish Network today, which also happens to be TheBlaze TV online’s one-year anniversary. was launched two summers ago, before Beck left Fox in June 2011.

Beck’s video site has attracted over 300,000 paying subscribers, according to Blaze CEO Christopher Balfe. The TV channel will be available to Dish subscribers both as a part of the provider’s 250 channel package or as an à la carte purchase for $5 a month. In a letter on, Balfe hints that other providers will soon follow Dish’s lead.


R.E.M. demand Fox News stop playing 'Losing My Religion'

Artists as diverse as K’Naan and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider have all taken exception to the Romney campaign’s use of their music without authorization. Now R.E.M. has a dog in the fight: the band issued a cease-and-desist to Fox News after the network used their 1991 hit “Losing My Religion” in its coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

Lead singer Michael Stipe said in a statement, “We have little or no respect for their puff adder brand of reportage. Our music does not belong there.”

That’s a bit more succinct than Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello was when he told off Paul Ryan, but it’s clear enough.

“FOX News Channel’s use of an R.E.M. song during Thursday’s edition of Fox & Friends was in full accordance with its license agreements with all appropriate parties. Nevertheless, we’re always flattered to have this much attention for a song selection and we hope R.E.M. was able to satisfy their publicity fix,” a representative for Fox News responded.

At least the Republicans still have Nicki Minaj.

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Ratings: Fox News convention coverage tops rivals

Fox News dominated its cable rivals and even topped the three major networks during last night’s coverage of the Republican National Convention, according to Nielsen Media Research. More than 6.8 million viewers tuned in to Fox News to see Ann Romney and New Jersey governor Chris Christie make their speeches during the 10-11 p.m. ET window, more than twice as many who tuned in to CNN (1.5 million) and MSNBC (1.5 million) combined. NBC was the only outfit within striking distance during that hour, averaging 4.8 million viewers — though Brian Williams and his team did edge Fox News in the crucial 25-54 demo by about 50,000 viewers.

For the 10 o’clock hour, Fox News’ ratings were up 11 percent compared to their coverage of the opening night of the 2008 Republican National Convention. That bump might be attributed to the one-day delay caused by Hurricane Isaac, which may have indirectly heightened anticipation, and a general surge in Republican enthusiasm to unseat a Democratic incumbent.

Click below for complete figures… READ FULL STORY

Zimmerman tells Fox News he was not pursuing Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman says he was not pursuing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin the night the teen was fatally shot.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the teenager’s death.

He made the statement Wednesday in an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.

When asked to explain what he meant when he told a police dispatcher he was following Martin, Zimmerman said he was “going in the same direction as him so I could keep an eye on him so I could tell police where he was going.”

The neighborhood watch volunteer claims he was defending himself when he shot and killed the unarmed Martin on Feb. 26 in a central Florida neighborhood.

His attorney says he agreed to the interview because he’s hoping to receive donations to Zimmerman’s defense fund.

George Zimmerman gives first interview to Fox News

And the first media outlet to score an interview with Travon Martin shooter George Zimmerman is…

Fox News!

Sean Hannity will air an exclusive hour-long  interview with Zimmerman tonight at 9 p.m. (What, he didn’t choose to go on 60 Minutes?) The former neighborhood-watch volunteer is charged with second-degree murder in the case of the Florida teenager’s death.

On Hannity, Zimmerman will discuss the night of Martin’s shooting and the dramatic aftermath. Fox News says that Zimmerman’s defense attorney Mark O’Mara will answer questions about his client’s case and reports circulating about his bail donations and hidden money. Will you watch?

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CNN and Fox News whiff on Obamacare ruling

The cable news wars are cut-throat, with a relentless emphasis on being fast and first. But that urgency cost both CNN and Fox News today when both networks erroneously announced that the Supreme Court had overturned President Obama’s health-care law. In fact, the Court upheld the law, with a surprising 5-4 decision authored by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. The language and the reasoning behind the ruling were dense and complex, and it was clear, at least on CNN’s broadcast, that they hadn’t read the entire document before announcing their own incorrect verdict on the air. They also tweeted the wrong news, only to have to correct themselves 13 minutes later. [Update: CNN has released a statement apologizing for their mistake: “In his opinion, Chief Justice Roberts initially said that the individual mandate was not a valid exercise of Congressional power under the Commerce Clause. CNN reported that fact, but then wrongly reported that therefore the court struck down the mandate as unconstitutional. However, that was not the whole of the Court’s ruling. CNN regrets that it didn’t wait to report out the full and complete opinion regarding the mandate. We made a correction within a few minutes and apologize for the error.”]

Fox News also briefly ran a headline saying, “Supreme Court Finds Health Care Individual Mandate Unconstitutional.” [Update: Michael Clemente, executive vice president of Fox News said in a statement, “We gave our viewers the news as it happened. When Justice Roberts said, and we read, that the mandate was not valid under the Commerce clause, we reported it. Bill Hemmer even added, be patient as we work through this. Then when we heard and read, that the mandate could be upheld under the government’s power to tax, we reported that as well — all within two minutes. By contrast, one other cable network was unable to get their Supreme Court reporter to the camera, and said as much. Another said it was a big setback for the President. Fox reported the facts, as they came in.”]

Other news outlets were more cautious, and it paid off. Prior to the announcement, the New York Times had specifically warned its audience that the ruling might take time for journalists and legal experts to absorb. READ FULL STORY

Fox News rewards Sean Hannity with new deal

Sean Hannity will continue to be at Fox News for the foreseeable future. The conservative firebrand signed another multi-year deal that will keep him with the cable network that’s been his home since 1996 for at least another four years. “It’s been an honor and privilege to work alongside the incredible team at FOX News, whose talent is unparalleled,” Hannity said, in a statement. “In true Roger Ailes form, he saw something in me that no one else did and afforded me the opportunity to achieve incredible success. I look forward to many more years to come.”

Hannity’s eponymous show is the second most watched show in cable news, averaging more than 2.1 million viewers each night.

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Answer: Anderson Cooper, Lewis Black, Dr. Oz -- Correct response: Who will compete on 'Jeopardy' Power Players Week?

Jeopardy! has announced the line-up of celebrities who will participate in the special “Power Players Week” tournament. Silver fox Anderson Cooper, New Girl cameo maker Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Lewis Black are just a few names on the eclectic roster of competitor, who each stand to earn $10,000 for their charity (winners earn a minimum of $50,000). Click through for the full list of celebrities and their causes. READ FULL STORY

'The Simpsons' knock Fox News during network anniversary -- PHOTO

The Simpsons took a little shot at Fox News during Fox’s anniversary celebrations Sunday night. Fox re-aired the original holiday special/pilot of its long-running animated hit as part of the network’s 25th anniversary specials. In the credits for the pilot, the card below appeared. Though Fox broadcast network and cable channel Fox News are both owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and tend to get lumped together in the minds of some casual viewers, the networks are under separate day-to-day management and tend to have rather different personalities. And of course, this isn’t the first time The Simpsons have taken aim at the news network. Click below for the pic.



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