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'Smallville' alum Allison Mack to guest-star on 'The Following'

The Following will stage a Smallville reunion in season three. Allison Mack has landed a guest-starring role on the Fox drama, EW has learned.


'Bones' sneak peek: Check out Mindy Cohn's debut

Mindy Cohn is about to teach Daisy the facts of life during this week’s Bones.


Fox sets premiere dates for 'Empire,' 'American Idol'

Fox will kick off the new year with the debut of its midseason drama Empire and the return of American Idol.


'Sleepy Hollow' writer previews this week's Abbie-centric episode

Your prayers have been answered, Sleepyheads: This week’s episode is all about the Sisters Mills.

“Coming into season two, one of the things we really wanted to do was explore and open up Abbie’s backstory—fill in some of the blanks for her character, her role as a witness, her family’s history,” Sleepy writer Damian Kindler explains to EW. (You can trust him; he’s the guy who invented Yolanda.) The show will dive into those questions on this week’s episode, in which Abbie and Jenny investigate a series of mysterious deaths at Tarrytown Psychiatric—the same hospital where their mother, Lori Mills, died 15 years ago.

Lori Mills, you’ll remember, didn’t go quietly: “She was insane and she killed herself,” Kindler reminds us. “So I think that gave us a lot of mystery to uncover. And we also wanted to tell a cool ghost story. We’ve got the psychiatric hospital where Jenny was, where Irving is—which leads to the revealing potential involvement of Abbie’s mother, which uncovers another mystery. And it’s all happening around the time when Moloch is rising. It’s a story that had to service a lot of different masters, but ultimately the biggest aspect of it was revealing who Lori Mills was, the truth of her life and her struggle to protect her daughters from evil.” See Abbie and Jenny try to tackle some of those questions in this exclusive clip from the episode. READ FULL STORY

Check out a first look at Rainn Wilson's Fox dramedy 'Backstrom'

Beets, bears, Battlestar GalacticaBackstrom?

The Office’s Rainn Wilson is returning to TV in Fox’s dramedy Backstrom, in which he plays the titular self-destructive and bigoted detective. Fox released the first promo for the series, which also stars Dennis Haysbert and Kristoffer Polaha:


Six ways to fix 'Sleepy Hollow'

First, let’s make one thing clear: I love Sleepy Hollow. I love its bonkers kitchen-sink sensibility, and its genuinely scary, tactile, non-computer-generated monsters, and its strong, diverse ensemble, and, most importantly, its delightfully daffy sense of humor.

That being said…

Sleepy shocked everyone when it debuted to huge ratings last year, attracting nearly 14 million viewers and becoming the first new show to be renewed for a second season. Yet that second season—which promised to be bigger, better, and in every way more epic than the first—has struggled to replicate season 1′s success. Ratings are down across the board; last night’s episode drew just 4.6 million viewers and a 1.5 demo rating, matching the series low set the previous week. Meanwhile, comment boards are filled with grumbling fans complaining that this year just doesn’t pack the same punch as last year. And while I do think many of those complaints are overstated, it’s hard to deny that while it’s still eminently entertaining, this series is in a bit of a rut.

What could it do to blast itself out of that rut, preferably via coffin-powered dirt explosion? Here are six ideas: READ FULL STORY

'Bones' sneak peek: Dr. Hodgins gets accused of murder... again

Dr. Hodgins will soon find himself the suspect of an investigation… again.


Fox developing basketball comedy about former NBA player Baron Davis

Fox may have a fictional Latvian basketball player in New Girl‘s Winston, but a new comedy in development brings some professional NBA talent to the network.


An Archie series is in development at Fox, and that's not a bad idea

So this is unexpected: Greg Berlanti—whose current hobby is turning comics books into TV shows like Arrow and The Flash—is developing a new drama for Fox based on Archie Andrews and the gang. Yup, that Archie Andrews. And this is crazy, but it’s quite possible that it could turn out pretty great.

According to Deadline, the series is called Riverdale, and will feature the extended family of Archie Comics characters—from Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Moose, to relatively new additions like Kevin Kellar, all the way to Josie and the Pussycats. Taking place in the present day, Riverdale will offer “a bold, subversive” take on the cast, “exploring the surreality of small-town life…the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome façade.”

Here’s why that’s awesome: Archie Comics has secretly become one of the most interesting and daring comic book publishers in the industry, churning out ideas that seem patently insane but in fact yield astonishingly great comics. Like, there is no reason why “Archie, but with zombies,” should work, and yet Afterlife with Archie is a fantastic suspense comic. Similarly, a Sabrina reboot set in the 60s—this month’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1—is a genuinely disturbing horror story. And then there’s Life With Archie, which is a ridiculous and daring bit of storytelling that ended this summer with the death of Archie Andrews.

Why bring all this up? Because Archie’s Chief Creative Officer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, (who also writes Afterlife and Sabrina), is writing the pilot. Aguirre-Sacasa gets Archie, and just how flexible and universal Riverdale can be—all you really need is a few core tenets. The love triangle, the everyman, and the community. That’s it. Remember those Archie digests? Remember how weird they would get? Imagine Riverdale being a teen drama, but where anything can happen. Sabrina can show up, and it’s like Buffy. Josie and the Pussycats come by, and Riverdale becomes a supercharged girl-power rock anthem of a show for a week or two. And that doesn’t even get to Kevin Kellar—a character whose introduction made waves for being openly gay and having a key story arc in Life With Archie that showed him becoming a politician who builds a platform on gun control.

Archie Comics, in other words, is not messing around. Hopefully, Riverdale doesn’t either. At the very least, the bar is really, really, low.

'Simpsons World' app and website, featuring every episode, premieres tomorrow

All 500+ episodes of The Simpsons in one place—available to watch whenever and wherever you want? That’s unpossible!

At least, it will be… until Tuesday, when Fox launches its much-anticipated Simpsons World app and website. In a release that went wide Monday afternoon, FX revealed that the Simpsons smorgasbord will feature every episode of the sitcom’s first 25 seasons—552 in total—as well as every new episode from the series’ 26th season, available the day after each one first airs on Fox. In addition to on-demand episode viewing, the app—available via FX’s FXNOW app and—will boast the following features, according to the release: READ FULL STORY

Fox cuts 'Mulaney' order to 13 episodes

Get ready for less of Fox’s Mulaney.

EW has confirmed that the network has cut its initial 16-episode order to 13 episodes, wrapping production just in time before starting work on its 14th episode. READ FULL STORY

'Gotham' stars and producer tease new friends and foes set to appear


Gotham continues to populate its streets with familiar faces from the Batman universe. Villains like Two-Face and Victor Zsasz have already been announced, but the show’s producers and stars suggested a few more big names are on their way.


Fox orders six additional episodes of 'Gotham'

It looks like the villains of Gotham will terrorize Jim Gordon and the GCPD for a little while longer.

Fox just announced that it has ordered six more episodes of the freshman series, raising its first season order to a total of 22 episodes.

While the Batman prequel series slipped slightly in the ratings in its second week, the show also enjoyed one of the fall’s strongest premieres.


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