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'Riot': Steve Carell and cast on the new improv game show that's taking comedy to the extreme

I think it’s safe to say that Steve Carell is a master of physical comedy. This is the man who famously once waxed his chest hair on the big screen. So it makes sense that The Office star is an executive producer and one of the first celebrity guests on Riot, a new extreme game show premiering tonight on Fox.

“I have no idea what I’m getting myself into,” Carell jokingly told EW before filming alongside his Office co-star Andy Buckley. The show is based on the international hit franchise Slide Show and puts two teams of celebrities and a cast of comedians playing improv games against some physical constraints. “It’s like an improv game show on steroids,” says cast member Meryl Hathaway. “It’s taking improv comedy and elevating it to the next level. All the parameters of a normal improv scene just get thrown into this insanity!” Hathaway is one of seven rotating comedians all under the command of “evil puppeteer” and host Rove McManus, who enjoys his role from the sideline making funny people do even funnier things. “I feel like it’s the most interactive experience you can have,” McManus told EW. “I can literally yell something at the performers to make them do it.” READ FULL STORY

Arthur Chu talks being the Walter White of 'Jeopardy!'

Who was the last male monarch who had not previously been Prince of Wales? Don’t know the answer off the top of your head? Neither did Arthur Chu, who ended his 11-game winning streak on Jeopardy! last night when he incorrectly answered the final question of the night.

Chu lost to Diana Peloquin, someone who the controversial Jeopardy! star calls “a bit devious” (in a good way). We caught up with him over the phone to see how he’s feeling, who his favorite movie villain is, and who he took some selfies with before heading back home to Ohio.


'Total Blackout' host Jaleel White teases new episodes of the 'Fear Factor'-esque show

Total Blackout, the Syfy game show that challenges its contestants to complete fearsome tasks in complete darkness, returns tonight for the final six episodes of its second season.

It’s like Fear Factor – but in the dark. Challenges include walking across a plank without the benefit of actually seeing the plank (or how far above the floor it really is), crawling through tunnels filled with unidentified objects, and guessing the weight of objects and/or people (from a large snake to a sumo wrestler) just by touch. But the highlight of Total Blackout episodes tends to be the hilarity-producing challenge that requires contestants to identify the contents of six boxes. Those challenges have produced freak-outs and squeamish responses to things as scary as live tarantulas and as benign as teddy bears and hairbrushes.

Total Blackout is hosted by Jaleel White, best known for his role as nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel on Family Matters. Read on for what White had to say about the show’s upcoming episodes, airing on Syfy Tuesdays at 9 p.m. READ FULL STORY

'Million Second Quiz': An NBC exec explains the net's Orwellian reality experiment


When word broke last week that NBC had ordered a new reality game show featuring 24/7 competition, a possible $10 million dollar cash prize, and — oh yeah — live broadcasts for 12 consecutive days from “a gigantic hourglass shaped structure in the heart of Manhattan,” where the game’s champions will also live for the duration of the contest, the news was greeted with a collective “Huh?” The Million Second Quiz, frankly, sounded more like a ludicrous, Truman Show-inspired reality show parody than an actual event that will air on network TV this fall.

But according to Paul Telegdy, NBC’s president of alternative and late night programming, the show is actually “mind-blowingly simple when you really lay it out.” And perhaps more importantly, Telegdy swears that The Million Second Quiz will feel more current than the vast majority of today’s popular reality shows — nearly all of which were created before online video and social media had come into wide use. (The exception to that rule? The Voice, “which, lucky enough, is on NBC.”)


Creator of extreme musical chairs show explains himself: 'No one should take it seriously'

Phil Gurin, creator and executive producer of The CW’s Oh Sit!, knows there’s something inherently goofy about a game show that revolves around an extreme game of Musical Chairs. But according to him, that’s kind of the point: “We absolutely don’t take the show seriously. Nobody should,” Gurin explained in an interview this afternoon. “It’s meant to be pure fun.”

And Oh Sit! is fun, in an over-the-top, Wipeout meets Guts meets an elementary school classroom sort of way. (Its resemblance to classic Nickelodeon game shows is no accident; Gurin once worked as a writer on both Double Dare and Wild and Crazy Kids.) The rules are fairly straightforward: Music plays as contestants navigate a circular obstacle course, nabbing cash each time they pass one of several green lines. When the live band stops playing, players must scramble for a seat on “chair island,” which stands in the middle of the arena.

Gurin and his team were careful not to let their creation get too complicated. “The most successful game shows of all time are always the simplest,” he said. “Listen, Wheel of Fortune is Hangman. Hollywood Squares was Tic-tac-toe.” By riffing on a childhood classic, Oh Sit! engages a similar strategy: “There is not one country where they don’t play musical chairs,” Gurin declared.

And like its competitive cousins, Oh Sit! isn’t afraid to embrace its silly side.  READ FULL STORY

'The Price is Right' launches its first-ever search for a male model

Have you always wanted to show off flashy cars and cozy new living room sets on national television? The Price is Right may be famous for Bob Barker (and now Drew Carey)’s lovely ladies, but now The Price is Right is holding a contest to find its first male model.

In the game show’s nearly 40-year history, the prizes have almost always been displayed by female models, but now one guy will get to try out the gig for a week on the CBS show, which is currently hosted by Drew Carey. READ FULL STORY

'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek returns home after hospitalization

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek has returned home after being admitted to a Los Angeles hospital last weekend following a mild heart attack.

A rep for Sony Television released a brief statement Wednesday afternoon: “I am happy to report that Alex has been released from the hospital and is back at his home. On his behalf, thank you again for your good wishes. “

Trebek is expected to begin shooting the show’s 29th season in July.

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'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek hospitalized after heart attack

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek was admitted to the hospital Saturday in Los Angeles after suffering a mild heart attack, according to his rep. He is “in good spirits and is currently under observation and undergoing further testing,” the rep said.  Trebek is expected to fully recover and will begin filming the popular answer-and-question show’s 29th season in July.

Trebek, 71, recently told the Associated Press that he’s not quite ready to retire from Jeopardy!, which he’s hosted for the past 28 years. “Saying that I’ve THOUGHT about it doesn’t mean that I’m DOING it,” he told the AP in May.

Nickelodeon's 'Figure It Out' reboot slimes its first star -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS

Robert Voets/Nickelodeon

Back in April, Nickelodeon announced its plans to bring back beloved ’90s game show (and Lori Beth Denberg vehicle) Figure It Out, and now the day of nostalgia is close at hand! A new crop of Nick stars will succumb to the slime as they take the stage for the guess-the-hidden-talent frolic–and EW has the first look at the new set (see above) and the first celeb to be slimed!


Behind the scenes at 'Hip-Hop Squares' with Nick Cannon and Biz Markie

Tonight, MTV2 will pull back the curtain on Hip-Hop Squares, the new rap-centric reboot of the classic game show Hollywood Squares. For those who never had the pleasure of watching the likes of Shadoe Stevens or Jim J. Bullock riff in syndication, the show goes a little something like this: The host (in this case New York radio DJ Peter Rosenberg) asks a question of one of nine celebrities, who are positioned on a massive upright Tic-tac-toe board, and each contestant chooses whether or not to agree with the celeb’s response. If they’re correct, they “win” the square. After that, it’s basically Tic-tac-toe.

Of course, Hip-Hop Squares will offer more than just wacky trivia. The show also encourages extracurricular activities, starting with the champagne toast prior to each taping and the cameras capturing jokes and pranks in the green room.

A few weeks ago, EW stopped by Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, where Hip-Hop Squares was taping (right next door to HBO’s Girls). READ FULL STORY

Official: Fox orders 'Take Me Out' dating show from 'Idol' producers

Fox will debut its new dating show called Take Me Out on June 7 at 8 p.m. ET. The show, from producers behind American Idol and The X Factor, is adapted from a U.K. original. It follows 30 women looking for the man of their dreams in front of a studio audience. (No pressure!) In four rounds, the ladies meet a slew of suitors and can choose to keep a light on, signifying their spark for the guy is still there, or turn it off when the attraction fizzles. News of the deal was first reported by

After several rounds, the bachelor with the most women still interested in him gets to turn the tables, asking two women one make-or-break question. The winning woman immediately joins her suitor for a romantic getaway while the remaining 29 ladies stick around for another week and another chance at love. No host has been announced.

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MTV2 launching hip-hop version of 'Hollywood Squares' -- EXCLUSIVE

MTV2 is bringing back the classic game show Hollywood Squares, but with a modern twist.

The cable network has secured the rights to the comedic tic-tac-toe format for a new series titled Hip Hop Squares. In the show, charismatic personalities from the world of hip hop will populate the show’s nine quadrants. Contestants facing a wide range of trivia questions will seek help from the performers to try and discover clues about the correct answers.

The show has lined up personality Nick Cannon; Jackass crew member Bam Margera; actress Kat Graham; artist DJ Khaled; rappers Biz Markie, Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, Mac Miller and MGK; Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Lamarr Woodley and others to fill the squares. READ FULL STORY

'Cash Cab' kills pedestrian in Vancouver

Tragedy befell the lighthearted game show Cash Cab Friday when a producer for the Canadian branch of the show struck and killed a pedestrian in Vancouver. The driver was returning the mobile set to a storage facility after filming for the day wrapped when he hit the 61-year-old Surrey, British Columbia, resident in the city’s Downtown Eastside district. The victim, whose name hasn’t been released, died in a local hospital soon after the collision. READ FULL STORY


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