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ATX Television Festival to host 'Dawson's Creek' writers' room, 'Gilmore Girls' reunions

Next year’s ATX Television Festival will feature two high-profile reunions: The cast of the Gilmore Girls and the Dawson’s Creek writers’ room.


5-Minute Oral History: The 'thousand yellow daisies' scene in 'Gilmore Girls'


In Gilmore Girls‘ first season finale, Lorelai explains to her boyfriend Max (Scott Cohen) what a proper proposal should look like: “There should be a thousand yellow daisies, and candles, and a horse, and I don’t know what the horse is doing there unless you’re riding it, which seems a little over-the-top…” Max takes Lorelai’s words to heart—leading to one of the show’s most romantic and visually arresting moments. Here’s how it came together. READ FULL STORY

'Gilmore Girls' is coming to Netflix

Get ready to spend copious amounts of time in Stars Hollow, because Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix. The site will stream all seven seasons starting October 1, EW has confirmed. (And, yeah, we’re still bitter about the fact that Amy Sherman Palladino left the show before that final season.) So spend your October binging in perfect Gilmore fashion. How to prepare? Acquire copious amounts of food, brush up on your Godfather: Part III references, read Anna Karenina and Swann’s Way, listen to Carole King, and practice talking really really fast. You also might want to give your mother a call even if you relationship is more Lorelai and Emily than Rory and Lorelai. Great. You’ll be all set.

Decider first reported the news.

Alexis Bledel signs up for Fox sitcom pilot

Gilmore Girls‘ Alexis Bledel has signed to co-star in a Fox sitcom pilot based on the British television series Gavin & Stacey. Jason Ritter will play the Gavin character to her Stacey in the comedy from writer David Rosen, retitled Friends & Family. In the British version of the series, which ran for three cycles after premiering in 2007, the young couple (Joanna Page and Mathew Horne) navigate their blossoming romance through a series of life-events and an odd menagerie of friends and kin.

The would be Bledel’s first regular TV gig since Gilmore Girls bid adieu after seven seasons in 2007. (She appeared last year in three episodes of Mad Men.) Of course, there’s a GG friends and family connection: Ritter has appeared in 30 episodes of Parenthood, the NBC comedy that stars Lauren Graham.

Deadline initially reported this news.

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Best of 2012 (Behind the Scenes): 'Game Change' (and 'Mockingjay') writer Danny Strong on his biggest year

Don’t fret, Buffy and Gilmore Girls fans. The guy behind lovable nerds Jonathan Levinson and Doyle McMaster hasn’t completely bid acting farewell. These days, though, Danny Strong is much busier working behind the camera, penning the scripts to Emmy Award-winning HBO movies (like this year’s Game Change), a Forest Whitaker flick lovingly nicknamed “the black Forrest Gump” (The Butler, out in 2013), and the last two films in the Hunger Games franchise (Mockingjay, parts one and two). Suffice it to say, Strong has had a good year. Here’s how he went from character actor to Hollywood’s hottest screenwriter.

For more stories behind this year’s top TV and movie moments, click here for’s Best of 2012 (Behind the Scenes) coverageREAD FULL STORY

Vince Vaughn produces S&M series for FX

Apparently emboldened by the explosive success of Fifty Shades of Grey, Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Picture Show Productions is working with FX to create a TV show called Whipped that tackles Fifty‘s themes of sadomasochism, reports Vulture. Inspired by Shawna Keeney’s memoir I Was a Teenage Dominatrix, the series will follow a Washington, D.C., college student who turns to S&M work to pay her way through school and finds herself entangled with high-powered politicians along the way. Vaughn and FX tapped Gina Fattore, former co-executive producer for Gilmore Girls and Californication, as showrunner.

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'Supernatural,' 'Fringe,' 'House,' 'Gossip Girl': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Friday, friends!

I’ve had a long and exhausting week trolling the sets of your favorite shows in rainy (but completely lovely) Vancouver, and it’s paid off. Not only have I walked away from my travels with a new love for all things (and people) Canadian, but I come back to my motherland with plenty of TV bounty.

And before you dig in, remember to send me your questions about everything you’re watching. From the highly acclaimed (Good Wife?) to the pleasantly culty (Vampire Diaries?), I want to hear what’s on your brains. Send all queries to and remember, as always, to follow me on Twitter (@EWSandraG) for the latest.


'Bones,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Vampire Diaries': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

What’s this?

What’s this?

There are finales everywhere. What’s this?

I can’t believe my eyes; I must be dreaming. Wake up, Sandra, this isn’t fair!

Woah! Musical introduction. This is what the end of the season does to me, folks. I’m losing it. But that also means summer’s on the way, so remember to start sending your scoop requests for summer TV soon! And, as a special treat, please also send your season finale questions as well.

As usual, all queries/suggestions/ponderings get sent to or @EWSandraG. And as a reminder, we’re on summer schedule now. So Spoiler Room will be on Fridays only, until late summer.

Thanks, y’all.


Scott Patterson on 'Gilmore Girls' reunion movie: 'It probably will happen'

ausiello-tour-graham-patterson-altImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/The WBJust as the buzz surrounding a Gilmore Girls reunion project starts dying down, something happens to reawaken the beast. In this case, it’s the interview I conducted last night with the show’s former leading man Scott Patterson. While our conversation was initially focused on his role in NBC’s new serial thriller The Event, it quickly shifted into Gilmore territory. In my defense, I did have the world’s perfect segue: Patterson’s Event son-in-law is none other than ex-Parenthood star Jason Ritter, whose May-December romance with Patterson’s ex-Gilmore love Lauren Graham was one of the high points of the show’s stellar first season… READ FULL STORY

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 'Smallville,' 'Good Wife,' 'Glee,' 'Grey's,' Fringe,' and more!

ausiello-greys-ncisGot a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Just want to say hi? You can send any/all of the above to

Question: Will anything ever happen between Will and Alicia on The Good Wife? —Stef
Maybe. Eventually. Perhaps. Exec producer Robert King explains: “[They have] one of the most complicated relationships… because it really is a friendship that doesn’t want to lose its friendship by going to the next step. There’s an episode [coming up in April] that’s all about not knowing what a jury is thinking and it’s a metaphor for how Alicia and Will can’t get into each other’s heads. During this trial, they have to make moves, guessing where the jury is headed. Sometimes we see that they’re just completely wrong.”

Question: I could probably be persuaded to send you a case of your favorite flavor of Snapple if you’ll give me some Good Wife scoop. —Brooke
I could probably be persuaded to accept those terms. The rivalry between Alicia and Cary will come to a head in May. According to exec producer Robert King, the season will feature two big climaxes — one of which we’ve already witnessed. “The first was ‘Hi,’ the episode where Peter gets out,” he explains. “[The second] will play into [the rivalry].” READ FULL STORY

Breaking: The CW back in business with 'Gilmore' girl Amy Sherman-Palladino

It’s not a Gilmore Girls movie but it’s pretty much the next best thing: The CW has picked up an hour-long drama pilot from Gilmore creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and exec producer Dan Palladino. READ FULL STORY

First Look: My 2009 Christmas Wish List!

As a wise man once said, Christmas is about receiving not giving. It’s in that spirit that I present you with my ’09 wish list, reprinted below with permission from the Bearded Fat One. READ FULL STORY

Exclusive: 'Gilmore' gal Kelly Bishop checks into 'Mercy'

It’s a Gilmore Girls mother-daughter reunion on NBC! READ FULL STORY


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