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'Gotham' releases 21-minute look inside the new series

Fans know that Gotham is described as a Batman prequel, but what does that really mean? Well, in a new 21-minute video, the creators and actors behind the show sat down to talk about everything a “prequel” entails, from individual villain origin stories to the pressures that come with taking on iconic roles.

Watch as Jada Pinkett Smith introduces the new character of Fish Mooney, Ben McKenzie talks about playing a young Jim Gordon, and executive producer Danny Cannon poses the question at the center of it all: “Who are the supervillains in the city and how did they become that way?”


Ben McKenzie is 'the last good man' in new 'Gotham' teaser

Thus far, a lot of the talk surrounding Fox’s upcoming Batman prequel series Gotham has been about the villains—like the introduction of a new villain, Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney, and the highly anticipated origin stories of other fan favorites like The Penguin, The Riddler, Catwoman, and more.

But what does a world full of villains and potential villains mean for the citizens of Gotham? Well, it means their lives depend on the guy Ben McKenzie calls “the last good man in Gotham” in a new teaser for the show: James Gordon.


David Zayas cast as mobster Sal Maroni in 'Gotham'

Add one more villain to the list: EW has confirmed that David Zayas of Dexter fame has been cast as Sal Maroni in Fox’s upcoming Gotham. Deadline first reported the news.

In Batman lore, Maroni is a self-made crime boss who starts from the bottom and works his way up to the second most powerful mobster in Gotham City, nipping at the heels of mob boss Carmine Falcone (to be played John Dorman in Gotham). Ultimately, Maroni is the man responsible for District Attorney Harvey Dent’s transformation into the villainous Two-Face. The character was most famously  portrayed by Eric Roberts in The Dark Knight.

The villains come out to play in new 'Gotham' trailer


The latest trailer for Fox’s upcoming Gotham is essentially an introduction to the city’s villains before they were famous: Someone tells Oswald Cobblepot he walks like a penguin and Selina Kyle sneaks around all cat-like as a caption warns “villains will rise.” Gotham City sure sounds like a fun place to be!


Video: James Gordon reclaims his city in new 'Gotham' teaser

Gotham is James Gordon’s home, but after he left town for a bit, his eventual return wasn’t exactly what he’d expected. With his beloved city now at a “tipping point,” it’s up to the young detective to try and save the place he claims to care so much about. A new teaser trailer for the upcoming Fox series, Gotham, offers a glimpse at the crime and corruption that Ben McKenzie’s Gordon says is oozing from every corner. Surrounded by villains like The Penguin and The Riddler, there’s no wonder Gordon feels he has to be the hero.


'Gotham' to premiere at Comic-Con as part of WB/DC Comics panel block


Mark your calendars, San Diego trekking TV fans: Gotham will have its world premiere screening at Comic-Con next month. The hugely anticipated new Batman prequel series will debut along with presentations for three other DC Comics-based TV shows.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are partnering for their first-ever power block of panels at the fan mega-conference. The cluster includes Fox’s Gotham, NBC’s new fall drama Constantine and The CW’s Arrow and its upcoming spin-off The Flash. The panels include: READ FULL STORY

'Gotham': 8 striking character images


The most anticipated drama of the fall has released some striking new character images to show off its rogue gallery of fledgling heroes and villains. Below is a new promo campaign for Fox’s Gotham with eight images exclusive to (And if you like these, be sure to read our deep-dive exclusive Q&A with showrunner Bruno Heller and our chat with star Ben McKenzie.)

Gotham premieres this fall on Fox, and before that, it will likely have a major presence at Comic-Con next month.


'Gotham' teaser introduces the villains -- VIDEO

Forget Batman and Commissioner Gordon: The latest teaser for Fox’s upcoming fall drama Gotham is all about the bad guys.

“How will a little girl, a low-level thug, and a businesswoman become the most dangerous villains around?” a young Detective Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) asks in the teaser’s voice-over. That little girl is Selina Kyle (newcomer Camren Bicondova), who will soon be Catwoman. The thug is Oswald Cobblepot (Another Earth‘s Robin Lord Taylor), the man who will become Penguin. And the businesswoman? That would be Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), who will become…well, we don’t know yet, but we have theories.

Watch the sinister sneak peek below: READ FULL STORY

Ben McKenzie talks 'Gotham': 'He can't just put on a cape and fly off'


During his first day on the set of Fox’s Batman prequel series Gotham, star Ben McKenzie sat in a 1970s-era Chrysler and had a moment of doubt.

This was his first scene for the production playing Det. Jim Gordon, and it was a very simple one — McKenzie merely had to drive the car up to Wayne Manor. But suddenly, the former Southland star felt overwhelmed. “I’m sitting behind the wheel, and I’m thinking, ‘This is crazy, this is crazy. What am I doing? This is nuts. I’m never going to be able to pull this off,'” he recalled. Thankfully, the moment passed, “and it all went great.”

Below McKenzie talks about diving into the Batman universe and shooting the fall’s most highly anticipated new series, which follows a superpower and gadget-free cop responsible for stopping Gotham’s increasingly theatrical array of villains. In this prequel world, Bruce Wayne is still just a kid, and Gordon’s first assignment is investigating the mysterious murder of his parents. READ FULL STORY

Fox's new fall shows: A snap judgment

When Ryan Seacrest kicks off the upfronts by welcoming Pitbull to the stage with his entourage of booty-dancers, you know that Fox isn’t catering to your mom. (Unless your mom is one of Pitbull’s booty-dancers, in which case, lucky you!) So it’s no surprise that Kevin Reilly, Fox’s chairman of entertainment, followed Pitbull’s performance with the announcement that Fox is branding itself as “America’s Next Generation Network,” focusing on a youthful audience. That might also explain why Andy Samberg was there, making some decent quips for the benefit of his fellow Next Generation Americans — and a few self-aware advertisers, too. (“Who’s ready to laugh? Who’s ready to pretend that we weren’t all forced here by the invisible hand of capitalism?”) When he wasn’t dreaming up joke shows that sounded real (X-Men Origins Days of Future Past Collectors Cups — the Show), he was doing a pretty good job introducing real shows with jokes. “Is this the best lineup of shows that Fox has ever assembled?” he asked. “I’m not gonna lie to you. Moving on!” And, yet, a few projects looked promising, even for very old viewers  — like, say, anyone over 22. READ FULL STORY

'Gotham': See the first cast photo

It appears that the cast of Gotham is just as excited about the highly anticipated Fox series as you are. We’ve seen the trailer, we’ve seen character photos, and late Friday, star Ben McKenzie — who plays a young Jim Gordon in the Batman-universe drama — tweeted the first official cast photo. READ FULL STORY

'Gotham' showrunner breaks silence, answers burning questions on Batman prequel -- EXCLUSIVE


The man behind next season’s most anticipated new show is breaking his silence on Gotham. Showrunner Bruno Heller recently sat down exclusively with EW to discuss Fox’s hugely ambitious Batman prequel series. Below Heller answers the burning questions fans have wondered about Gotham since it was first announced last year, and makes a few bold claims along the way: All those Batman films? Heller says Gotham will exceed them in terms of visual style. His very young Bruce Wayne? Gotham‘s actor is better than any who have previously played the character, he claims. Comparisons to other superhero shows? Here’s why Gotham’s approach is superior.

Heller has a track record to back up his confidence. The British writer-producer’s first series was HBO’s acclaimed Rome, which paved the way for sweeping historical and fantasy dramas on cable. His second was at the opposite end of the stylistic spectrum, and a popular hit: CBS’ procedural The Mentalist, which has run for six seasons. Still, Gotham is a show built around Det. Jim Gordon (Southland‘s Ben McKenzie) and the nascent Batman villains, rather than the caped crusader himself. Will fans accept this alternate vision of Gotham City? Will the show (trailer below) be a police procedural or serialized? And will Heller attempt to rebirth The Joker? Read on

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: My assumption has been that the reason this TV show can be done — rights-wise — is because Batman himself is not in it. That way, it doesn’t overlap with any films. Is that correct?
BRUNO HELLER: Certainly from Warner Bros. and DC’s business point of view, that’s why it can be done. For me, if they said, “Do Batman,” I would have said, “No.” I would have not been interested at all. I don’t think Batman works very well on TV — to have people behind masks. Frankly, all those superhero stories I’ve seen, I always love them until they get into the costume. And then it’s, “Oh, okay, they’ve ascended, they’ve stopped becoming humans.” It’s their apotheosis. They go to heaven and they’re Superman. There have been so many great versions of it. This is a version of something else entirely. READ FULL STORY

'Gotham': First image of Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock

We can say this about Donal Logue’s new look in Fox’s Batman prequel series Gotham…he’s certainly not in Charming anymore. The leather jacket. The detective hat. We dig it.

As previously reported, Logue, arguably known best for his work on Sons of Anarchy, will play Det. Harvey Bullock in the buzzy Fox project. Bullock is the rough-around-the-edges partner and mentor of Det. Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie), the character at the center of the series.

The Gotham pilot is executive produced by Mentalist EP Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon (CSI). Cannon is also directing the pilot, which is currently in production.


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