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'Breaking Bad' writer talks last night's episode, 'Granite State', and what it is that Walt has become

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you haven’t seen “Granite State” yet.

If you’ve somehow managed to recover from last night’s penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, well, we might have some bad news. Now comes the time when you have to wipe your eyes, get up off the floor, and start reanalyzing everything you felt about last night’s events — down to Walter White wearing long johns.

Now that Walt seems to have found his own personal hell, and Jesse is stuck in the firm (and very evil) grasp of the Nazis, the world we once knew — where blue meth flooded the streets run by Gus Fring, and Walt Jr. didn’t tell his father to “just die” — is gone. We’re left with a dying and very broken Walt, and a Jesse who probably wishes he was dying. So let’s talk about it! With only one episode left to end the beloved series, what is happening with Walt? Is Saul really gone? And just who is Todd? We talked with Peter Gould, co-executive producer and writer of last night’s episode, “Granite State,” about all things Heisenberg, New Hampshire, and more:


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