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'Once Upon a Time,' 'House,' 'Burn Notice,' 'Vampire Diaries': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

We’re in the thick of finales, folks! I never thought it’d get here (and part of me hoped it never would!), but that’s indeed the case.

Having fun? Me too!

But it’s also been a ridiculously busy week, with a rush of renewals (O. M. G.), cancellations (R.I.P. Alcatraz), and pick ups (welcome, newbs). Next week? More madness, as the networks have their annual Upfront presentations here in NYC. But the good news for you is that I’ll be trolling around getting answers to your burning questions! So send them my way. Usual means works great: and @EWSandraG on Twitter!

After working on Lost, Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsiss know how to tease finales. Proof? This timely characterization of Sunday’s season finale: “They are the gang. They are the Fairy Tale Avengers,” they told EW in a chat earlier this week. Take a moment to take that in. Squeal with excitement. Now, compose yourself long enough to take in some elaboration, straight from Josh Dallas, who stopped by the office just yesterday. READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy' boss on the finale: 'I did what was necessary'

UPDATE: Read the recap from last night’s episode here.

Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes doesn’t want this article to torture fans. But how could it not?

The uncertainties that swirl around the residents as the show heads into its season finale are numerous — and delicious — to contemplate. Last week, they took their boards, cheered when they passed (well, most of them did), and now face decisions about the future. Luckily, off screen, the recent contract talks with the major cast members give a little hint as to what the future holds for some hallmark characters.

But where’s it all really headed? Prior to the news about cast contracts (Rhimes is not allowed to comment) EW took a call with executive producer and creator Rhimes to chat about what’s to come:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I know this finale caused you a lot of strife, so tell me about that.
SHONDA RHIMES: We’ve been working with a lot of uncertainty this season. And part of working with that uncertainty was figuring out how we were going to tell the story in an interesting way. What was really natural and lovely was the idea that our residents are sort of ‘graduating’ to become attendings. And in the episode right before the finale, you’re really finding out what people are choosing to do — what jobs they’re choosing to take and how they’re choosing to spend the next year of their lives. That was a really interesting and fun and ultimately, for me, really nostalgic story to tell, watching these people who started off as little baby interns becoming attendings and surgical fellows. READ FULL STORY

'NCIS,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'NCIS: LA,' 'Vampire Diaries,' 'Big Bang Theory': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

The realization that so many shows are coming to a close hit me today, and once I stopped sobbing, I realized that as we head into summer, this might be the prime time to do a little self-evaluation!

So if you’re up for it — or just counting the hours till you clock out — I invite you to take a questionnaire on Spoiler Room. Your feedback matters to me, so if you can find the time to do it, I’d appreciate it!


And if you’re not in the question ANSWERING mood, ask one! or hit me up on Twitter. See y’all next week!


'Grey's Anatomy': Jesse Williams on April and Jackson's tricky situation, the upcoming season finale

Count Jesse Williams among those who were shocked after Jackson ended up in bed with virginal April (Sarah Drew) in last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. But now that the deed is done, a large question looms over the two friends: What next?

“They know each other very, very well and they rely on each other so much,” he says. “What it represented to me was the potential to really play itself out over a long period of time. We can take this a lot of different directions.”

And indeed it’s true. With the residents in the thick of taking their board exams and their futures uncertain, what plays out over the last three episodes of the season could dictate just how the two proceed from here. The problem? Just how involved should they be in each other’s decisions — if at all. “It’s easier to make a decision with a partner when it’s been a long-standing relationship,” he says. “It would be clearer if we had been dating for eight months. But right before [anything official], it’s odd how much their commitment is supposed to be to each other, and I don’t think they know.”

Nor will their issues get sorted out in tonight’s episode, which finds the post-boards residents in panic mode. Though, he says, the audience will get a chance to see “exactly why they make a great couple and exactly why they wouldn’t.” For his part, though, Williams thinks “they can make an exceptional couple” — if they’re willing to put it all on the line. “It could destroy, not only romantic potential, but it could destroy the only lasting friendship they have on camera,” he says. “[But] it’s an option because they care about each other.” READ FULL STORY

EW's season finale calendar

Each year, the month of May brings the promise of warmer weather, the start of big summer movies…and the torturous, agonizing time when we have to bid farewell to our favorite primetime characters. TV addicts that we are, we feel your pain. So to curb the stress, we’ve put together a master list of when your beloved shows will be signing off.  Grab your remotes and ready those DVRs as we present this year’s finales: READ FULL STORY

'Private Practice,' 'CSI,' 'Nikita,' 'The Good Wife': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

My greatest hope is that this bountiful scoop report brings you a fraction of the joy I feel when scrolling through this Channing Tatum birthday gallery, which now has a place in my bookmarks toolbar under the word “happiness.”

My sad single life aside, if you see any show missing from here that you’d like some scoop on, shoot me a note at! I’ll try to work it in next time.


On set at 'Grey's Anatomy': 'Switched at Birth' star Vanessa Marano talks tonight's 'disturbing' episode

Behind the scenes at Grey’s Anatomy, the pace moves exactly as it does at Seattle Grace: People move quickly, always in the zone. After eight years of production, it’s a well-oiled machine.

Guest star Vanessa Marano is unfazed by the flurry of activity. It’s amusing watching her calmly observe in between takes — while covered head-to-toe in grizzly cuts and bruises. “I have a bloody massacre of a face, and they just keep adding more as the day goes on. It’s all over, and I’ve got this leg thing happening,” she says, pointing to the horrific bloody marks the makeup team has made on both of her ankles.

In tonight’s episode, Marano plays a torture victim found in the woods, a departure from the teen she plays on ABC Family’s Switched at Birth. While that role provides a dose of weekly drama, it’s not like this. “This is a disturbing one,” she says of the episode. “It has a lot to do with psychological issues and every parent’s worst nightmare. It’s a very gritty episode. And not so much in what you see physically — as far as the marks — but the torture mentality that my character now has because of what has happened to her.” READ FULL STORY

'Grey's Anatomy' star Kevin McKidd previews Owen's struggles -- EW VIDEO

Owen continues to pay the price for his infidelity on tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy.

After confessing to cheating on Cristina just a few episodes ago, the chief is under more pressure than ever at home and on the job. And when EW caught up with Kevin McKidd on the set of Grey’s last month, the multi-hyphenate (he directs and sings too!) said he has great sympathy for his character’s tough position. “There’s a lot of stress in his life at the moment, so he’s trying not to let that affect his efficiency as chief,” he tells us.

But it’s not as easy in practice as it is in theory. And as some sneak peeks from tonight’s episode show, the stresses of every day life are what, in a way, put him face to face with the woman with whom he’d ultimately cheat on his wife. (See the sneak peeks in the video below, along with our interview with McKidd.)

“The thing about Owen is that he tries to do things perfectly, and obviously, he messes up as the chief because you have to make these odd black-and-white decisions and sometimes you make the wrong decision,” says McKidd. “So I think he’s going to do that for a while and try to make better decisions and not let the pressure get to him.” READ FULL STORY

'Castle,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Hawaii Five-0,' 'Once Upon a Time': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

I had a revelation recently when chatting with my colleague Mandi Bierly about her sharing a dish of lobster mac and cheese with Pauly Shore during a recent interview. (You could ask her for details on that story, but that’s really all there is to it.): My life is weird.

In the past week, I’ve party-stalked Charlie Sheen (with no luck getting two minutes alone for an interview), talked about Titanic with Ringer‘s Ioan Gruffudd (he’s in it!), watched Megan Mullally steal from my colleagues, and hung out with the cast of the fantastic new drama Scandal. Yes, life is strange. But also wonderful. I guess this is my long-winded way of saying thanks for being part of my wonderful, strange life, Roomies.

And let me return the favor by seeking out some scoop for you. E-mail all requests to or ask me on Twitter. See you next week!


'Grey's Anatomy' sneak peek: Really, Owen? It was 'just sex'? -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

In Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Owen (Kevin McKidd) attempts to smooth things over with Cristina (Sandra Oh) after admitting he did the hibity with someone else.

“It was just sex,” he says to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). Yeah, riiiight.

Here’s an exclusive sneak peek from tomorrow’s episode. READ FULL STORY

What's the cast of 'Modern Family,' 'Grey's' and 'Two and a Half Men' worth?


Just three years ago, Eric Stonestreet was another no-name actor working in Hollywood, getting by with occasional appearances on shows like Nip/Tuck and CSI. Today, he’s an Emmy-winning co-star of Modern Family who easily ranks as one of the funniest men in primetime TV. Does he deserve to earn as much as 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin or The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons?

That’s what the producers behind ABC’s hit family comedy will begin asking this summer, when the ensemble is expected to seek substantial raises for working on the three-year-old series. Similar renegotiations are already in the works on Two and Half Men (where deals are up for Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer) and Grey’s Anatomy (Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh, among others), but the MF talks have the potential to be the juiciest — depending on whether the adults band together à la Friends back in 2000. READ FULL STORY

'Pretty Little Liars,' 'The Vampire Diaries,' 'Secret Circle,' 'Revenge': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Howdy, Roomies.

It’s that time of the week again, so I hope you enjoy some of the juicy tidbits in this week’s installment. And with finales just around the corner, I imagine it’s all just going to get juicier as the weeks tick by.

But on that note, if there’s something I’m missing, don’t hesitate to put in a scoop request! ( And a million thank yous to those who already write in! Wait, let’s make that a thousand. We’re in a recession after all. I have to be prudent.


What’s better than an in-office visit from a Pretty Little Liar? If I may douchily answer myself: A visit from TWO Pretty Little Liars. And that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday when Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario stopped in to film a quick video (which I’ll share with you Monday!), make me laugh (you’ll see…), and answer some of your burning questions! Check ‘em out: READ FULL STORY

'Bones,' 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Vampire Diaries': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

What’s this?

What’s this?

There are finales everywhere. What’s this?

I can’t believe my eyes; I must be dreaming. Wake up, Sandra, this isn’t fair!

Woah! Musical introduction. This is what the end of the season does to me, folks. I’m losing it. But that also means summer’s on the way, so remember to start sending your scoop requests for summer TV soon! And, as a special treat, please also send your season finale questions as well.

As usual, all queries/suggestions/ponderings get sent to or @EWSandraG. And as a reminder, we’re on summer schedule now. So Spoiler Room will be on Fridays only, until late summer.

Thanks, y’all.



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