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'Dallas,' 'White Collar,' 'The Middle,' 'Grey's Anatomy': Find out what's next in Spoiler Room

I’m baaaaaack!

Yes, my two-week vacation to the motherland (Texas) was just the refresher I was hoping for before getting into the thick of all the exciting things happening here at EW this summer — like set visits, Comic-Con, general tomfoolery. My highlights? Reigning supreme in my very first Penny Can tournament, cuddling puppies, and getting my mother addicted to The Vampire Diaries. (“Awww! He met her first!” — mom, re: the finale). But now it’s back to work! So enjoy the return of Spoiler Room.

And in case you’ve forgotten: Submit your TV queries to or via Twitter (@EWSandraG). READ FULL STORY

Emmy Watch: Casey Wilson talks the most fun she had last season on 'Happy Endings'

Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to return nomination ballots, is running a series called Emmy Watch, featuring highlight clips and interviews with actors, producers, and writers whom EW TV critic Ken Tucker has on his wish list for the nominations announcement on July 19. 

“My dad is giving out nominations for best daughter. That’s probably what I’ll get nominated for this year,” jokes Casey Wilson. Not if we have anything to say about it. As unlucky-in-love but optimistic Penny on ABC’s Happy Endings, Wilson embodies the concept of total commitment — whether the role requires her to wear pajoveralls (or flowy Angela Bassett pants), perform a defensive monologue about having taken a “whore’s bath,” or stage both a sing fight and a “Torn” duet with Penny’s mother (guest star Megan Mullally) at a boat show. “We choreographed the dance moves to ‘Torn’ together, and for that alone, I feel she deserves an Emmy nomination,” Wilson says. “That was the most fun I had all season, just being so happy to work with her.” Watch a clip below as Wilson takes us inside their collaboration. READ FULL STORY

TV's top time-period battles this fall

With the fall TV schedule now complete (below), we get to step back and take a look at the hellish battleground that broadcast hath wrought. There’s some very tough-to-predict match-ups this fall:*

Tim Allen vs. Whitney Cummings (Fridays, 8-9): “No, my show’s lamer!” ABC and NBC have their low-expectations comedies airing on Fridays this fall, and they might run head-to-head depending on when NBC launches (ABC’s comedies premiere in November). NBC has Whitney and Community and ABC has Last Man Standing and new comedy Malibu Country. (Community fans, if your ass beat by Reba McEntire and Lily Tomlin, we have no words for you). At least 9 p.m. shows Shark Tank and Grimm will have half-way decent lead-ins for once. Our prediction: Edge goes to ABC.

Britney Spears vs. Christina ‪Aguilera‬: OK, so one this is kind of a cheat. The Voice and X Factor won’t air on the same nights, let along in the same time period. But if you think their lack of head-to-head scheduling will matter to the media, you deserve to be hit, baby, one more time. Everybody will obsess over how these two compare. NBC’s The Voice has the wind at its back, averaging 6.2 in the adult demo this season compared to X Factor‘s 4.4. We all want to see how Spears handles the reality show spotlight, but many wonder if she can pull off being entertaining and analytical. Mark Burnett cast The Voice with big names who are charismatic and have the cojones to criticize a singer. Simon Cowell seems to like big names — who are just big names. Prediction: You can’t hold down Xtina. READ FULL STORY

ABC renews 'Happy Endings'

ABC is taking it to the Max: The network has renewed Happy Endings for a full season of 22 episodes!

The off-kilter comedy about six friends in Chicago, which built buzz and broke out to a wider audience in season 2 (airing in the post-Modern Family slot), was expected to received a third-season order.

The network has also picked up its flagship comedy Modern Family as well as The Middle, and Suburgatory. There is no word yet on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing.

'Happy Endings': Watch the first four and a half minutes of Wednesday's season finale -- VIDEO

Who wants to see a Happy Endings season finale featuring the wedding of Derrick (Stephen Guarino), the reunion of a Madonna cover band fronted by Max (Adam Pally), and a wheelchair containing Brian Austin Green? You do.

Who wants to wait until Wednesday night to see the first four and a half minutes of this episode? You don’t.

And you won’t have to. Simply click on the video below and immediately you will be whisked away to Happy land, a place where they save the drama for Wilmer Valderamma, “Save the date” announcements are loud and proud, and Quiet Jane is the scariest Jane (Eliza Coupe). In other news, Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) isn’t glad he went into work today. READ FULL STORY

Spoiler Room Video Edition: Stars from 'Psych' and 'Happy Endings' take your TV questions -- WATCH


Full disclosure: I’m not a funny person — just awkward. And that becomes more evident when I’m in the company of REAL funny people, like the two guys featured in this week’s Spoiler Room: Video Edition.

But one of the best things about having handsome devils Dulé Hill and Adam Pally sit on my couch? They took some of your questions. (It’s two degrees of celebrity interaction! Woo!)

Anyway, if you will lend me your ears for three more sentences (crowd throws ears): Please keep submitting your questions to or via Twitter @EWSandraG. Tomorrow I’m sitting down with Ioan Gruffudd from Ringer, so get ‘em in speedy quick. Enjoy, and I’ll see you Friday for your regular Spoiler Room column! READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings' season finale scoop: Adam Pally on his Madonna cover band, more romantic intrigue

When ABC’s Happy Endings concludes its second season one week from tonight, not only will there be the sound of wedding bells, there will be the sound of Madonna — as interpreted by Max. Turns out, Derrick (Stephen Guarino) is getting hitched to his boyfriend Eric (Nate Smith), and persuades Max (Adam Pally) to reunite with his all-male Madonna cover band, appropriately and awesomely titled Mandonna, for a gig at the reception. The result? An unusual performance of “Like A Prayer” led by Max, who will be seen sporting “fingerless gloves, a long cross earring, some blond highlights, and, of course, a pretty gnarly mole,” according to Pally. READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings': Brian Austin Green to guest-star in season finale -- EXCLUSIVE

In 2010, Brian Austin Green played a big part in a wedding, marrying Megan Fox. In 2012, he will play a fun part in another wedding… on Happy Endings. EW has learned the 90210/Sarah Connor Chronicles vet will guest-star in the season finale of the ABC comedy as a charming dude who winds up attending the nuptials of Penny’s other gay best friend Derrick (Stephen Guarino). The tricky part: He’s not in the best physical condition. The juicy part: He’ll be flirting hard with Penny (Casey Wilson).   READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings' cast talks tonight's 'Smackdown,' upcoming antics, and a possible visit from Jack Bauer

In tonight’s episode of ABC’s disturbingly addictive Happy Endings, the gang becomes entwined in the “5th Annual Spring Smackdown” — an event so inane and ridiculous that it requires t-shirts. The gist is this: Every year, the perpetual slob Max (Adam Pally) comes out of winter hibernation when the show’s married couple, Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane (Eliza Coupe), get into a domestic squabble. Only this year, things don’t go quite as planned. “It’s really funny, because we kind of have it where it looks like we’re fighting from our friends’ point of view, but we’re actually just saying really nice things to each other,” Wayans explained. This leads to a variety of misunderstandings, and hilarity, as always, ensues.

EW was on set with the gang in Los Angeles last week, and if one thing became clear, it was who would win an actual Happy Endings cast Smackdown: Coupe, a woman so raunchy and brazen that most of her hilarious interview was too inappropriate to post on this family-friendly website. (Just picture a lot of talk about threesomes with Michael Fassbender). Still, EW was able to get the scoop on exciting things to come, as well as the cast’s thoughts on babies, Kardashians, and future guest stars. MILD SPOILERS AHEAD! READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings' guest star James Wolk teases Max romance, Dave's jealousy

Tonight, James Wolk (Lone Star) begins his three-episode arc on ABC’s Happy Endings as the former, then current boyfriend of Adam Pally’s Max. The exes have an unexpected reunion in this evening’s Valentine’s Day episode when Max picks up a couple in his limo and one of the passengers is Grant (Wolk), who Max broke up with last Valentine’s Day because he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. “The character was pitched to me like, ‘Grant’s perfect, right? Unlike Max, he wears perfect vest-tie combos, he always says the right thing, everyone embraces him.’ But ultimately, Grant, like many of us, tries to project this perfection, but deep-down he’s flawed,” Wolk says. “One of the really funny things on this show is that everyone kind of disses the significant others that people bring in. Max’s whole thing with Grant was that everybody was gonna really like Grant.”  READ FULL STORY

Colin Hanks to guest-star on 'Happy Endings' -- EXCLUSIVE

Colin Hanks is going from a killer drama to a killer comedy: The actor who played an apocalypse-obsessed serial murderer on Dexter‘s sixth season will guest-star in an episode of Happy Endings, EW has learned. The body count should be considerably lower on the ABC comedy, as he tackles the role of… Colin Hanks, a new celebrity friend of Dave (Zachary Knighton). What brings Hanks into Dave’s world? The Steak Me Home Tonight truck has become a Chicago hotspot boasting designer drinks. READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings': Megan Mullally and Michael McKean share some shocking news in tonight's episode! -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

It’s never easy when one of your parents is out on the dating circuit. It’s doubly difficult when that parent pairs up with one of your friend’s parents. Tonight’s episode of Happy Endings (ABC9:30 p.m.) deals with said predicament as Dave’s dad, Big Dave (guest star Michael McKean!) blows into town and shows off his new girlfriend, who is… Penny’s mom (returning guest star Megan Mullally)! In other plot news, Alex adopts a racist parrot. Watch the two clips below to get your first look at our blended family-in-the-making. Warning: Video may contain wet willies. READ FULL STORY

'Happy Endings': Casey Wilson on the Penny-pony scene you didn't get to see

Happy Endings isn’t afraid to embrace the weird and/or the wacky (see: the Halloween episode, any other minute of the show). But a scene that was shot for the season premiere apparently went a few steps too far into Bizarroville, as Casey Wilson played current-day Penny as well as a geriatric version of Penny and — well, maybe it’s for the best if you hear it from her:

“It was a real look into my future,” she told EW. READ FULL STORY


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