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'How I Met Your Mother' officially renewed for FINAL season


It’s official! After extensive negotiations, CBS has renewed How I Met Your Mother for a ninth season.

And this rumor is now confirmed too: Next season will mark the long-running comedy’s final outing.

All the series regulars will return — Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan — as well as creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

“Through eight years, How I Met Your Mother has mastered the art of leading-edge comedy, emotional water-cooler moments and pop culture catch-phrases,” said Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment.  “We are excited for Carter, Craig, Pam Fryman and this amazing cast to tell the final chapter and reveal television’s most mysterious mother to some of TV’s most passionate fans.” READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother': Five scoops on the rest of the season

UPDATE: In realted news, How I Met Your Mother has officially been renewed for a ninth season. Read about it here.

EARLIER: Monday’s How I Met Your Mother marks the return of everyone’s favorite Canadian pop star, Robin Sparkles.

And to celebrate what could be the final installment of this iconic series (we’ll expand on that in a bit), Cobie Smulders and executive producer Craig Thomas hopped on a conference call with reporters to tease her return and talk about what else is in store for Robin and the gang this season.

'HIMYM': Barney finds the lost episode of Robin Sparkles -- PHOTO

At long last, we are getting another installment of everyone’s favorite denim jacket-clad teen songstress, Robin Sparkles! The countdown is on to the celeb-filled episode of How I Met Your Mother on Feb. 4. Famous Canadians, including Alan Thicke, Jason Priestley, and Alex Trebek will appear in the episode, as well as Robin Sparkles’ “Sandcastles in the Sand” love interest James Van Der Beek. No word yet on how the cameos will manifest, but below, check out the first image of Robin in her Robin Sparkles finest .

'How I Met Your Mother': James Van Der Beek among guest stars for final Robin Sparkles installment

After the last new episode of How I Met Your Mother, executive producer Craig Thomas promised EW a star-studded fourth and final installment of the Robin Sparkles saga, and today, CBS announced the huge list of expected guest stars.

Scheduled to appear in the Feb. 4 episode are: Alan Thicke, James Van Der Beek, Paul Shaffer, Jason Priestley, Alex Trebek, K. D. Lang, former Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page, Rush frontman Geddy Lee, and former Canadian hockey player Luc Robitaille.

Best & Worst of 2012: 10 great and 5 not-so-great episodes

EW takes you through the 10 best and 5 worst television episodes of 2012. See them all below!

The Best

1. Game of Thrones, ”Blackwater” — May 27, HBO
Season 2’s climactic Battle of the Blackwater wins because HBO allowed producers 
the time and cash to stage a ­massive land-and-sea con­frontation. Thus, this was an episode of rousing heroism, chilling cowardice, gory action, and one giant green explosion that went ”FOOOOOM!” The most ingenious part? It made us care about the warriors on both sides. Staging that battle in viewers’ hearts was the episode’s most successful wartime victory of all. –James Hibberd


'HIMYM' expected to return for ninth year

Christmas has come early for fans of How I Met Your Mother!

EW has confirmed that CBS’ Monday night comedy is expected to return for a stunning ninth season. Though nothing’s official yet, talks are thisclose with the actors and the studio, 20th Century Fox TV, to bring the sitcom back for another year on TV’s most-watched network. The series from Craig Thomas and Carter Bays continues to perform well for CBS; Monday’s episode averaged a 3.4 rating in adults 18-49 and 8.6 million viewers. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' boss on the next step for Barney and [spoiler]. Plus, scoop on a big return!

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen tonight’s How I Met Your Mother, do not continue reading.

Monday night’s episode of How I Met Your Mother was not short on memorable moments, and in fact, the episode, which saw Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) getting engaged, is being dubbed by some as one of the best episode of the series.

But even before the episode had hit television screens, executive producer/co-creator Craig Thomas knew it was something special.

“I was on set for [the limo scene with Ted and Robin], and it was just one of those moments where you feel really lucky to work with these actors — and everybody,” he says. “It was just one of those moments where you’re like, ‘Well, you know, the show isn’t going to last forever. So let’s just take a moment while filming this to appreciate the depth of this cast and how much we care about these characters eight years in.'”

But even eight years in, there’s still quite a bit of story to tell. For scoop on tonight’s developments and a look ahead, read more from Entertainment Weekly’s chat with Thomas  below. READ FULL STORY

'NCIS,' 'How I Met Your Mother,' 'Dallas,' 'White Collar': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

Happy Holidays, gang!

As we head into the greatest time of the year, I wish you nothing but goodness. May your stockings be full (of TV on DVD), your families be well (/less crazy than the Graysons), and your holidays be more magical than Storybrooke.

Enjoy your scoop and see you after the holidays! And, if you get a chance, hit up with all scoop inquiries.


'How I Met Your Mother': On set with Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders -- EXCLUSIVE

In the first of two videos from the set of next week’s big (and we promise it’s BIG) episode of How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders sit down with EW to talk about Barney and Robin’s relationship, what the fans tell them about how long it’s taking for them to (finally!) get together, and what they think their characters’ eventual wedding will look like.

The chemistry between Harris and Smulders is as true in real life as it is on camera. In the conversation below, they share a high five, rib each other on their characters, and ponder Robin’s reaction to Barney’s big plans. (Per the episode description, Barney will tell Ted that he plans on proposing to Patrice, “which leads Ted to debate whether or not to tell Robin.”)

Check out the video below!

Seth Green teases 'Robot Chicken' Christmas special, reunion with Alyson Hannigan on 'How I Met Your Mother'

Christmas comes early for fans of Seth Green this year: On Sunday, Robot Chicken’s ATM Christmas Special premieres (Adult Swim, midnight ET), and on Monday, he reunites with his Buffy the Vampire Slayer costar Alyson Hannigan on How I Met Your Mother (CBS, 8 p.m. ET).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: This is your first time acting opposite Alyson on-screen since Buffy.

SETH GREEN: Since then, yes. But Aly and I have worked together since we were teenagers. I think she was 11 or 12, and I was like 13 when we met. We did a movie called My Stepmother is an Alien [1988], and then she made another TV show called Free Spirit and I did a guest spot on that, and then Buffy. She actually jokes that the only thing in her career that I haven’t been a part of is the American Pie movies. [Laughs]

Perhaps you’ll get your chance.

Well, we’ll see. That reunion seemed to tie it all up. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother': A behind-the-scenes peek at Joe Manganiello seducing a jury of 12 horny women

It’s a mid-October morning on the Los Angeles set of How I Met Your Mother, and director Pamela Fryman and writer Stephen Lloyd are deep in conversation about a pivotal moment of tonight’s episode.

“What makes sense is if he doesn’t pump as much,” Fryman says.

“He can grind his hips a little,” adds Lloyd, demonstrating with a small swivel of his own hips.

“Just not bend the knees as much,” Fryman concludes.

Then Fryman turns her attention again to what she tells EW is “a true perk” of her job helming nearly every episode of How I Met Your Mother: directing Joe Manganiello on how to show off his backside.

The True Blood star returned to the CBS comedy as Brad for a two-episode arc that began last week. Brad, Marshall’s law school buddy, has tricked his way into stealing Marshall’s strategy for his firm’s case against Gruber Pharmaceuticals. On top of that, Brad  (who, it turns out, is on Gruber’s legal team) uses what Manganiello calls “questionable tactics” before a jury not of a dozen irate men but of twelve horny women. That’s where Brad taking his sweet time – with strategically positioned buttocks – to pick up a dropped pen comes in. READ FULL STORY

'How I Met Your Mother' stars talk about the return of Joe Manganiello

The bros who rock brunch are back together!

Joe Manganiello returns to How I Met Your Mother in tonight’s episode as Brad, Marshall’s law-school buddy memorable for his tendency to speak in abbreviations (like “eggs benny” and “ridonc”), his failed hockey date with Robin and his determination to bro-ify everything (even Sunday brunch, Mamma Mia!, and bed-and-breakfasts).

In tonight’s episode, “The Stamp Tramp,” Marshall finds Brad on the street, looking very unkempt. Marshall wants to see his old friend back on his feet, so he recommends him for a job at his firm, but this being How I Met Your Mother, that’s when things start to go awry.

Manganiello’s first episode on the CBS comedy aired in 2006, and ever since then, even after he started playing Alcide Herveaux on True Blood, fans continue to approach him in public talking about Brad without ever mentioning werewolves.

“People love bros having brunch,” Manganiello told EW. “Even with the beard and the hair, people come up to me like, ‘Oh bro! You’re Brad!’”

“The Stamp Tramp” marks Manganiello’s first appearance on the show since he started work on True Blood, but the regular talent on the show contend that he’s the same Joe they knew before he made it big on the HBO vampire show. Read on to learn what the cast of How I Met Your Mother – along with the show’s longtime director, Pamela Fryman – had to say about the return of Brad. READ FULL STORY

'Castle,' 'Criminal Minds,' 'American Horror Story,' 'Arrow': Find out what's next in the Spoiler Room

It is trying times for some here on the east coast, but as many have said much more eloquently this week, we soldier on.

Here’s some scoop. I hope it makes you smile no matter where you live.

Castle is doing its first Christmas episode! And while I was chatting with executive producer Andrew Marlowe about Castle’s slate of November episodes, I made sure to ask him about this hotly anticipated hour, which will be the show’s last new episode of 2012 (aka: midseason finale).

Per the boss, the “charming and heartfelt” episode will chronicle Castle and Beckett’s first Christmas as a couple. “We’ll see the pressures of that and what each of their personal traditions are and how those might clash — and complement each other,” says Marlowe. Meanwhile, fans to see Christmas through the eyes of lots of our precinct faves. “[We’ll see] what Esposito is doing for Christmas, what Lainey is doing for Christmas — and what they may or may not be doing together, and Ryan is having a little Christmas crisis of his own,” he says.

There’s also a Santa falling from the sky (Marlowe jokes that we should not to watch with Santa-loving children “unless you want to have to explain some stuff”) and a gift exchange to remember. Oh, and those of you claiming it’s time for the Ryan family to expand? “We certainly plant some seeds about that in the Christmas episode,” he teases.

You learned earlier today that Michelle Trachtenberg is going to go crazy on Criminal Minds! (You’re welcome.) But what I’m sure especially caught your eye was the tidbit where I told you that the episode would delve deep into Reid’s mystery woman. An additional nugget? It’s one of TWO upcoming episodes that will introduce us to this yet-unseen woman a bit more. (The identity of the actress is still a technical secret, but I can tell you that I have seen correct guesses.)

Executive producer Erica Messer tells me that episode 10 and 12 — the latter has Trachtenberg — will both inform audiences about who this woman is and show us a bit more of her unique relationship with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). (Also, she will be unmasked!) “Episodes 10 and 12 are the really big ones for [audiences] to see this character who we all know and love actually feel emotion for another person in a way that is not typical of him,” she says. “I think what we’ve all promised you guys is that it’s not going to be a typical love story or anything we’ve seen on this show. And I think Matthew would argue that you haven’t seen a story like this at all.”

In both episodes, she adds, the show will follow up in the information audiences learned in episode 4 — that the mysterious character is “running from someone and something.” And naturally, Messer teases, “her journey collides with the team.”


Guys, I just can’t with AHS. I mean, I can. I do. I watch. I love. But last week almost made me sick.

Luckily, there’s a little less gross-out in the next two episodes and a lot of developments. (Mind you, there are still some gross-out moments.) For a taste of what’s to come: Who’s up for a game?

+ This week, [character] will [spoiler] with [character] in the kitchen.
+ Did we know that [character] knows about [character]’s evil deeds? I don’t think we did…
+ [Character] is going to try to [spoiler] [character]!! [Her or she] might succeed…
+ Two patients will be outside Briarcliff’s walls sooner than we think. But there’s a twist…
+ As EW told you first, this week, you’ll be introduced to a character named Anne Frank (Franka Potente). (Don’t scoff, watch.) Along with making crazy accusations about [character], she’ll have [character] questioning [his or her] sanity.


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