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'In Plain Sight' series finale preview: Will WITSEC close forever?! -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

In Plain Sight closes out its five-year run tonight and it would be out of character for the show to go out on anything less than a nail-biting last note. In this case? There’s the possibility that WITSEC might be closing its doors!

In the exclusive clip below, Marshall is pulled into Stan’s office to get some news — and it doesn’t look good. Of course, when theories start flying, Mary is left concerned — but not nearly concerned as I am!

From the first of the final batch of episodes, we knew that this season of In Plain Sight would take many twists and turns. And so far there’s been a new baby, a new flame for Mary (Kenny, played by Josh Hopkins), the appearance of Mary’s dad (Stephen Lang), and then the death of Mary’s dad in the last episode. Could this be the show’s final game-changer? Maybe. But there is more to this story. For the full scoop, you’ll have to tune into the show’s final episode, airing tonight at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

'In Plain Sight' star Mary McCormack on final season: There will be closure for Mary and Marshall fans

Deputy Marshall Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) is back for a fifth and final season of In Plain Sight tonight on USA, but this time around, things are a little complicated. Well, actually, they’re very complicated by something that’s very little.

At the end of last season, McCormack went into labor after spending much of the season (on screen and off) juggling pregnancy and a demanding job. Her character, however, seemed set on giving the child up for adoption. Tonight, we learn just how that worked out. (Yeah, it didn’t happen.) And now Mary is faced with fresh challenges as a new mom. “I have a newborn — she’s six months today. So I can relate to being tired and trying to do your job well and not being very good at either,” says McCormack. “She’s managing. She’s grouchier than ever, but she’s managing.”

The IPS writers room had to do a bit of managing themselves going into this final season. With only eight episodes to wrap up a laundry list of hanging plots and with some uncharted territory to explore, the to-do list seemed ambitious. But McCormack says the advance notice about the show’s conclusion enabled them to craft a proper end to the story. So, yes, Mary and Marshall (Fred Weller) fans, there will be closure.

“You definitely will see it dealt with,” says McCormack of the fan-favorite pairing between Mary and her longtime partner. “I don’t think I should tell which way it will go, but it won’t be ignored. We carry that right through [the end of the series]. It’s in every episode because fans of the show are interested in what that is and what it has the potential to be.” In tonight’s episode, the build-up toward the climax of this story line seemingly begins as viewers see hints of Mary’s jealousy toward Marshall’s girlfriend.

And these last episodes will also explore Mary’s family a bit more, with the introduction of her absent father in episode 5. “[He’s] a big part of her loss and injury and why she is how she is,” says McCormack. “It is the source of her anger, sadness, control issues. It’s all about that guy. It changes everything for her.” Another curveball? Her character’s sudden romantic entanglement with Cougar Town actor Josh Hopkins. He plays a love interest named Kenny, who Mary meets in a coffee shop. “Everything is changing in her life” says McCormack. READ FULL STORY

'In Plain Sight': 'Twin Peaks' alum set for savvy guest role

Things are about to get a little strange on the final season of In Plain Sight.

Mädchen Amick, better known as Twin Peaks‘ Shelly Johnson, is set for a guest role on the fifth and final season of the USA series starring Mary McCormack, EW has learned exclusively. Amick will play associate director Lisa Ruffino, the second in command at WITSEC, who, according to casting intel, “is a savvy political operator who comes to Albuquerque with news about the office.” Well, that sounds nice and ominous. She will appear in the March 23 episode.

This is not the first USA series in which Amick has appeared. Earlier this season she had a guest spot on White Collar, although, oddly, was not among the cast members to appear in the Twin Peaks-themed episode of Psych, which reunited a number of original cast members. Her other credits include roles on Damages, Californication, and Gossip Girl.

In Plain Sight returns March 16.

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Hi. I am a HUGE fan of True Blood. I know this season is primarily about Sookie/Eric, but this Bill fan wants to know if the former couple will have any decent scenes together as well? Will Bill be pursuing Sookie or is he too busy with his new power position? — CK
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Mary McCormack talks 'In Plain Sight' pregnancy twist: 'She's not maternal'

On tonight’s episode of In Plain Sight, star Mary McCormack’s character is learning what fans have been told to expect for months (ever since they were told the actress’s real-life pregnancy would be worked into the show): She’s expecting.

Unlike the fans, the news comes as a shock to the hard-talking character. In a chat with EW, McCormack previewed the big changes coming for Mary Shannon and talked about the effect this baby twist will have on the rest of the season. READ FULL STORY

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But fear not. Summer TV brings its bounty not too long after and we should rejoice in that. So please send your questions to me. AND if you have any burning questions/general comments about any season finales, send those in, too. We’ll track down some answers, yeah?

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I’ll keep today’s usually-rambly intro short: You want scoop? Ask! All you have to do is email me at or find me on Twitter (@EWSandraG), where you will see I’ve already started celebrating Supernatural‘s upcoming Western episode (see below for scoop!). Don’t see yours below? Come back Friday; there’s a good chance it might be there then.



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Exclusive: 'Smallville' vet takes flight on 'Sight'

aaron-ashmore-mccormackImage Credit: Haidee Malkin/WireImage.comEx-Smallville shutterbug Aaron Ashmore has landed a recurring role on USA Network’s In Plain Sight, sources confirm to me exclusively. READ FULL STORY


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