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InsideTV Podcast: Artis from 'Survivor: Philippines' blasts Mike Skupin

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

He may have aligned with the wrong people in Abi and Pete, but Artis Silvester was all class in his final words after being voted off of Survivor: Philippines. However, as we found on on the InsideTV Podcast, that does not mean he doesn’t hold a grudge. And that grudge is aimed squarely at Michael Skupin. Artis is not upset about Skupin flipping at last night’s Tribal Council. He just doesn’t like the dude — at all. “He’s not a nice person,” Artis said when he called in to talk to Jessica Shaw and me about his experience on the island. “I despised Mike.” Ouch!

Artis is also not happy with the way he’s been portrayed as a villain on the “evil” alliance with Abi and Pete. Click on the audio player icon below to hear what he has to say about that as well as his reveal on whom he wanted to go to the finals with (you might be surprised), and his not so sunny reunion with fellow juror RC at Ponderosa. (The Survivor discussion and interview starts at 20:40.)

But first, we welcome James Hibberd to the show as he, Jessica, and I reveal our picks for the best returning show of the fall. What dramas and comedies do we feel have not only continued to be strong, but have actually gotten stronger this year. Listen in and see if you agree, and nominate your own picks as well. READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: A 'pissed' Jeff Kent explains why he's 'still a little dumbfounded' after being voted off 'Survivor: Philippines'

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

He is a former Major League Baseball MVP, but Jeff Kent struck out in his attempt to win Survivor: Philippines. Well, that’s not entirely fair. After all, he did make the jury, so maybe it was more of a pop-out. (Just don’t ask me to explain the freakin’ infield fly rule.) Now, after his worst nightmare of being voted off before Jonathan Penner came true, Jeff called into the InsideTV Podcast to discuss and dissect his time on the island.

While using the word “pissed” about a thousand times, Jeff talks all about what went wrong, including things we did not see, like his aborted attempt to oust Pete last week instead of RC. He also explains his final words dis of Barack Obama as well as theorizing why Penner ended up voting for Abi, ensuring that Jeff went home instead. And in what qualifies as something of a bombshell shocker, Kent has nothing but complimentary things to say about the man he seemed obsessed with getting off the island. Plus, he reveals his biggest regret of the game. Listen in for yourself to find out how Jeff is dealing with his defeat. (Hint: Not well.) READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: David Morrissey and Gale Anne Hurd tell you what to expect in Woodbury on tonight's 'Walking Dead'

Image credit: Gene Page/AMC

The first two episodes of The Walking Dead’s third season saw Rick Grimes and Co. infiltrate and make a prison their new home/fortress. But tonight’s episode will take a drastic turn as we are finally introduced to the big bad of season 3, The Governor. Not only will we finally meet the Governor, but we will get an up close and personal tour of the town he calls home: Woodbury, GA.

But you don’t have to wait until tonight to hear from the Governor, because the man who plays him, David Morrissey, is ready to talk to you right here and right now! Morrissey and exec-producer Gale Anne Hurd stopped by EW’s InsideTV Podcast studio to drop some intel on the character fans will soon love to hate. What makes the Governor tick? And how is he similar and different to the comic book version of the character? Not only that, but David will respond to Andrew Lincoln starting a war of words between the characters a few months back. Also, Gale will offer some insight into the Rick 2.0 we witnessed chopping off legs and killing inmates the past two weeks. It’s a must-listen for any Walking Dead fan. (The Walking Dead interview starts at 15:00.)

But before the zombies attack, we need to discuss a slightly sexier supernatural being: the vampire. Mandi Bierly joins me to talk all things Vampire Diaries, including Elena’s recent transformation and the arrival of mysterious vampire hunter Connor Jordan. We break down what’s happened so far, and Mandi offers teases as to what’s coming up next. It’s a conversation you’ll want to sink your teeth into. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Are you digging Elena on 'The Vampire Diaries' as a bloodsucker?

Image Credit: The CW

The Vampire Diaries took a big gamble when they decided to have Elena begin the transformation from human to vampire. And the show took an even bigger risk when it decided to have Stefan and Bonnie’s attempts to save her from her fate fall short — meaning there is no turning back now. How do we feel about Elena now joining the ranks of the bloodsuckers? And where do both the character and the show go from here? TVD expert Mandi Bierly joins me on this week’s edition of the InsideTV Podcast to break down the ramifications of the big new twist and what it means for everyone in Mystic Falls. Not only that, but we also take a long hard look at the new vampire hunter in town, Connor Jordan. Whatever you do, don’t shake his hand! Just click on the audio player below to listen in.

But that’s not all, oh lovers of all things supernatural. We also have a revealing chat with the new big bad on The Walking Dead. The Governor is coming, and the man who plays him, David Morrissey, stopped by our studio along with Walking Dead exec-producer Gale Anne Hurd to drop some intel on both the man and his seemingly idyllic town of Woodbury (which we will see for the first time in this Sunday’s episode). Gale also talks about the big change in Rick this season, while David responds to some trash talk from Andrew Lincoln, who dissed and dismissed his on-screen opponent to us a few months ago. The battle is joined! READ FULL STORY

'The Walking Dead': Michael Rooker says 'You got Merle all wrong!'

Image credit: Gene Page/AMC

Merle Dixon. He’s the character Walking Dead fans love to hate, but the man who plays him, Michael Rooker, insists that Merle is simply misunderstood. According to Rooker, Merle is a positively delightful individual who did nothing wrong on that roof before he was handcuffed and left to die back in season 1. Who knows? Maybe he’s right, because when I went on set for an upcoming season 3 scene, the residents of Woodbury could not stop chanting his name — “Merley! Merely! Merely!” — over and over.

On this week’s InsideTV Podcast, Rooker explains what makes Merle so gosh darn swell. He also offers his theory as to where Merle has been all this time (“I tell people I’ve been done to the Bahamas. I learned how to make mixed drinks, partied a bit, and then decided to come back north.”), his thoughts on appendages (including a spatula) that can be added to the contraption where his right hand used to be, and what might happen when Merle and brother Daryl are finally reunited. Does the conversation go off the rails a few times? DAMN STRAIGHT! What else would you expect from our main man! Ladies and gentlemen, feast your ears on the world according to Michael Rooker! Click on the audio player below if you handle the truth he’s throwing down. (The Michael Rooker Walking Dead chat starts at 21:45.) READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Dawson gives the intimate details of her kiss with Jeff Probst. Plus: 'Revolution' and 'The Walking Dead'

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

She came. She saw. She smooched Jeff Probst. If we didn’t know better, we would say that was the main reason Sarah Dawson went on Survivor: Philippines — to plant a big fat wet one on the host. It was certainly a Survivor first and Probst looked both taken aback and amused by the aggressive move. We already got Jeff’s take on the situation, so now it is time to check in the with the kisser as opposed to the kissee. Dawson joined us on this week’s edition of the InsideTV Podcast to discuss what we didn’t see during the big smooch, as well as why she pulled Abi-Maria’s hair and did not out Jeff Kent as a baseball player. She also tells us who is NEXT on her kiss list! However, Dawson’s not alone. She is joined by Dana Lambert, whose body broke down on her and forced her to quit the game. Dana tells us exactly how bad she was, as well as what was wrong with her and how long she had to stay in a hospital after. She also says Dawson and Katie driver her bonkers on the island. (Shocker!)

And that’s not our only interview of the podcast. In fact, it’s the mere appetizer for the main course! The man who plays Merle on The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker, stops by, and the conversation is about as off the rails as you would expect a conversation with Michael Rooker to be. Rooker tries his best to convince me that Merle is not a racist and is one of the most swell people you’ll ever meet in your entire life. I’m inclined not to believe him. Then, Jessica Shaw and I discuss NBC’s own post-apocalyptic drama, Revolution. Does this series have what it takes to break the seemingly endless cycle of one-season-and-done science fiction network dramas (RIP: Surface, Invasion, Threshold, The Event, Flash Forward, Alcatraz, Terra Nova, etc…)? I present my list of what I think the show is doing right and wrong. READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead': 5 things you need to know for season 3

Image credit: Gene Page/AMC

Finally! Seven months after the gang fled the farm and a Ricktatorship was born, The Walking Dead returns tonight for season 3 of the zombie drama.

Curious as to what’s in store for the survivors? Be curious no longer! On the latest edition of the InsideTV Podcast, I break down the five things you need to know heading into the season. After watching the first two episodes, visiting both the prison and Woodbury sets, and talking to all the actors and producers involved, I have condensed all that information into a handy-dandy five points that will have you perfectly primed and ready for tonight’s premiere.

That’s not all! Jessica Shaw and I have also seen the next two episodes of Showtime’s Homeland. We talk about the aftermath of Saul’s discovery of the Brody tape. What does it mean? And where does it go from here? We offer hints and teases without spoiling anything. But allow us to say this: It is off the hook.

And we start things this week with what may just be the most psychologically revealing reality-show exit interview of all time. Russell Swan went off on a few tirades during his time on Survivor: Philippines. But as rough as things were out there for him on the island, what has been even rougher for Swan is having to watch it unfold all over again on television in front of millions of people. Listen in on what is at times a painful and heartbreaking conversation with a man still looking for answers on how it all went wrong. READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: A despondent Russell Swan talks about his 'Survivor' experience -- 'I'm in a tough psychological situation'

Image credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

It’s hard enough when things don’t go well out there on the island on Survivor. But then you have to come back home and watch them not go well all over again on television. In fact, they usually go even worse, because now you have to watch other players say lots of mean things about you. That helps explain the fragile nature of Russell Swan when Jessica Shaw and I spoke to him on this week’s edition of the InsideTV Podcast. Russell is taking a deep, long look inside himself in the wake of what could only be described as a disastrous run on Survivor: Philippines, and he explains the pain of having to explain to his 9-year-old daughter what exactly went wrong out there — meaning, basically everything. It’s about as honest of an emotional inventory as you are likely to hear (and worth you fighting through a few minutes of audio difficulty in the middle).

Also on tap this week, I take the five questions every Walking Dead fan wants answered heading into season 3 and offer juicy teases as to what to expect when the AMC drama returns this Sunday night. Plus, Jessica and I react to last week’s Homeland bombshell and preview the awesomeness in store for the next two episodes. You will not believe what is coming up next! READ FULL STORY

'The Good Wife': Get ready for the show's most scandalous scene yet!

Image Credit: Jeffrey Neira

You’d expect shows on youth-oriented networks like The CW or Fox to push the boundaries of sexual content on network television, but The Good Wife on stodgy old CBS has never been shy either. Two years ago, the legal drama aired a guy-on-gal oral sex scene between Peter and Alicia Florrick, and tonight’s episode features another incident that somehow slipped by network censors. I won’t spoil the details, but let’s just say it involves Kalinda, her (recently reunited with) husband, and…um, ice cream. If what I think is happening in the scene actually happens, well, let’s just say it is definitely a first on network TV. On this week’s InsideTV Podcast, Jessica Shaw and I tease that scene and break down all the new faces on the show.

How do we feel about the introduction of Mr. Kalinda? Why are we loving Nathan Lane as the firm’s new trustee? And what can we tell you about Maura Tierney’s debut on the show tonight? We’ve seen the next two episodes so we can tell you plenty! (If you want to skip straight to The Good Wife discussion, it begins at 20:30.)

That’s not all that’s on the menu. I also interview recently-ousted Survivor castoff Angie Layton and ask her how she feels about being clapped at by host Jeff Probst and having tribemate Russell Swan dismiss her as a “little girl.” Good stuff for all you Survivor fans out there. And we also invite dancemaster extraordinaire Annie Barrett back on to the program to discuss Dancing With the Stars: All Stars. Annie is loving the new season and puts her prognosticating prowess on the line by picking a winner. (The DWTS chat starts at 32:30.) READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Angie from 'Survivor' talks about being clapped at by Jeff Probst

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

In most circumstances, clapping is something one does to show approval of someone else’s actions — like when a person throws a touchdown pass or nails a ballet recital. But that’s not what it meant when Survivor’s Jeff Probst clapped at poor Angie Layton during Tribal Council after she talked about wanting cookies. No, Jeff’s repeated palm strikes — while accompanied by an admonishment to “Wake up!” was something else altogether. And I asked Angie just how she felt about that treatment on the newest edition of the InsideTV Podcast. I also asked her how she felt about Russell Swan condescendingly referring to her as “little girl” at last night’s Tribal Council. Oh, and then there’s Roxy! Angie has plenty to say about Roxy. You’ll be treated to all that and more —like whether she and Malcolm really were a couple or not — by clicking on the audio player icon below.

But we’re talking much more than just Survivor. Jessica Shaw joins me to chat about the new season of The Good Wife. How are we feeling about the appearance of Kalinda’s husband? Why are we totally digging Nathan Lane as the firm’s new trustee? And what can we tell you about Maura Tierney’s debut on the show this coming Sunday? We’ve seen the next two episodes so can tell you plenty! (If you want to skip straight to The Good Wife discussion, it begins at 20:30.)

Then we call in dancing fool Annie Barrett to break down the new season of the somewhat repetitively titled Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars. Ratings for the show are down sharply, but Annie tells us why she is loving the new (meaning old) cast of returnees. And she puts her prognosticating prowess on the line by picking a winner. (The DWTS chat starts at 32:30.) READ FULL STORY

'Homeland': Why Brody needs to be caught or killed in season 2

Image Credit: Kent Smith/Showtime

Homeland was the big winner at the Emmys last week as the show won best drama while the two leads — Claire Danes and Damian Lewis — both took home acting trophies. They were rewards for an electric first season filled with equal parts tension and… well, terrorists. The good news is, we’ve seen the first two episodes of season 2 (which debuts tonight on Showtime) and the excellence continues. But EW’s Jessica Shaw and I have a worry as well: How long can the show string out Nicholas Brody’s secret double life as an agent of al-Qaeda?

On the latest edition of the InsideTV Podcast, we offer up some season 2 teases while also discussing an exit strategy for how the show should eventually have Brody be caught or killed and move on to another case. Not that we aren’t riveted by Lewis’ performance. But Homeland producer Howard Gordon may want to look to the model of his former show, 24, which was (mostly) able to move from one intriguing season-long conspiracy to another, instead of sticking with one story for too long. Listen in by clicking on the audio player below and see if you agree.

That’s not all. We also give our initial thoughts on ABC’s new submarine drama, Last Resort. We both loved the pilot. Unfortunately, we’re not as crazy about the next episode. And then we break down the season so far of Survivor: Philippines. Who are we loving and loathing? And which category does former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel fall into? Finally, we invite Sons of Anarchy expert Mandi Bierly in to talk about the most recent shocking death scene and why — as painful as it was — it totally makes sense in the SOA universe. READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Why 'Sons of Anarchy' had to kill off [SPOILER]. Plus: 'Homeland,' 'Last Resort' and 'Survivor'

Image Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter punched his viewers in the gut this week when he killed off one of the show’s most beloved characters. If you’ve been living under a rock or catching up on the show and don’t know who it was, STOP READING NOW!  Over the course of the series, Opie has had pretty much every awful thing happen to him that possibly could, so to now have him killed in the most brutal way possible — being literally beaten to death—was simply too much for many fans to bear. But as SOA expert Mandi Bierly tells us on this week’s edition of the InsideTV Podcast, Opie’s offing makes total sense in the narrative of both the character and the show.

This wasn’t a death done for mere shock value. The clues were there all along, and all that fan outrage only means one thing — that the show ultimately succeeded in making Opie’s death as painful for viewers as it was for Jax and the Sons themselves. That’s called resonating. Continue your mourning by clicking on the audio player below as we break everything down and offer up some teases as to what to expect in the episodes to come. (The Sons of Anarchy chat beings at 24:00.)

But that’s not all we’re discussing and dissecting. Jessica Shaw and I have seen the first few episodes of Homeland’s second season and offer our spoiler-free review while also wondering how long the show can afford to keep Brody’s terrorist ties a secret. Then, we take a look at ABC’s new submarine drama, Last Resort. We both loved the first episode, but have major concerns about episode 2 (which we were able to view early). We’ll break down how Last Resort veers off course, and what it needs to do to get back to the promise of the pilot. (The Last Resort discussion starts at 9:35.) Finally, we break down the new season of Survivor: Philippines. Which players are we loving and loathing so far? And just how angry can I get when Jessica appears ready to say something negative about my 1980s TV crush Lisa Whelchel? Tune in and find out! (The Survivor chat starts at 16:20.) READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Ian, Dan, and Danielle talk about the 'Big Brother' finale! And Dan shocks a 'livid' Danielle one last time...on our show!

Image Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

It was a finale for the ages — specifically, the age in which lovably low rent reality television took over both our television sets and our lives. Dan, Danielle, and Ian all entered last night with dreams of dollar signs dancing in their heads. In the end, however, Danielle was in tears, Dan was in shock after being almost goose-egged by a still bitter jury, and Ian’s biggest, nerdiest fantasy had finally come true as the 21-year-old engineering student won the $500,000 and title of Big Brother 14 champion.

How were the three feeling the morning after? We called them up on the InsideTV Podcast to find out. And fireworks ensued when Dan told us that he would have taken Ian to the final two had he won the final HOH challenge. How did Danielle take that when we informed her of that fact a few minutes later? Not well. Not well at all. She had no idea until we told her! Her realization and response alone may just make this the best InsideTV Podcast EVER! Also: How caught off guard was Ian by Dan’s attack during their final pleas to the jury? Does Dan blame the jury for his loss? Would Danielle have taken Dan or Shane to the finals? And where is that grandfather cross necklace now? We ask the final three all that and more on this special Big Brother edition of the InsideTV Podcast. READ FULL STORY

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