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Scott Aukerman on the late-night landscape, U2 T-shirts, and the 'Comedy Bang! Bang!' series finale

Fans of whimsically funny television, rejoice! Scott Aukerman’s untethered late-night talk show Comedy Bang! Bang! returns for a third season at 10:30 p.m. ET on IFC tonight. The premiere features Aukerman and his musical sidekick Reggie Watts welcoming guest Patton Oswalt to their sofa for a delightfully odd half-hour — we liked it so much we decided we wanted to chat with Scott ourselves. Read on for our interview with the increasingly ubiquitous podcast/TV/improv/sketch/musical star who’s proven himself to be such an essential part of the cool-kid comedy scene that he can count even President Obama as a collaborator. READ FULL STORY

'Sleepy Hollow': Tom Mison on becoming Ichabod Crane and season 1's hair-raising finale

What’s the secret to Sleepy Hollow‘s success? It’s easy to point to any number of factors — breakneck pacing, sharp writing, a supernatural premise that takes itself just seriously enough. Ask a Sleepyhead to answer that question, though, and chances are they’ll respond with just two words: Tom Mison, a.k.a. the English stage actor who stars as moody, arch, utterly captivating man out of time Ichabod Crane.

Nobody’s more surprised by how well the show has hit than Mison himself. “We’re [shooting] in some dark corner of deepest North Carolina — [so] we’re kind of in a bit of a bubble,” he tells EW. “We weren’t aware of how many billboards there were all over New York, for example, or how much it was promoted on telly.” Now, though, the word is out — and the humble Brit is having a blast both filming the show and keeping up with the fervent fanbase it’s already produced. “They’re very clever people watching,” he says, “which is a dream. It’s so nice to be part of something that inspires people.”

Before the series returns from a baseball-induced hiatus with an all-new episode tonight, read on to learn how Mison snagged the role of a lifetime — as well as his thoughts on Ichabod’s never-changing outfit, Sleepy‘s twisted version of American history, and Crane’s future with Detective Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), the Scully to Ichabod’s Mulder.


UFC president Dana White on the new season of 'The Ultimate Fighter,' the rise of Ronda Rousey, and the celeb who makes him starstruck

Tonight at 10 on Fox Sports 1 marks the premiere of the 18th season of The Ultimate Fighter, the long-running reality competition series that puts a bunch of up-and-coming mixed martial artists in a house and lets them duke it out for a shot at UFC glory. For the first time, half of the contestants will be female, and both mixed-gender teams will be coached by women: UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and top contender (and personal Rousey rival) Miesha Tate. Rousey is a particularly important member of the current UFC roster, as she is seeing a tremendous amount of mainstream success since she debuted in the UFC earlier this year: She posed nude in ESPN The Magazine, appeared on the cover of Maxim, and will be showing up in the next sequels in both The Expendables and Fast and Furious franchises.

The premiere of season 18 is its first on the just-launched Fox Sports 1, which marks the third network for the show (it previously aired on SpikeTV and then FX). Through 18 seasons, the one consistent thread has been that of Dana White, the UFC president who also acts as the show’s host, cheerleader, and verbal smackdown-layer. As noted in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, the rise of UFC has a lot to do with White’s skills as a promoter and a talker. EW caught up with White for an extended conversation about the current season of The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC’s upcoming 20th anniversary (a documentary on its trip will air in November), and who his favorite celebrity fight fan is.


'Vice' on HBO season two preview: Shane Smith talks scoops, celebrity correspondents, and aiming for EGOTs

Throughout the week, the team at Vice has been uploading episodes from the first season of their globetrotting gonzo-journalism HBO series for fans to watch for free online.

But the Emmy-nominated series — which grabbed headlines this year for sending Dennis Rodman to North Korea, among other things — isn’t resting on its Kim Jong-un–hazing laurels: the crew’s already hard at work on their second season. Vice cofounder and CEO Shane Smith spoke to us from Afghanistan to talk about the places they’ll be going, the scoops they’ll be getting, and the Pulitzer Prize they’ve got their eyes on.

EW: So where are you right now?

Shane Smith: I’m in Kandahar. It’s a bit quiet because it’s Eid right now, but it’s a bit of a hairy town, obviously, because it’s the capital and birthplace of the Taliban. So you’ve gotta keep a low profile. We’ve been investigating on how much money we’re wasting here — some estimates say as much as $100 billion on schools that’ve become chicken coops and military bases that’ve become goat farms. And we’re gearing up to head up to the Helmand Province soon, so that’ll be big.

The craziest thing we’re doing here, which is supposed to happen in the next couple of days, is that we’re supposed to go out with [General] Abdul Raziq, who’s the head of the border police here in Kandahar. He’s essentially the most powerful man in the southeast — he controls the Pakistani border, and he’s known as the Taliban Killer. He was trained by the special forces and now he’s gone apes—; he’s the only guy the Taliban fear. So we’re going out on a crazy patrol with his lunatic forces who are sort of half-dressed as the Afghan National Army and half-dressed as Adam and the Ants. They’re all very colorful chaps who are not afraid to go out and engage. If it all comes together, that’s going to be the craziest thing I’ve ever f—ing done.

And we are meeting with the Taliban while we’re here to get their take on things as well. We’re going to go up to a Jirga, which is a tribal council. We’ve been invited by one of the warlords, so they can’t f— with us because we’re under his hospitality.



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