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'Fringe' preview: What to expect now that Joshua Jackson is back -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Last week’s episode of Fox’s Fringe — the fourth of the sci-fi drama’s fourth season — saw the return of Joshua Jackson’s character Peter Bishop, MIA since last May’s season finale. After a time-travel adventure that culminated with a reboot of history, Peter was forgotten by those who knew him as an adult, because in the new version of time, he had died when he was a child, not just in one world, but on two parallel Earths. (The show makes this easier to understand than the previous sentence might suggest.) Yet Peter’s essence endured somewhere on the ethereal plane, and more, his spirit was trying to break back into the realm of flesh and bone, brick, and mortar. He accomplished the mission last week, splashing down like an astronaut falling to Earth. Or rather a naked astronaut. Because he was naked.

Yet Peter’s return to a more conventional semblance of human existence brings with it some unconventional problems — like the fact that the timeline is alien to him and no one “remembers” him. READ FULL STORY

Michael Emerson to former 'Lost' co-star Terry O'Quinn: I won't quit you, either!

Our ongoing lobbying coverage of a potential John Locke/Benjamin Linus TV reunion continues! Last week, Terry O’Quinn (now guest-starring on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 with ex-Oceanic 815er Daniel Dae Kim) told EW he still wants to work with fellow Lost co-star Michael Emerson (now on CBS’ Person of Interest), even though plans for a J.J. Abrams-produced action-drama vehicle fell apart earlier this year. Said O’Quinn: “I was actually looking to do a series after Lost. … Michael and I fiddled around with one and we sort of got through the process of generating some interest in it, and we just didn’t come up with a script that everyone agreed on. Michael and I stay in touch; we still talk about that. Maybe we’ll make it happen before we get too creaky. I would love to have at least one more good experience like Lost.”

“I feel very much the same way,” Emerson tells “I was very gratified to read that in the press. We’ve both told each other that even though there may be some bumps along the road, sooner or later, we’re going to work together.” For fans of Emerson’s new show with Jim Caviezel (and there could be a lot of them: Person of Interest launched last week to 13.2 million viewers), the actor has some scoop about tonight’s episode (airing at 9/8 c): READ FULL STORY

'Fringe': Joshua Jackson pens key mythology tale in new digital comic 'Beyond the Fringe' -- FIRST LOOK

Now we know what happened to Peter Bishop after he disappeared from history in last May’s season finale of Fringe — he took a job writing comics.

In advance of the Fox’s sci-fi saga’s season four premiere on Friday (9/8c PM), DC Entertainment is launching Beyond The Fringe, a new comic book series that fans of the show can buy for 99 cents via digital download. The first installment — available this afternoon at — is written by Joshua Jackson himself and drawn Jorge Jimenez. (Cover art is by Drew Johnson.) New issues will post every two weeks and will alternate between “A storylines” and “B storylines.” The former will explore uncharted regions of the show’s mythology; the latter will feature “what if?” tales that imagine variations of events and adventures.

Jackson’s three-part “A” arc is entitled “Peter and The Machine” and takes place between the events depicted in the season three finale and the forthcoming season premiere. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television supplied EW with a two-page excerpt from the comic, sans captions and word balloons. However, since we watch Fringe wayyy too closely, we might surmise the context.  READ FULL STORY

'Alcatraz' producer on 'Lost' comparison: 'We totally embrace it.'

Is Alcatraz the next Lost? You can’t help asking the question. The show comes from Bad Robot productions, home of Lost co-creator J. J. Abrams. The Alcatraz showrunner is iconic Lost writer Elizabeth Sarnoff. One of the show’s stars — arguably the biggest name attached, depending on how often you rewatch Jurassic Park — is Jorge Garcia, Lost‘s lovable Hurley. After a rough pilot season that saw the series picked up as a midseason replacement, Fox hired Jack Bender as an executive producer and director — the same Jack Bender who directed most of the iconic episodes of Lost, including the three-hour finale. And that’s not to mention the plot, which focuses on a mysterious island, features extensive use of flashbacks, and might even (why not?) include time travel. READ FULL STORY

Comic-Con reaction: What fans had to say about J.J. Abrams' new series 'Alcatraz'

Could J.J. Abrams have another hit on his hands? Or is his new series Alcatraz, debuting this fall on Fox, an all-too-familiar tune?

The audience members flowing out of the last night’s Comic-Con screening in San Diego seemed largely to agree that Abrams’ stamp was all over this new mystery (duh) series, which stars Sarah Jones (Sons of Anarchy), Sam Neill (Jurassic Park), and Lost alum Jorge Garcia. But the twist-filled, time-jumping hour proved to be a lot for some to take in. Here are some of the reactions EW got at the exit door:

Chris Brewer, Sacramento, Calif. — “It was really cool. I really like J.J. Abrams and it felt like one of his. It’s a cool idea and I think they can do a lot with it. It had that Lost feel to it — there were a lot of questions. It’s a little bit supernatural, but also grounded. I like the Alcatraz [prison] setting.” READ FULL STORY

Fox picks up 'Bones' spin-off 'The Finder,' J.J. Abrams 'Alcatraz' to series

UPDATED: Fox just picked up two dramas to series: The Finder, a spin-off of its hit drama Bones starring Geoff Stults, and Alcatraz, the J.J. Abrams mystery featuring Lost co-star Jorge Garcia.

Finder has Stults as a former military policeman whose brain damage from two tours in Iraq have given him the ability to locate anything or anyone. The 13-episode order comes despite the fact that ratings for the backdoor pilot episode of Bones featuring Stults (and costars Saffron Burrows and Michael Clarke Duncan) were down 9 percent from the previous week’s episode.

The Alcatraz pilot had soft industry buzz after its screenings, but Abrams’ pedigree  (and some of that Lost magic?) probably helped it snag a spot on the Fox schedule.

Here are some of the higher profile projects we are hearing that are not expected to be on Fox’s schedule next season: READ FULL STORY

'Fringe': Cool new promo teases cameo by 'Lost' dude. PLUS: Is 'Fringe' preparing for the end? -- EXCLUSIVE

Jorge-Garcia-Fringe-exclusiveImage Credit: Liane Hentscher/FoxIt may be a down week for Fringe, but Fox is trying its best to make sure we don’t forget about its Friday night sci-fi saga. The network’s promo department — which has been turning out cool, clever work for the buzz-y, but ratings-challenged, cult fave all season long — has produced another must-see 90-second spot, this one an atmospheric summing up of the season’s War of the Parallel Worlds story that points to a cataclysmic climax. I’m convinced the commercial also contains a few Easter Eggs. At least one is easy to see: Hurley! Yep, Lost alum and Face of Weezer Jorge Garcia — who has been cast in a new J.J. Abrams-produced series called Alcatraz – will be making a cameo in next week’s episode, playing (SPOILER ALERT!) a Massive Dynamic employee. The spot also includes quotes from certain critics who’ve praised Fringe’s fine third season, as well as one nutty media person known for being a crazed fan of the Bad Robot brand of cryptotainment. Behold: READ FULL STORY

CBS fall development: The Robs (Riggle and Schneider) want to entertain you

CBS-developmentImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Amanda Meredith/PR Photos; Al Messerschmidt/Getty ImagesCBS may not have a project like Wonder Woman that’s eating up all the headlines, nor does it have a much-anticipated reboot in the works that has fans hoping for the best (and even anticipating the worst). But the No. 1 network (in viewers) doesn’t need to make a lot of noise with its fall 2011 development, especially when it continues to succeed with tried-and-true formats featuring law dogs and crime-fighting duos. READ FULL STORY

Michael Emerson, J.J. Abrams re-team for CBS pilot 'Person of Interest'

Michael-Emerson-JJ-AbramsImage Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosEW has confirmed that Lost star Michael Emerson has landed the lead role in the CBS pilot Person of Interest, exec produced by J.J. Abrams and Jonah Nolan — i.e. the brother of filmmaker Christopher Nolan and a co-writer of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. (Deadline first reported the story.) Emerson will play a billionaire who hires a presumed-dead ex-CIA agent to fight violent crime in New York City. It is currently unclear how Person of Interest could affect Odd Jobs, the J.J. Abrams project that was to star Emerson and his Lost scene partner Terry O’Quinn; NBC had recently pushed that project into the next pilot season.


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