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'Mythbusters' reveal new format, explain cast changes -- exclusive


Mythbusters fans, here are the answers to your long-simmering questions: What’s the deal with those cast departures? How will the show’s format change now that co-hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman are on their own? What myths will be tested in the upcoming season? What’s the one myth the team regrets? How long will Mythbusters continue? And are Adam and Jamie still really not friends?

Below, co-host Savage gives EW a candid and thoughtful exclusive interview. We also have a clip from the new season, in which the guys take on a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

But first, we rang the show’s longtime executive producer, Dan Tapster. Last August, Mythbusters fans were stunned to learn that longtime supporting players Grant Imahara, Kari Byron and Tory Belleci were exiting the show. Sources say the departures were the result of a salary renegotiation with the supporting cast. Keep in mind that a show’s talent cost tends to rise each year, and the 11-year-old Mythbusters is one of the longest-running series on cable—and with a larger regular returning cast than most unscripted series. (If Mythbusters were a cop drama on CBS, some characters would have been “written out” years ago by financial necessity.) In this case, the departures were also viewed as a creative opportunity to refresh the show.

“We were very keen for [Imahara, Byron and Belleci] to be a part of the show, we are massive fans of theirs, and what they did over 10 years was phenomenal,” Tapster says. “There were negotiations, and based on those negotiations, they opted out. It’s a shame for them. It’s a shame for us. But it gave us the opportunity to reinvent the show, which it kind of needed.” READ FULL STORY

'MythBusters' to settle 'Titanic' debate this Sunday: Did Jack have to die? -- EXCLUSIVE CLIP

On Oct. 7, MythBusters hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take on the most requested myth in the Discovery show’s history: Did Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) needlessly die in James Cameron’s Titanic, or could he and Rose (Kate Winslet) have both survived on that wooden board? Cameron himself appears in the episode, explaining that rereleasing the film in 3D reignited the heated debate and he’d like to know whether he or the fans are right, and providing key information for the experiments. Adam and Jamie have to test whether the board could have supported both Jack and Rose until they were rescued (you don’t want to miss “Jack Savage” and “Rose Hyneman” in the water), but also whether Jack and Rose would have died from hypothermia regardless. In our exclusive clip below, Adam and Jamie prepare for the latter test — which will involve ThermoMan, a dummy Jamie creates with gelatin flesh and a heated copper cardiovascular system that is rigged to monitor body temperature. ThermoMan doesn’t make the clip, but trust us, Adam is right when he describes him as “creepy, and upsetting, and awesome all at the same time.”  READ FULL STORY


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