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Watch the first promo for the Kathy Griffin-hosted 'Fashion Police'

After confirming Kathy Griffin would take over for the late Joan Rivers as host of Fashion Police, E! has released the first promo for the show’s new season showing off the newly assembled team.


Kathy Griffin confirms she was offered Joan Rivers' spot on 'Fashion Police'

After several reports named her as a possible replacement for Joan Rivers on Fashion Police, Kathy Griffin confirmed to Access Hollywood that she was, indeed, offered a spot on the fashion talk show.


'MAKERS: Women in Comedy' director recalls interviewing Joan Rivers


The decision to open MAKERS: Women in Comedy with the words of Joan Rivers was made before the comedian died earlier this month, but when it airs Tuesday, the documentary will act as a sort of tribute to her pioneering status.

“She set up the film perfectly,” co-director Heidi Ewing told EW. “She’s a lion tamer. It’s all about being in charge and she just delivered. It’s also just a nod to the great Joan Rivers, setting it up as her being the matriarch.” READ FULL STORY

Joan Rivers leaves behind a thriving television career (Updated)

Joan Rivers may have been 81 when she died Thursday, but she was still a ubiquitous presence on TV, appearing on a reality show with her daughter, Melissa, and sharing her strong opinions — to say the least —on Fashion Police. She had even filmed two episodes of an upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice.


On the scene: Another walkout as Joan Rivers visits 'Letterman'

Joan Rivers made it clear during a CNN interview last weekend that she wouldn’t take any crap—which is, in a way, exactly what got her in trouble during a visit to the Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday.

EW was on the scene as Rivers summoned her trademark inappropriate humor to make even the seasoned Letterman blanch by making a joke about losing out on a Depends commercial to June Allyson, quipping that the ’50s star would shill the adult diapers by saying, “Hi, I’m June Allyson. While I’m talking to you, I’m taking a dump.” Yesterday just happened to be the anniversary of Allyson’s death.

It all proved too much for Letterman, who tossed off his jacket and walked off the set, leaving Rivers to her own devices as both host and guest. Of course, she went straight for the vagina jokes: READ FULL STORY

See Joan Rivers walk out on CNN interview


In an taped interview that ran this afternoon on CNN’s Newsroom, anchor Fredricka Whitfield sat down with comedian and Fashion Police host Joan Rivers to discuss her show, her new book (Diary of a Mad Diva), and her upcoming Broadway appearances. But the discussion didn’t last long: Their conversation derailed after less than two minutes, when Rivers took offense at Whitfield’s line of questioning. Eventually, the octogenarian declared she had had enough and walked out on the interview, leaving a stunned Whitfield in her wake.

Things started going south when Whitfield suggested that Fashion Police—and, by implication, Rivers’s entire oeuvre—was “mean.” Rivers defended her show, saying, “It’s not mean. I tell the truth. I’m sure I say the same things your viewers say to their friends sitting next to them on the couch.” When Whitfield pressed on, pointing out that Rivers makes jokes about Casey Anthony and Princess Diana in her book, the comedian replied, “Life is very tough. And if you can make a joke to make something easier, and funny, do it.”


Highlights of Joy Behar's last show on 'The View' -- VIDEO

After 16 seasons, Joy Behar bid farewell to The View today. The hour-long goodbye episode, taped Thursday, was billed as “This Was Your Life on The View” and was hosted by comic Mario Cantone (Sex and the City). In addition to showing taped messages from stars and choice clips — including Behar buckling Tom Cruise onto the couch, her declining fashion advice from RuPaul, her walking away from Bill O’Reilly, and her getting a foot massage from Matthew McConaughey — producers lined up a slew of surprise in-studio guests.

First up was Regis Philbin, who told the story of how Behar really got on Barbara Walters’ radar. As Behar killed at Milton Berle’s 89th birthday party in 1997, Walters leaned over to Philbin and asked who she was. Former View cohost Meredith Vieira was next, and she described the “faint smell of peppermint and gin” on Behar’s breath when they kissed on the show. Cue the montage of Behar kissing female guests. Then Vieira kissing Behar. Behar kissing Walters. Walters kissing Vieira. Philbin kissing Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd. And Goldberg and Shepherd kissing Behar.

'Celebrity Apprentice': Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan, Arsenio Hall and John Rich to return as advisors -- EXCLUSIVE

Image Credit: Ali Goldstein/NBC

Get ready, New York because the circus is coming back to town. The next season of Celebrity Apprentice will commence filming soon and it will indeed be an All-Stars edition filled with returning players who were just too crazy to keep away. And we can exclusively reveal that former winners Piers Morgan. Joan Rivers, John Rich, and Arsenio Hall will all be returning — but not as contestants. Instead, the four Celebrity Apprentice champs will show up alongside Donald Trump in the Boardroom at some point as advisors. (Don’t worry, Trump offspring Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric aren’t going anywhere. They’ll still be around as well to nod approvingly at everything their father says. You were worried, right?) READ FULL STORY

Joan Rivers to guest star on PBS Kids 'Arthur,' talks new book -- EXCLUSIVE

Joan Rivers’ new book is called I Hate Everyone … Starting with Me, but there’s one thing she doesn’t hate — PBS.

“I’ll do anything for PBS,” Rivers tells EW. “Melissa grew up on it, with Sesame Street, so I love that. It sends such good messages to the kids, still gives a positive model, all the clichés are true.”

As part of her effort to pay the network back, Rivers will be making her third guest voice appearance on the popular PBS Kids show Arthur, playing Francine’s grandmother in the upcoming June 15 episode. Rivers is one of only two repeat guest stars (the other is Lance Armstrong). Check out an exclusive shot of Rivers’ character in the episode below:  READ FULL STORY

Joan Rivers at TCA: Red carpet not fun anymore

Joan and Melissa Rivers didn’t agree on much during their TCA press tour panel promoting their upcoming WEtv reality show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? But one topic in which they were in perfect alignment on was the state of red carpets during Hollywood award shows.

“It’s gotten too controlled,” Melissa told the nation’s TV critics. “There are a few sort of paradigms shifts would change it significantly. Unfortunately, it would be such an expensive undertaking and E! is doing fine with Ryan [Seacrest] and Julianne [Hough].”

Joan, naturally, was a bit more blunt. READ FULL STORY


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