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Video: It's three men, a baby, and talk of magical sperm in new 'Please Like Me' clip -- Exclusive

The second season of Please Like Me, the endearing Aussie import that Entertainment Weekly named one of 2013’s Top 10 shows, won’t premiere until August, but you can watch the first clip now. As star Josh Thomas previously told EW, season two jumps ahead a few years and finds Josh living with his best friend Tom (Thomas Ward) and his new housemate/potential love interest Patrick (Charles Cottier).

Josh also has a new baby sister. Enjoy his warm interaction with her below.

Also, Niamh alert. READ FULL STORY

'Please Like Me': Josh Thomas teases season 2 -- LISTEN!

Please Like Me, the coming-of-age comedy created by and starring Aussie comedian Josh Thomas, was named one of Entertainment Weekly‘s Top 10 shows of 2013 for its “spot-on portrayal of quarterlife confusion.” If you haven’t caught up — season 1’s six episodes are available on iTunes — you’ll want to before the second season premieres Aug. 8 at 10 p.m. ET on Pivot. Season 2 jumps ahead a few years and finds Josh living with best friend Tom (Thomas Ward) and new housemate/potential love interest Patrick (Charles Cottier), as seen in our exclusive photo of the three men and a baby (who belongs to Josh’s dad and Mae).

Though Thomas finds the idea of teasing his show funny — “It’s not Lost…. Josh wakes up and tries not to piss people off, and then that’s it, right? Bakes at some point,” he jokes — we did get a few more details out of him when he stopped by Entertainment Weekly Radio’s TV Editor’s Hour on Tuesday. Josh’s mum is now living in a psychiatric hospital. Geoffrey, Josh’s ex, will make an appearance. Claire and Tom go through a “rough time.” And Niamh, of course, finds something to get upset with Tom about.

Listen to the clip below to find out more: What Thomas’ beloved dog John is up to in season 2 (and why John shouldn’t be threatened by the press release touting “a puppy” on the show); why Thomas is happy Ward has had a tough year; how successful Thomas was at increasing Josh’s number of love interests; which classic ballad actors were mistakenly told to prep for their auditions; and which viewers have Thomas a bit nervous.  READ FULL STORY

'Please Like Me' creator Josh Thomas on the 'Girls' comparison, his love of 'Everybody Loves Raymond'

Twenty-six-year-old Australian comedian Josh Thomas has become the face of Pivot, the new network for millennials that launched today. Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, the cable channel, available in roughly 40 million homes, will marathon the six-episode first season of his Aussie import Please Like Me, a comedy he created, wrote, executive-produced, and stars in as Josh, a young man who moves back in with his mother after she attempts suicide and who is just realizing he’s gay. You can watch the first episode below and feel good about getting invested — a 10-episode second season has already been greenlit.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: American TV reviewers are enjoying likening your show to a male version of Girls. What do you think about that?
JOSH THOMAS: Girls is a good show, right? Girls won awards and things, right? [Laughs] I’m fine with that. I was hoping that they would review it as, like, a younger Everybody Loves Raymond, because I love that show. But Girls is fine, yeah.

Do you really love Raymond? Are you joking?
Oh, I love Everybody Loves Raymond. I love that bit in every episode where, like, they’re fighting and you’re like, “Oh no, how could this get any worse?” And then Marie [Doris Roberts] walks in. Wah-wah-waaaah. Do you know what I mean? I f—ing love Everybody Loves Raymond.

Pivot: New cable channel launches Thursday with 'Video Killed the Radio Star' -- VIDEO

The fact that Pivot, a new network for millennials, is launching Aug. 1, the date MTV hit television in 1981, is purely coincidental. But here’s something that isn’t: The first thing Pivot will air at 6 a.m. ET on Thursday is a video for “Video Killed the Radio Star.”

You may recall that the Buggles’ video was the first one played on MTV 32 years ago. For its update, which celebrates a new generation’s creative power, Pivot recorded independent artists live all over Los Angeles, including Run River North, Goldspot, London Thor, Far and Away, Musical Mammal and Rainbow Jackson. Watch it below. Then, read what Pivot president Evan Shapiro, formerly of IFC TV and the Sundance Channel, has to say about what’s to come on the network — starting with the imported Australian comedy Please Like Me and Friday Night Lights Fridays (thank his millennial daughter for that).


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