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Kelsey Grammer, Stephen Moyer to star in National Geographic's 'Killing Jesus' TV movie

Kelsey Grammer and Stephen Moyer will star in National Geographic’s Killing Jesus, EW has confirmed.


Kelsey Grammer to produce reality show about Christina Milian

The last time Christina Milian made headlines, it was for competing on Dancing With the Stars in 2013. Meaning? She’s the perfect candidate for an E! reality series.

E! announced Tuesday that Frasier star Kelsey Grammer is on board to executive produce a show following Milian’s life. “We simply adore Christina,” Jeff Olde, E! programming and development executive vice president, said in a statement. “She’s young, vibrant and a highly accomplished artist who has a hectic life balancing the glitz and glamour of celebrity, and the rough and tumble world of hip-hop, with the more relatable moments of being a mom, newly back on the dating scene, and trying to make things better for her family.”

Retro bleak: Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence are 'Partners' in groaners

In 2012, CBS premiered a new show about two odd-couple male pals. It was called Partners, and on the surface, it seemed to have everything going for it—a prime slot following How I Met Your Mother, a great pedigree courtesy of two ’90s sitcom wizards (it was created by Max Mutchnick and David Kohan of Will & Grace fame), two charismatic stars (Michael Urie and David Krumholtz). Even so, Partners failed to gain traction. Critics griped that its old-fashioned jokes were tired rather than appealingly retro; just a few weeks into the 2012-2013 TV season, it became one of the first shows to get the ax.

Clearly, those who don’t pay attention to TV history are doomed to repeat it.

FX’s newest offering, like the CBS series, is a lowest-common-denominator comedy with a laugh track. It was also created by two men whose careers peaked in the ’90s—Robert Horn produced Living Single and the short-lived CBS sitcom High Society; Robert L. Boyett’s last name will be familiar to anyone who grew up watching Miller/Boyett family comedies like Full House, Family Matters, and Step by Step. It, too, stars two veteran actors, albeit ones significantly more seasoned than Urie and Krumholtz: five-time Emmy Award winner Kelsey Grammer and ex-Martin star (and onetime Big Momma) Martin Lawrence. Like that other show, Partners is also called, uh, Partners.

Most importantly: Both are stereotype-laden throwbacks to a simpler time when multi-cam sitcoms ruled and no joke was too broad. And both are, well, not that good. READ FULL STORY

'Frasier' reunion: The cast talks fond memories and Eddie -- VIDEO


If everything had gone Kelsey Grammer’s way, Frasier might have ended up nothing more than an idea.

“My initial feelings were that Frasier should die with Cheers,” Grammer told ABC’s Chris Connelly on the set of EW’s latest Reunions issue. Of course, Grammer eventually changed his mind — paving the way for 11 seasons of intellectually-laced farce on Frasier.

Before signing on for the show, though, Grammer made a few requests: specifically, that his character not be married, and that his onscreen child would make only occasional appearances. “Of course,” adds Grammer, “I forgot to mention I didn’t want any animals on the show.”

Jack Russell Terrier-lovers will forever thank him for making that mistake.

Watch below to see Grammer and his TV family — David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney — reunite in Chicago as the show’s female leads, Peri Gilpin and  Jane Leeves, meet in Los Angeles. Though they’re in separate locations, they share a love for the TV series that brought them together — all mixed up like tossed salads and scrambled eggs. READ FULL STORY

Piers Morgan calls Kelsey Grammer 'shockingly unprofessional' after walking off

New feud alert!

Kelsey Grammer was scheduled to appear on Piers Morgan Tonight yesterday. But right before the Boss star was due to appear on camera, he apparently stormed away from Morgan’s show in a huff — all because the program showed a picture of Grammer’s ex wife Camille in its opening. Morgan himself explained what had happened in a pair of tweets sent shortly after Grammer made his exit.

“I had a very friendly chat with Kelsey backstage. He said he was really looking forward to the interview. Weird,” he tweeted after learning why Grammer had bailed. A few minutes later, Morgan continued: “I like Kelsey Grammer personally, but this was a shockingly unprofessional thing to do. I wasn’t even going to mention his ex-wife!”


'Boss' gets season 2 premiere date

A little more than seven months after Boss star Kelsey Grammer nabbed a dark-horse Golden Globe for his role as a hard-boiled Chicago Mayor Thomas Kane, the STARZ original series will return for its second season on Aug. 17 at 10 p.m. ET.

We left off with Kane in the grips of a stroke. Next season, he’ll grapple with the psychological impact of increasing doses of medication and will begin probing his inner circle for weakness and disloyalty. Check out the season 2 promo below. READ FULL STORY

'Boss' promo: Is there anything more dangerous than a dying man? -- VIDEO

Thomas Kane (Kelsey Grammer) was left seizing on the floor at the end of the season finale of Boss, and while the new season presumably finds him surviving the stroke, it’s clear that his neurological disease is finally catching up to him. The result, according to this just-released teaser trailer for the forthcoming second season? A man who has nothing to lose — a.k.a.: the most dangerous man you’ve ever met.

Check out the video below. The new season of the Golden Globe-nominated series kicks off in August. READ FULL STORY


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