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Netflix announces 'House of Cards' season 3 premiere date

Frank Underwood continued his ascent to power on season two of House of Cards, and now Netflix has announced when viewers can again watch the most powerful man in America exert his unique brand of influence.


Who would win a Presidential race between Frank Underwood and Selina Meyer?


They’re both the leads on political series. They both crave power. They’re both the focus of this week’s EW cover story on The 25 Best Characters on TV. But what would happen if House of Cards‘ Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) ever met Veep‘s Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)?

“I’m not even sure she’d be alive,” laughs Spacey. “First of all, Frank would probably find a way to manipulate the little guy that carries her purse around. So I’d have a mole in her office. I do have this hilarious notion that at some point on either of our shows we should be walking down a hallway and having a discussion and pass each other, and just stop, and then keep going.” READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards': New cast member Molly Parker previews season 2

Is anyone in Washington strong enough to bring Francis Underwood down? We won’t find out for sure until Friday, when new episodes of House of Cards debut on Netflix — but one new character might just be the woman for the job.

The Emmy-winning drama’s second season introduces another political player with serious potential: Jacqueline Sharp, a young congresswoman poised to rise in the ranks after Frank ascends to the White House. She’s played by Deadwood alum Molly Parker — a savvy operator well-versed in both prestige TV and keeping a show’s surprises under wraps. (Parker is so convincing that it’s almost hard to believe she’s actually Canadian.) Before Cards‘s premiere, we chatted with Parker about playing her latest role… and tried to get her to talk about some of season 2’s most shocking moments. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I devoured the first four episodes of season 2 on a screener yesterday.
MOLLY PARKER: How is it?

Well, I really like your character, and I’m also afraid for her life.
Yes. [laughs]

I’m so nervous watching the show. I guess you know what happens—
I do! But I’m not going to tell you. [laughs]


Enigmatic new 'House of Cards' teaser means... something: VIDEO

Update: And now Netflix has added scene-by-scene audio commentary for every episode of season three, from directors David Fincher, James Foley, Joel Schumacher, Charles McDougall, Carl Franklin, and Allen Coulter. You can activate them the same way you’d turn on subtitles. Neat!

Was this new promo for season 2 of House of Cards created by whoever cuts together those infuriating “Next week on Mad Men” montages? Probably not — but you’ll certainly see a resemblance after watching the following clip. At least the Mad Men promos actually include some semblance of dialogue.


Netflix CEO asks Obama if he'd like to cameo on 'House of Cards' -- VIDEO

Spoiler alert: Our Commander in Chief didn’t say yes. But he also didn’t say no, meaning that anyone yearning to see Barack Obama play, like, BBQ pitmaster Freddy‘s smooth-voiced cousin from Chicago can still hold onto a tiny bit of hope.

Netflix head honcho Reed Hastings’ offer came Tuesday, right before a meeting between Obama and several tech industry CEOs, including Apple’s Tim Cook and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer as well as Hastings. (According to Time, they were talking about NSA surveillance.) He made the quip right after Obama wondered aloud whether Hastings had brought any advance screeners of House of Cards along with him.

After the group had a hearty laugh and Hastings invited Obama to cameo on the show, the president revealed that he actually wouldn’t mind if real-life Washington were a little more like the cutthroat capital depicted on creator Beau Willimon’s show: “I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient,” the president said. “It’s true. It’s like Kevin Spacey, man, this guy’s getting a lot of stuff done.”

Thanks to CBS News, we’ve got video of the whole thing. Feast your eyes, Underwoodites:


'House of Cards' season two trailer debuts -- VIDEO

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) has killed before, and if the new trailer for season two of Netflix’s House of Cards is any indication, he’ll kill again on his way to the Vice Presidency. “The road to power is paved with hypocrisy. And casualties” Underwood declares in the new trailer.

The show’s second season may see a boost in interest: The program received Golden Globe nominations for Best Drama Series; Best Actor in a Drama Series (Kevin Spacey); Best Actress in a Drama Series (Robin Wright); and Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini-Series or TV Movie (Corey Stoll). The entire second season will be available to stream Feb. 14.

Watch the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

Netflix wants a third season of 'House of Cards'

Frank Underwood’s devious plan is going swimmingly.

Though the premiere of House of Cards‘ second season is still months away, Netflix is already thinking ahead to a possible season 3. “Our intent is that the show keep going for sure,” Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said during a keynote address at this weekend’s 2013 Film Independent Forum, adding, “It was not our intent that it just run for two seasons.” After his speech, Sarandos reiterated that his company wants to make more House of Cards, telling Deadline that “talks are in progress right now.”

As Sarandos said in his address, Netflix originally committed to making two 13-episode seasons of Beau Willimon’s Shakespearean political drama. Though Willimon has indicated that he’d be up for additional seasons of the series, co-executive producer Rick Cleveland said earlier this month that he believed the show would end after episode 26: “House of Cards is only going to go a second season and I think that’s it,” he told Gold Derby. Why? Because “Kevin Spacey likes to do movies, and Robin Wright likes to do movies.” (Spacey and Wright haven’t yet responded to EW’s requests for comment.)


Emmys: Kevin Spacey celebrates 'House of Cards' nods, threatens murder

Was corrupt congressman Frank Underwood pulling strings at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences this morning? It sure seems that way: His pitch-black Netflix series, House of Cards, scored an impressive nine nominations, including nods for Drama Series and Lead Actor in a Drama. Its huge tally pushed Netflix’s total nomination count to 14 — not bad for a “network” best known for hosting old episodes of Saved by the Bell until this past winter.

For series star Kevin Spacey — who plays the devious Underwood — this amount of recognition is nothing short of revolutionary.  “It’s such a big acknowledgement. We are in many ways the new kids on the block, and to have broken through, it has been really satisfying,” he told EW this morning. “The Academy is more modern than anyone suspected.”

More broadly, the actor believes that House of Cards and Netflix’s Emmy breakthrough could indicate a sea change for TV (and America’s financial health) itself.  READ FULL STORY

'House of Cards' trailer: Kevin Spacey will not be ignored, Mr. President

House of Cards “ain’t your daddy’s West Wing,” Kevin Spacey told EW in June. That’s instantly clear in the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series, which stars Spacey as a ruthless southern congressman who will stop at nothing to seize the power he feels like he deserves. “Power is a lot like real estate,” says his Rep. Francis Underwood, during the inauguration of a president who has different plans for Underwood’s future. “It’s all about location, location, location. The closer you are to the source, the higher your property value.”

There’s not a trace of Jed Bartlet’s soaring rhetoric or idealism to be found in House of Cards, executive produced by David Fincher and Eric Roth and based on a 1990 BBC drama about a similarly nasty British MP. Instead, Beltway politics are a Darwinian jungle with pols demanding loyalty with vile threats: “We’ll cleave you from the herd and watch you die in the wilderness.”

Watch the new clip below: READ FULL STORY


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