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ABC cancels '666,' 'Last Resort'


It’s a sad day for fans of two ambitious ABC dramas that came up short in the ratings this fall: Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue will soon end their runs.

ABC will finish airing the original 13-episode orders for both shows, but neither will receive a full-season pickup.

For 666, the writing has been on the wall for weeks. The Sunday-night supernatural drama starring Terry O’Quinn has been shedding its Revenge lead-in and been on a downward spiral since its debut.

For Last Resort, the news is somewhat surprising. Though its ratings matched the performance of 666, Shawn Ryan’s submarine thriller was one of the best-reviewed new fall shows and, until very recently, insiders were betting it would get a “back nine” order. But Last Resort struggled against very steep competition in its 8 p.m. slot and the show’s ratings ticked down a little further last night.

Oftentimes freshman series cancellations are met with a fair amount of online jeering (there wasn’t much disappointment over CBS’ Made In Jersey or NBC’s Animal Practice getting the axe). But these two are a bummer. Understandable, given the numbers, but a bummer. Both creatively tried to bring something new to broadcast primetime rather than rely on familiar drama formulas. Even if you’re not a fan of these shows, you can respect the effort behind them. READ FULL STORY

'Last Resort': Andre Braugher previews 'climactic confrontation'

The SEALs are in trouble on Last Resort.

While it could be argued that that’s been the case all season, their situation really took a turn for the worst at the end of last week’s episode when Chaplin awoke from his drug-induced hallucination to discover the firing key was missing!

With their only bargaining chip currently MIA, what’s next for the Team Island? Check out EW’s short chat with Braugher where he talks about exactly that: READ FULL STORY

'Neighbors,' 'Scandal' get full seasons


ABC is giving full-season pickups to freshman comedy The Neighbors and returning drama Scandal.

Nope, Scandal didn’t already have one. Second-season shows often get full season orders, but ABC has been cautious with the Shonda Rhimes political soap. But in the wake of its reasonably steady performance on Thursdays this fall, Scandal is now getting an extra nine episodes and its first full season. (Scandal is averaging 8.1 million viewers and a 2.5 in adults 18-49, plus a hearty 45 percent DVR boost).

As for Neighbors, it’s been the weakest link in ABC’s Wednesday night comedy block, but hasn’t been nearly the disaster that critics had predicted/hoped. The comedy has averaged 6.8 million viewers and 2.0 in the demo with DVR.

Still no word on ABC’s freshman dramas. We’re told the network will likely decide on Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue this week or early next week. Get this: They’ve averaged exactly the same not-good demo rating. But Last Resort (9.1 million, 2.3) has a much harder job opening Thursdays against huge competition and delivers a bigger overall audience compared to Sunday’s 666 (6.5 million, 2.3). However, Last Resort just went down — but that’s a military-themed show against the World Series, so are you really going to hold that against them? READ FULL STORY

'Last Resort': Nuclear sub goes ballistic over best quarterback ever debate -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

A nuclear submarine is no place for childish games. But living beneath the ocean for weeks at a time without fresh air and, apparently, sports talk-radio, has a way of putting an entire crew on edge. Look no further than the U.S.S. Colorado, whose officers view the football world very differently. Who’s the better quarterback? Eli or Peyton? (Or someone else…?)

Click below for a clever bit from the cast of ABC’s Last Resort. READ FULL STORY

'Elementary' premiere gets jolly good ratings


Two high-powered new dramas premiered Thursday night to two different, though not entirely unexpected, outcomes.

ABC’s submarine thriller Last Resort had a disappointing launch at 8 p.m. The lavish pilot episode (one source put the price tag at $11 million) delivered 9.1 million viewers and a 2.2 rating among adults 18-49. That’s just a tick above the debut of Charlie’s Angels in this slot last year in the key adult demographic. More thoughts on Last Resort’s survival odds below.

Over on CBS, the new Sherlock Holmes procedural Elementary (13.3 million, 3.1) fared better — just as everybody thought it would. The drama not only won the 10 p.m. slot, but slightly improved upon both its Person of Interest lead in and the debut of The Mentalist in this slot last fall.

CBS also had the return of Big Bang Theory (15.3 million, 4.8) at 8 p.m., down a mere tenth of a point from last year. Two and Half Men (12.4 million, 3.5), however, opened a bit soft in its new time slot. Comparing the veteran comedy to last fall’s Monday night premiere isn’t really fair given the enormous hype surrounding Ashton Kutcher joining the show (or, more accurately, Charlie Sheen leaving the show). But you would think CBS re-joining these two Chuck Lorre hits would have resulted in stronger flow between them. READ FULL STORY

InsideTV Podcast: Why 'Sons of Anarchy' had to kill off [SPOILER]. Plus: 'Homeland,' 'Last Resort' and 'Survivor'

Image Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter punched his viewers in the gut this week when he killed off one of the show’s most beloved characters. If you’ve been living under a rock or catching up on the show and don’t know who it was, STOP READING NOW!  Over the course of the series, Opie has had pretty much every awful thing happen to him that possibly could, so to now have him killed in the most brutal way possible — being literally beaten to death—was simply too much for many fans to bear. But as SOA expert Mandi Bierly tells us on this week’s edition of the InsideTV Podcast, Opie’s offing makes total sense in the narrative of both the character and the show.

This wasn’t a death done for mere shock value. The clues were there all along, and all that fan outrage only means one thing — that the show ultimately succeeded in making Opie’s death as painful for viewers as it was for Jax and the Sons themselves. That’s called resonating. Continue your mourning by clicking on the audio player below as we break everything down and offer up some teases as to what to expect in the episodes to come. (The Sons of Anarchy chat beings at 24:00.)

But that’s not all we’re discussing and dissecting. Jessica Shaw and I have seen the first few episodes of Homeland’s second season and offer our spoiler-free review while also wondering how long the show can afford to keep Brody’s terrorist ties a secret. Then, we take a look at ABC’s new submarine drama, Last Resort. We both loved the first episode, but have major concerns about episode 2 (which we were able to view early). We’ll break down how Last Resort veers off course, and what it needs to do to get back to the promise of the pilot. (The Last Resort discussion starts at 9:35.) Finally, we break down the new season of Survivor: Philippines. Which players are we loving and loathing so far? And just how angry can I get when Jessica appears ready to say something negative about my 1980s TV crush Lisa Whelchel? Tune in and find out! (The Survivor chat starts at 16:20.) READ FULL STORY

'Last Resort' producers on the premiere's explosive ending


The most ambitious new drama of the fall, ABC’s thriller Last Resort launched tonight from co-creators Shawn Ryan and Karl Gajdusek. Below, the duo talk about the pilot’s nuke-tastic ending, where the story is going from here, and debate the eternal dilemma: The Hunt for Red October or Das Boot? Spoilers for those who have not watched the pilot.

Entertainment Weekly: So how did this idea come about?

Gajdusek: My father was a WWII vet and I always wanted to do something in the submarine world. The modern version of these subs holds the same power that defines a nuclear nation. It’s such a powerful object.

Ryan: The idea of a global community connected by the threat of war appealed to me. The biggest thing we talked about for a long time was [the decision to defy the nuclear launch order]. We didn’t think these characters were secretly peaceniks. The people who get on these submarines are prepared to do that. So we came up with an order that’s technically correct but delivered in an irregular way… We talked to captains and were told captains are actually told to question these situations. There’s a reason why these decisions are not computerized, like in War Games.

Gajdusek: Getting that moment right made the series right.

Was the concept tough to sell to networks? READ FULL STORY

Andre Braugher, Scott Speedman, and Robert Patrick find their 'Last Resort' -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK

Cut to: The most important decision of your life. Only, your life is not all that’s at stake. The lives of hundreds of others, and perhaps the world, are on the block. This is the dilemma facing submarine Capt. Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) in ABC’s new high-concept, low-depth drama Last Resort. “We’re trying to be epic…and tell the big stories that used to be told on movie screens,” says Shawn Ryan (The Shield), who created the show with Karl Gajdusek (Dead Like Me). The showrunners spoke to EW of what’s in store for the crew of the U.S.S. Colorado — including Master Chief Joseph Prosser (Robert Patrick) and Executive Officer Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) — after the sailors are left to deal with the fallout of Marcus’s make-or-break decision, with two exclusive images to help us get the picture. READ FULL STORY

'Hostel' actor joins ABC's 'Last Resort' -- EXCLUSIVE

ABC’s sub thriller Last Resort is adding another character. Actor Jay Hernandez (Hostel, Six Degrees) has joined the cast in a significant role on the show.

Hernandez has signed on for an eight-episode arc playing Paul Wells, a handsome and seemingly nice-guy charmer who tests the loyalty of Scott Speedman’s character’s estranged wife in the series (played by Jessy Schram).

The casting comes on the heels of Last Resort adding Jay Karnes, a fan favorite from Last Resort co-creator Shawn Ryan’s FX drama The Shield. Last Resort premieres on ABC on Thursday, Sept. 27.

Shawn Ryan casts 'The Shield' actor in ABC's 'Last Resort'

A Shield reunion is coming to ABC’s eagerly anticipated Last Resort.

Jay Karnes has been cast in a recurring role on the action drama series, about the crew of a nuclear submarine who defy a dubious command to start World War III. He’ll play the Secretary of Defense on the show. The actor actually made an under-the-radar appearance in the show’s pilot, since his character’s voice is heard over the radio in a crucial scene.

Last Resort is co-created by Shawn Ryan, who was also the creator of FX’s The Shield, which co-starred Karnes. Since, Karnes has played arcs on FX’s Sons of Anarchy, ABC’s V and USA’s Burn Notice.

While appearing in front of critics at the Television Critics Association’s press tour last week, Ryan said The Shield — along with shorter-lived efforts like Fox’s Chicago Code and FX’s Terriers — were necessary to take on Last Resort. READ FULL STORY

ABC's 'Last Resort' marketing poster unveiled -- PHOTO

Arguably the fall’s most ambitious new drama, ABC’s Last Resort, now has its fall key art. ABC will use this poster to market the latest drama from The Shield mastermind Shawn Ryan, who’s a creator and showrunner of the drama along with Karl Gajdusek. Last Resort stars Andre Braugher as a U.S. submarine captain faced with a tough decision after receiving a not-entirely-confirmed command to start World War III.

What do you mean, “There’s no submarine in the ad”? It’s there… it’s just under the water — it’s a submarine! While that shadowy soldier is co-star Scott Speedman. Here’s the exclusive first look at the poster for the show, which debuts Thursday, Sept. 27: READ FULL STORY


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