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'Mean Girls' star Daniel Franzese on coming out and joining season two of HBO's 'Looking'

If you watched this week’s premiere of Looking, you may have noticed that Eddie, the HIV-positive bear who hangs out with Agustín (Frankie J. Alavarez), looked a little familiar. Well that’s because he’s played by Daniel Franzese, the actor previously best known for Linday Lohan and Lizzy Caplan’s gay pal Damian in 2004’s Mean Girls. Franzese, who officially came out this year in a letter to his Girls character, talked to EW about nabbing this new role. READ FULL STORY

'Looking' season 2 trailer is full of romance and 'dirty little secrets'

Some of Looking‘s characters are getting new romantic interests when the show starts up again, while others are still dealing with awkwardness lingering from the first season. Things between Patrick and Richie are tense, while Kevin tries to keep Patrick quiet about their hookup. Meanwhile, Dom asks Scott Bakula’s Lynn, “What am I to you?”

But there’s good news too. Agustín meets someone new, played by Mean Girl‘s Daniel Franzese, and love is also in the air for Doris, whose new guy is “everything.”

There’s also a drug-fueled getaway in nature and, naturally, a lot of dancing. 

First Look: HBO's 'Looking' goes into the woods for season 2

Looking, HBO’s dramedy about three gay pals (Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez, and Murray Bartlett) living in San Francisco, returns for its second season on Jan. 11. The boys, in search of some peace, are hitting the great outdoors. READ FULL STORY

HBO sets return date for 'Girls,' 'Looking'

HBO has set a premiere date for the return of Girls and Looking, as well as the debut of new series Togetherness from the Duplass brothers.


'Looking' lands 'Mean Girls' star Daniel Franzese

This is so fetch: Mean Girls star Daniel Franzese has booked a multi-episode arc on HBO’s Looking.


'Looking': Creator Michael Lannan on the finale and plans for season two

HBO’s freshman dramedy Looking, about three gay best friends in San Francisco, wrapped up its first season tonight with some break-ups and hook ups. EW talked to the series creator Michael Lannan about all the drama as well as plans for the recently announced season two.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The big twist was that Kevin and Patrick hooked up. Did you always plan for that to happen?
MICHAEL LANNAN: I don’t think it was too pre-meditated. It was just something that came about as we were working through the room and just got through more episodes. I think Richie and Kevin both offer Patrick such different things and I think we always thought Patrick would be in this place where he’s so connected to Richie in this one way and so connected to Kevin in another and this was going to create big problems for him. So I think we were just excited to see how it would play out as we wrote it. Richie and Kevin just access Patrick in different ways and offer him different thigns and I think that’s really exciting for Patrick and also very problematic.

I was surprised they didn’t use one of those swinging chairs in the office for that scene.
That was a brilliant idea of our production designer Todd Fjelsted. That subconscious suggestion isn’t just in your head.

Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

One of the things that’s so different about Looking is that the sex on the show is very realistic.
That was always the goal. We made a decision early on that we wanted the show to be very frank and show sex as something really exciting and awesome and also sometimes awkward and much trickier than it can sometimes be on TV. So we just wanted to show all those sides of it and not just have it be punishing or humiliating or not just have it be amazing and super sweaty and hot. You can learn so much about a character by how they approach sex and how they do it and what they do afterwards. Along with that, we just decided we’d show sex for storytelling purposes. Really, half an hour is so short you don’t have much time so we just wanted it all to be very integrated into the story and always say something about the characters and the situation.



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