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InsideTV Podcast: Dean Norris promises 'big Walt-Hank showdown' on 'Breaking Bad'

Dean Norris just might be the most important man on television this summer. His new CBS series Under the Dome just premiered to over 13 million viewers. Plus, he returns as perhaps the key player for the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad on August 11, for when we last saw his character, he was on the toilet finally connecting the dots that his brother-in-law was involved with the blue meth making the rounds in New Mexico. Well, Norris called in to the EW Morning Live show on Entertainment Weekly Radio (channel 105 on SiriusXM) and confirmed that a big Breaking Bad confrontation is indeed on the horizon. “There’s going to be a big Walt-Hank showdown,” Norris revealed. “Obviously now that Hank is on to it, he needs to deal with that situation. It’s like a freight train, man.”

Norris had plenty more to say about the final run of TV’s best drama (there, I said it!). “These eight episodes, I think, are possibly the best eight in the whole series,” said Norris. “And that’s saying a lot because it’s a great series. They just power right through.” And while talking about ssying goodbye to the cast and crew, Norris also may have inadvertently dropped a hint about how — and where — the series may finish up. “We got to spend a lot of the last couple of episodes filming in kind of an out of the way place, so we all stayed in the same hotel and had dinner after dinner and reminisced about where we were when the show started and where it is now. It was really tough to say goodbye.” Hmmm…out of the way place? New Hampshire, perhaps? For more from Norris on both Breaking Bad and Under the Dome, just click on the audio player below for the full interview. READ FULL STORY

'The Colbert Report' sets 'Hobbit'-themed week of shows -- EXCLUSIVE

Stephen Colbert has never been afraid to show off his passion for J.R.R. Tolkien on The Colbert Report (see: this James Franco interview and this dissection of John McCain’s Lord of the Rings debt ceiling analogy) but next week he will take that love to new nerdy levels. Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report will present four nights of Hobbit-themed programming (Dec. 3 to Dec. 6), pegged to the Dec. 14 release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, EW has learned. Guests will include stars Ian McKellan (Dec. 3), Martin Freeman (Dec. 4) and Andy Serkis (Dec. 6), along with director Peter Jackson (Dec. 5). READ FULL STORY

'Lord of the Rings' star Sean Astin shows off his hobbit gear for Syfy's 'Hollywood Treasure' -- VIDEO

For the second season premiere of Syfy’s showbiz memorabilia show Hollywood Treasure (airing May 22 at 10 p.m. ET), Sean Astin worked with appraiser and show host Joe Maddalena to refurbish his helmet from his 1993 sports film classic Rudy. When Astin was approached about the show, which includes auctions of major pop-culture artifacts, the actor tells EW that he was “a little wary — I didn’t want to sell anything.” But, he says, then he learned the show isn’t just about money. “It’s also about appreciating the nature of the memorabilia, where it comes from and why it’s so meaningful to people,” he says. Which lead Astin to bring in some of the Lord of the Rings gear given to him by director Peter Jackson when the Oscar-winning trilogy concluded filming, and show them off to Maddalena.

Check out an exclusive clip of the moment below:  READ FULL STORY


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