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'Lost' vet to help produce Fox's 'Alcatraz'

As if Alcatraz didn’t have enough of a Lost pedigree, the Fox show has tapped Jack Bender to join the show as executive producer and director. Bender directed many of the biggest episodes of Lost — 36 of them, according to IMDb, including the finale. He rejoins former Lost producers J.J. Abrams, Elizabeth Sarnoff and Bryan Burk on the show which, as you recall, co-stars Jorge Garcia (a.k.a. Hurley). But can the show reproduce the success of the ABC hit? The pilot — about former inmates who disappeared 50 years ago coming back into modern day San Francisco and committing crimes — feels closer to the first episode of Fringe than that other island adventure.

InsideTV Podcast: 'I don't think [Bentley's] mother would like him, either,' says's new Nanny

Press play on the little triangle below to listen to the podcast. “It’s a woman-on-woman crime — and in this case, both of the women are Ashley.” Thanks to InsideTV Podcaster Kristen Baldwin for so succinctly summing up The Bachelorette franchise!

With Dalton Ross on vacation, yours truly bravely stepped in to control the stupid sound effect machine on his desk…a.k.a. host an all-new InsideTV Podcast. This one’s a doozy! First, Kristen Baldwin, Darren Franich and I get off-track by concluding — quite astutely — that dentists should just never date anyone. Then, we call new correspondent Nanny (pictured, inset) to get her hilarious thoughts on losers like the Masked Marvel (Jeff) and despicable reality TV villain Bentley (pictured). After that, Kate Ward and Breia Brissey (famed granddaughter of Nanny) join me for probably the girliest So You Think You Can Dance segment the InsideTV Podcast has ever seen. We answer one of life’s eternal questions: “Tyce Diorio or Tasty Hydrox?” What a relief!

Finally, Jeff “Doc” Jensen, truly the Doubting Thomas in the Caravaggio canvas that is, calls in from L.A. to discuss his final two ‘Lost’ columns and apologize — AGAIN — for the year-long wait. Do stick around until the bitter end, when this spectral shell of a man abruptly hangs up on me and Darren to go call Steven Spielberg!

Ready to go down this digital-audio rabbit hole? Press play on the little triangle below. Or, since we’re on iTunes, you can subscribe for free and take the podcast with you on the go. No iTunes? No problem. You can also download the entire podcast right here. And to send a question to the InsideTV Podcast team, follow us on Twitter @InsideTVPodcast.

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'Community': Guest star Josh Holloway and creator Dan Harmon on the paintball season finale

Slap on some goggles and peer out cautiously from behind the corner: It’s almost time for Paintball: The Sequel! A year after Community’s splendid splatterfest “Modern Warfare,” the NBC comedy aims to outdo itself with a two-part season finale (airing May 5 and 12). The first half, titled “A Fist Full of Paintballs,” features a special guest star, Lost’s Josh Holloway, who plays a “mysterious, serious” paintball player named Black Rider. Holloway and series creator Dan Harmon spoke with EW about the big game. READ FULL STORY

'Game of Thrones' author slams 'Lost': Damon Lindelof gives EW his response

Getty Images

Ohhhh, it’s on.

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin says in the recent edition of The New Yorker that he doesn’t want the ending of his epic Song of Ice and Fire series to conclude like Lost. Below we have the public war of words, followed by an exclusive Q&A with Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof about Martin’s comments (he was actually reading Game of Thrones when all this went down!) and a look back at his feelings about the Lost ending.

First, here’s Martin in the profile: “We watched [Lost] every week trying to figure it out, and as it got deeper and deeper I kept saying, ‘They better have something good in mind for the end. This better pay off here.’ And then I felt so cheated when we got to the conclusion.” Martin also cites the Lost ending as the type of mistake he fears making with his own show, saying, “I want to give them something terrific. What if I f— it up at the end? What if I do a Lost? Then they’ll come after me with pitchforks and torches.”

Well, Lindelof had something to say about that. Quite a few things. And they were rather hilarious as well. READ FULL STORY

'Lost II?' 'Glee' crossover? 12 traffic-bait headlines we'd like to see


Been a bit slow lately aside from the Mad Men drama. So in honor of April Fools Day, below is our prayer to the TV gods: A dirty dozen of online traffic-boosting headlines we’d like to see:

Lost prequel announced: Peninsula-set reboot to explain everything

– NBC reveals shocking new The Office boss: Dave Chappelle!

– Fox: “We screwed up, let’s bring back Firefly

– The Glee and Grey’s Anatomy crossover wedding: Yes, it’s happening! READ FULL STORY

Damon Lindelof on AMC's 'Mad Men' offer: $30 million 'seems pretty fair'

Former Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof seemingly has weighed in on AMC’s Mad Men mess.

Apparently responding to reports that Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is being offered a whopping $30 million to write the show for a three-year deal, Lindelof tweeted: “Not that I’m sour grapes, but TEN MILLION DOLLARS a year for 13 episodes of a single show seems pretty fair, no? #SOURGRAPES.”

Also, one report said that Weiner was being asked to cut not two series regulars, as has been previously reported, but rather two a year for three years. Nobody’s touching that one, but having to cut six characters seems rather extreme (and creatively ridiculous — what a way to zap a show of its narrative believability than to have to eliminate a certain number of characters each season like it’s a reality show).

Meanwhile sources say that a potential deal for a three-year renewal with Weiner on board could be only a few hours away… or maybe only a day… or, well, maybe more than that.

Top TV earners: 'American Idol,' 'Two and a Half Men,' 'Desperate Housewives' top list

Forbes has tallied its annual list of the biggest TV moneymakers and, no surprise, Fox’s American Idol led the list for 2010.

Idol delivered $7.11 million every half hour last year (wow, even the padded results shows?), which was down 12 percent from 2009.

That was followed by CBS’ Two and a Half Men, with $2.89 million per half hour (which gives you an idea why few think the show is going away despite Charlie Sheen exiting). In fact, showrunner Chuck Lorre has three shows in the Top 10.

In third was another series going through some cast issues, ABC’s Desperate Housewives with $2.74 million, which has some actors in contract negotiations. Here’s the Top 10 from last year: READ FULL STORY

'Lost' star Terry O'Quinn cast in Marc Cherry's 'Hallelujah' pilot

Terry-O-QuinnImage Credit: Insidefoto/PR PhotosAnother Lost veteran has washed ashore onto the cast of a fall pilot: Terry O’Quinn has joined ABC’s drama Hallelujah from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry.

The drama is set in small town being torn apart by the forces of good and evil. The town’s fortunes change when a mysterious stranger comes to town, bringing justice, peace and possibly restoring faith. The show is billed as “a drama with musical elements” and, yes, John Locke does sing.

O’Quinn joins fellow Lost boys Michael Emerson (CBS’ Person of Interest) and Jorge Garcia (Fox’s Alcatraz) on shows in contention for a fall season slot.

'Fringe': Cool new promo teases cameo by 'Lost' dude. PLUS: Is 'Fringe' preparing for the end? -- EXCLUSIVE

Jorge-Garcia-Fringe-exclusiveImage Credit: Liane Hentscher/FoxIt may be a down week for Fringe, but Fox is trying its best to make sure we don’t forget about its Friday night sci-fi saga. The network’s promo department — which has been turning out cool, clever work for the buzz-y, but ratings-challenged, cult fave all season long — has produced another must-see 90-second spot, this one an atmospheric summing up of the season’s War of the Parallel Worlds story that points to a cataclysmic climax. I’m convinced the commercial also contains a few Easter Eggs. At least one is easy to see: Hurley! Yep, Lost alum and Face of Weezer Jorge Garcia — who has been cast in a new J.J. Abrams-produced series called Alcatraz – will be making a cameo in next week’s episode, playing (SPOILER ALERT!) a Massive Dynamic employee. The spot also includes quotes from certain critics who’ve praised Fringe’s fine third season, as well as one nutty media person known for being a crazed fan of the Bad Robot brand of cryptotainment. Behold: READ FULL STORY

'Lost' star Josh Holloway to star in 'Community' finale -- EXCLUSIVE

community-hollowayImage Credit: NBC; Angela Weiss/Getty ImagesSawyer, its about time you showed up on TV again! EW has learned exclusively that Josh Holloway — who played James “Sawyer” Ford on ABC’s Lost — is in the process of closing a deal to make a cameo in Community’s two-part season finale. It’s set for May but no date has been announced.

Holloway’s character will emerge as a mysterious figure who shows up on campus during another game of paintball. The two-parter is a sequel, of sorts, to “Modern Warfare” — last year’s memorable episode that began with the Dean announcing a prize for a game of paintball. It devolved into campus-wide battle.

There were some rumors floating around Hollywood that Holloway was a contender for NBC’s remake of The Rockford Files, but the project never emerged from development hell. The actor ultimately signed a deal to co-star in the sequel Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Michael Emerson, J.J. Abrams re-team for CBS pilot 'Person of Interest'

Michael-Emerson-JJ-AbramsImage Credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosEW has confirmed that Lost star Michael Emerson has landed the lead role in the CBS pilot Person of Interest, exec produced by J.J. Abrams and Jonah Nolan — i.e. the brother of filmmaker Christopher Nolan and a co-writer of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. (Deadline first reported the story.) Emerson will play a billionaire who hires a presumed-dead ex-CIA agent to fight violent crime in New York City. It is currently unclear how Person of Interest could affect Odd Jobs, the J.J. Abrams project that was to star Emerson and his Lost scene partner Terry O’Quinn; NBC had recently pushed that project into the next pilot season.

'Lost' alum Michael Emerson to guest star on 'Parenthood' -- EXCLUSIVE

Michael-EmersonImage Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage.comMichael Emerson, who made a name for himself as the manipulative, creepy Benjamin Linus on Lost, has lined up his next quirky TV role: EW has learned exclusively that he’ll guest star as a bug specialist on the NBC drama Parenthood. In the episode, which airs in March, Emerson plays Amazing Andy (of Amazing Andy’s Wonderful World of Bugs), a smart-yet-socially-awkward man who’s hired to entertain the children at a birthday party for Max (Max Burkholder). Like Max, the son of Kristina (Monica Potter) and Adam (Peter Krause), Andy has Asperger’s syndrome. Emerson also will star with former Lost castmate Terry O’Quinn in J.J. Abrams’ NBC drama pilot Odd Jobs.

Matthew Perry talks about his new sitcom and sharing the screen with a 'Lost' alum

Matthew-Perry-SunshineAfter starring in the short-lived series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Matthew Perry is back on primetime in the new ABC series, Mr. Sunshine, premiering Feb. 9 at 9:30. In the series, which he also wrote and executive produced, Perry plays Ben, the ego-maniacal manager of an entertainment arena called the Sunshine Center. We chatted with the former Friend about his triple-hat gig, the inspiration behind the series, and what it was like to make use out of his Lost obsession.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You can now add TV writer to your resume! What motivated you to write your own sitcom?
MATTHEW PERRY: I was sitting at home playing a video game for the third year in a row, and I decided I better try to do something. I’ve done a lot of things in show business, but one of the things I hadn’t done was create a TV show. So I wanted to try to challenge myself and see if I could do it, and I think I did it. I wrote the pilot with Alex Barnow and Mark Firek. I hope it’s a way for me to get my sense of humor out there. READ FULL STORY

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