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'The Tomorrow People': Luke Mitchell on the threat of Julian, John and Astrid's connection, and more

So far, the second half of The Tomorrow People‘s first season has been all about new enemies, more action, and even more danger. Continuing with that theme, in this week’s episode, Stephen leaves the city to go on a family camping trip, where he’s left all alone to face his mother’s new boyfriend, Peter. However, Stephen isn’t the only one at risk. Back in the city, new Ultra agent Hillary has discovered Astrid’s knowledge about Stephen’s abilities. As a result, Astrid finds herself in Ultra’s line of fire. And when John steps in to protect Stephen’s friend, he becomes the wounded victim of the week (or one of them, at least).

We caught up with John himself, Luke Mitchell, to talk about the rest of the season, a potential romance between John and Astrid, and what’s next for Julian:


Best of 2013 (Behind the Scenes): Creating John and Cara's jaunt on 'The Tomorrow People'

In episode 5 of The Tomorrow People‘s first season, viewers were introduced to a very effective, very sweaty decision-making tool put in place by our favorite evolutionary friends. When John, as leader, refused to let The Tomorrow People go top-side to have a real night out on the town, Cara challenged him to a jaunt. It appeared she was ready to fight for her right to party.

However, what ensued was not your typical fight. John and Cara used their powers of telekinesis and telepathy to gain possession of a stick and force the other to submit. Spoiler: Cara won. But the real star of the show was the jaunting scene itself. Packed full of special effects, the scene quickly became a fan favorite.

We talked to Tomorrow People stunt coordinator JJ Makaro, along with stars of the scene Peyton List and Luke Mitchell (all separately) about everything from how jaunting was born to how exactly they film a scene full of teleports.

For more stories behind this year’s top TV and movie moments, click here for’s Best of 2013 (Behind the Scenes) coverage.


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