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Paul McCartney not joining 'Mad Men' (duh)

Wild rumor of the day: Paul McCartney will appear on AMC’s Mad Men in a cameo.

The UK paper The Sun reported the music legend is in talks to appear on the show’s fifth season. “It’s perfect timing because his new music suits the program perfectly,” an anonymous source told the publication, which ran a story headlined “Sir Paul McCartney will have a cameo role on hit TV show Mad Men.” “Action in the show has now reached the Swinging Sixties. So it’s only right that the man who was pivotal to the era is involved in the show.”

Sources close to the show insist there’s no truth to it. Though McCartney is a huge name, the stunt casting would be rather distracting and off-brand for a drama that prides itself on avoiding gimmicks. (Plus it would just be weird: McCartney playing another character on a period drama when Young Paul and The Beatles were at their peak).

A Mad Men source added, however, “Sir Paul is welcome to stop by any time as he’s beloved by the show as he is everywhere around the world.”

'Mad Men' season 5 minimalist teaser ad: Would Don Draper approve?

Mad Men‘s season 5 teaser poster is about as minimalist as you can possibly imagine. I mean, first think of a blank page. Then keep thinking about about a blank page. There, you’ve almost got it. The poster does get the point across though — the acclaimed drama will return March 25 (with a two-hour premiere too). See the pic below and tell us what you think. Would Don Draper approve of this ad? READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' will return to AMC on...

After an interminable break, a date has finally emerged for the return of Mad Men.

Star Jon Hamm said in a recent interview that the Emmy-winning series will return for a fifth season on March 25.

AMC would not confirm or deny Hamm’s statement.

In November, creator Matt Weiner explained that the protracted renegotiation over the show’s future on AMC had nothing to do with the drama’s delayed premiere to 2012 but the perception still remains that he was, in part, to blame.


Should old TV acquaintance be forgot? Never! -- Your New Year's Day TV marathons guide

Don’t worry, TV watchers. We know you probably had a rough night last night. We know you might just want to kick-start your New Year’s resolution from the comfort of your couch, and we’re here to help. Below, a guide to the shows on hand and the resolutions that you could adopt while watching, from a Star Wars threepeat to The Three Stooges, from Mad Men to Murder, She Wrote, and everything in between.  READ FULL STORY

Thanksgiving weekend TV: Your one-stop shop to the best of the rest marathons

spongebobOver your turkey hangover yet? No? Good. You may have thought the holiday marathons would end with today’s televised deluge, but you would be wrong. We roll out the best of the rest below, including Spongebob, Battlestar, Mad Men, Glee, and, yes, the Kardashians. We’re talking wall-to-wall weekend television, people. Keep reading…


'Mad Men' actress to guest on 'Don't Trust The B--- in Apartment 23' -- EXCLUSIVE

James Van Der Beek is going to be a father… to Sally Draper!

EW has learned exclusively that Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka is set to guest on ABC’s Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 as herself. The storyline finds Van Der Beek (who plays himself on the midseason show) signing on to do a movie playing a single dad after learning Shipka will co-star.

Shipka is the latest of several actors set to appear as themselves on the show, which does not yet have a premiere date. Previously, Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain were also announced as guest stars.

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'Mad Men' creator Matt Weiner on renegotiations: 'They were trying to make me look greedy'

Fans of Mad Men should know by now that the protracted renegotiation over the show’s future on AMC had nothing to do with the drama’s delayed premiere – but creator Matthew Weiner said the perception still remains that he was, in part, to blame.

In an online interview, Weiner talks about how it was always the plan to debut the fifth season in 2012 but rumors were circulated during the protracted talks that suggested otherwise. “What was interesting in the middle of it, as a tactic, they [AMC] told the public the show was going to be delayed  through the non-cast negotiations and that was not true,” Weiner tells his sister and freelancer journalist Allison Hope Weiner. “I was trying to get the show on. And I said it wasn’t true. They have since said it wasn’t true. It was irreversible.” READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men': New predictably dashing pics from season 5!

Settle in with your Old Fashioneds, my friends, because we’ve still got a long wait until Mad Men returns to our TV screens. Until then, three new pictures of stars Jon Hamm, John Slattery, and Vincent Kartheiser on set have emerged. And let me tell you, that Don Draper can lean with the best of ‘em. (What can’t that man do?) See more pics of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce crew after the jump. READ FULL STORY

January Jones is 'not as approachable as others,' says Bobby Draper


Image Credit: AMC/Everett Collection

Zach Galifianakis isn't the only person that has a problem with January Jones. Jared Gilmore -- the actor formerly known as Don and Betty's son, Bobby Draper (Gilmore left Mad Men for ABC's Once Upon a Time) -- also told a reporter that the Mad Men and X-Men: First Class actress is, well, frosty. When TV Guide asked Gilmore for advice for his replacement, the young actor responded, "Be careful around January [Jones]

. She’s not as approachable as the others. She’s really serious about what she does. Everyone else is so nice.”

Jones’ rep has not immediately responded to EW’s request for comment. Looks like Sally isn’t the only young Draper who’s Team Don. Kids say the darndest things!

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'Sons of Anarchy' showrunner claims AMC fired Frank Darabont because 'Mad Men' 'gutted' AMC

UPDATED: AMC’s year got off to an awkward start, beginning with very public contract negotiations with Mad Men. Then came the unexpected departure of showrunner Frank Darabont from The Walking Dead, and the revelation that the network was apparently playing hardball with Breaking Bad over a shortened final season. Toss in the audience-frustrating season finale of The Killing, and the network looks like a genuine three-ring circus, albeit a circus defined by moral ambiguity. Last night, Sons of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter drove his metaphorical motorcycle into this metaphorical circus and metaphorically shot the elephant so he could cook it on his metaphorical spit. Metaphors! READ FULL STORY

'Mad Men' season 5 first look: Jon Hamm directs Elisabeth Moss -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

Peggy Olson in dolphin shorts? Why, the fifth season of Mad Men must take the biggest time jump yet!

We kid. Below is a first-look shot from the Mad Men set as Jon Hamm takes on his new role as director of the show’s highly anticipated season premiere. Also in this rehearsal shot: Elisabeth Moss, co-producer Marcy Patterson, photography director Christopher Manley and executive producer Matthew Weiner. The series, which resumes production in Los Angeles and returns next year, landed the outstanding drama award at the TV critics press club awards on Saturday, with Hamm earning individual achievement in a drama series. Here’s your exclusive pic with a quote from Hamm below:

'Mad Men' season 5 to start shooting next week

Just when it was starting to get suspicious that AMC’s Mad Men hadn’t yet announced a date to start its production, here comes this news: The critical fave will begin shooting its much delayed fifth season on Aug. 8, and will premiere next year. It’s unclear how the show will handle January Jones’ pregnancy — whether Betty Draper will be with child, if her figure will be hidden, or if her scenes will be delayed until after she has her baby, which is due in November. In other Mad Men news, the show’s first four seasons have now begun streaming on Netflix… assuming you’ve forgiven Netflix.

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'Mad Men's Michael Gladis talks 'Leverage' role

It’s been a year since we’ve seen Michael Gladis on Mad Men, but on this Sunday’s Leverage, he’s making a return to the PR world in a big and much more sinister way. Gladis plays Reed Rockwell, a public image consultant who goes above and beyond for his clients. “Often times that includes character assassination or destroying the reputations of his clients’ enemies,” Gladis tells EW. READ FULL STORY

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