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'House of Cards': New cast member Molly Parker previews season 2

Is anyone in Washington strong enough to bring Francis Underwood down? We won’t find out for sure until Friday, when new episodes of House of Cards debut on Netflix — but one new character might just be the woman for the job.

The Emmy-winning drama’s second season introduces another political player with serious potential: Jacqueline Sharp, a young congresswoman poised to rise in the ranks after Frank ascends to the White House. She’s played by Deadwood alum Molly Parker — a savvy operator well-versed in both prestige TV and keeping a show’s surprises under wraps. (Parker is so convincing that it’s almost hard to believe she’s actually Canadian.) Before Cards‘s premiere, we chatted with Parker about playing her latest role… and tried to get her to talk about some of season 2’s most shocking moments. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t work.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I devoured the first four episodes of season 2 on a screener yesterday.
MOLLY PARKER: How is it?

Well, I really like your character, and I’m also afraid for her life.
Yes. [laughs]

I’m so nervous watching the show. I guess you know what happens—
I do! But I’m not going to tell you. [laughs]



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