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Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara are leaving 'MythBusters' (Updated)

At the end of last night’s episode of MythBusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman announced that Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara were leaving the show. In the aftermath of the announcement, all involved took to Twitter to say their goodbyes; Byron also announced that the “show is taking a new direction.” READ FULL STORY

'Mythbusters' reveal Comic-Con costume, show how to make Indiana Jones' bullwhip


The Mythbusters gang once again invaded San Diego for Comic-Con and among the footage screened for fans Saturday night was this tutorial showing how to make a bullwhip. Not just any bullwhip, either. This is for a special episode from next season taking on myths from the Indiana Jones saga (a subject the team has tackled before, but not as a full episode). In the exclusive video below, Adam Savage meticulously makes the whip used to try and debunk some Dr. Jones’ stunts. And below that, a bonus: Adam strolls the #SDCC exhibit floor in one of his two new incognito costumes this year — a Mercury astronaut:  READ FULL STORY

Video: 'MythBusters' takes on Hollywood bomb scenarios


Discovery’s MythBusters loves to take on Hollywood (see: the settling of whether Jack had to die at the end of Titanic). The show’s July 10 return, an hour called “Fire in the Hole,” focuses on one of the hosts’ favorite subjects: blowing crap up.

The team tackles some of Tinseltown’s favorite TNT scenarios—namely whether you can contain an explosion and survive a blast by tucking the dynamite inside ordinary objects like an aquarium or file cabinet. What about under a bed? Could that save you? Watch our sneak peek below for the answer.  READ FULL STORY

'Mythbusters' stars inside LAX shooting: 'It was like my worst nightmare'


Mythbusters co-stars Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara were inside Terminal 3 when a gunman open fired Friday at Los Angeles International Airport. Their live tweets represented some of the first reporting from the scene. Held separately by law enforcement in two different areas of LAX, Entertainment Weekly spoke to each by phone while they were huddled with other travelers waiting to be released. The Discovery Channel co-stars were on their way to Science Channel’s annual “Pumpkin Chunkin” event in Delaware when the shooting took place.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you doing at this point and where are you?
TORY BELLECI: I’m a little shaken up. We’re held up in a neighboring terminal. They’re keeping us here.  They’re asking for eyewitnesses to talk to the police. They won’t let us out until everything is secured.

What was the very first thing that happened when you knew something was wrong?
BELLECI: We were sitting at Gate 33, right around corner of gate 36. All of a sudden we heard gunshot. We were trapped at Gate 33. The doors were locked. Everybody was freaking out. People were running, hiding, jumping over other people. It was complete panic. Somebody finally opened up the door [to outside] and everybody jammed out the door onto the tarmac and everybody took cover.

From your experiences on the show, you presumably recognized that you were hearing gunshots pretty quickly. 
BELLECI: The last thing you expect to hear in an airport is a gunshot. It was like, “Oh my God, there’s a shooter!” READ FULL STORY

LAX shooting: Celebrities live tweet from scene

The shooting drama at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday resulted in a surreal influx of live reporting from the most unlikely combination of celebrities: From The Bachelor host Chris Harrison to members of Discovery’s Mythbusters gang to actor James Franco. Even the filming of the final season of AMC’s Mad Men was apparently disrupted.

A gunman open fired in the airport this morning, killing a TSA agent, according to CNN. A suspect was taken into custody after being pursued through Terminal 3.

Harrison tweeted from nearly the beginning of the action, “Somethin crazy goin on at LAX right now. Terminals shut down & cops w guns drawn!” and then TSA just shut the doors in lockdown. Shooting over at Terminal 3 … Police very polite but guns drawn & very serious about clearing the streets on the top level of LAX. Everybody very calm & respectful… Incredible response by LAPD & airport authority. This place was locked tight w precision quickly. God bless first responders!.”

Franco was sitting on a plane at the airport when the shooting took place, and posted on Instagram: “At #lax Some s–tbag shot up the place.”

Fox Sports analyst Bill Reiter tweeted: “First came the gunfire. Then people including me hiding our seats. It felt very Columbine. A new kind of fear, at least for me” and “It’s weird how in that moment time could be so fast and so slow at the same time. My God.” READ FULL STORY

'Mythbusters': See Michael Rooker give zombie lessons -- EXCLUSIVE


Clips from Mythbusters zombie special are starting to make their way online and we got one too — below is an exclusive look at The Walking Dead‘s Michael Rooker teaching a gang of zombie extras how to shamble (Mythbusters will test zombie myths using slow-moving zombies, “real zombies,” as Adam Savage explains in the episode). I wouldn’t be surprised if this edition sets a ratings record for the Discovery series, which has been on the air for a decade now. Mythbusters’ zombie special premieres on Oct. 17 at 10 p.m. Here’s a first look: READ FULL STORY

On the scene at the Creative Arts Emmys: Sprinting to the stage and memorable first wins

TV fans are eagerly awaiting next weekend’s Emmy Awards, but on Sunday evening, the celebration of the year’s best television kicked off with the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards. It’s a ceremony that primarily honors behind-the-scenes work in TV but also packs in some categories like Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, which became the show’s buzziest award when it went to comedy legend Bob Newhart — his first Emmy win.

The jokes coming from presenters at the Creative Arts Emmys mostly poked fun at the ceremony’s long running time, nearly four hours of almost 90 awards (an edited-down telecast will air on FXX this Saturday), and the behind-the-scenes folks vs. stars dichotomy. “Tonight we honor all the people in television contractually forbidden to make eye-contact with me,” first presenter Joel McHale joked.

It’s a night when the less magazine-covering, less spray-tan-prone of the TV world get to dress up and be recognized for their often-under-the-radar work.

MythBusters co-host Kari Byron told EW before the show, held at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre, “This is the one day a year that we take off the clothes that we worry about whether they’re flammable or not and put on the fancy duds, walk the carpet and be part of this amazing celebration of the creative arts.” READ FULL STORY

'MythBusters' meets 'Breaking Bad,' and the results are explosive -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Remember when Walter White made a really explosive bomb out of fulminated mercury and blew up a building? He probably should’ve been wearing a HASMAT suit.

According to this exclusive clip from MythBusters‘ upcoming Breaking Bad special, the compound is highly explosive and extremely dangerous. It’s sensitive to impact, friction heat, and spark, and unfortunately, it’s also far less attractive than the crystals of mercury fulminate we saw on the show.

But hey, we can’t be harmed by watching it on our TV! Check out the clip below to see Kari, Tory, and Grant blow up a pumpkin in the preliminary stages of the mythbust.

'Mythbusters' tests 'Breaking Bad' myths, first trailer -- EXCLUSIVE

First, you get Adam Savage dressed as Heisenberg. And then it only gets better. 

Below is a first look at Mythbusters taking on AMC’s Breaking Bad. The long-running Discovery Channel series will put some plot mechanics from acclaimed drama to the test, along with some help from Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul.

Myths include whether you can really dissolve a body — and your tub and bathroom floor — with hydrofluoric acid, and if a packet of mercury fulminate crystals can be used as grenade to blow up a room (the latter requires the creation of a bomb-throwing robot).

This clip just screened during the Mythbusters panel at Comic-Con, but you don’t need to stand in line for hours to watch it. This Mythbusters episode airs Aug 12, the day after Breaking Bad returns for its final batch of episodes Aug. 11. READ FULL STORY

'MythBusters' takes on 'Deadliest Catch' chaos -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

This week’s episode of MythBusters (Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET) keeps it in the Discovery family with a “Deadliest Catch Crabtastic Special.” Captains Johnathan and Junior join in the fun as Jamie and Adam test the deadliest Catch myth of all — that getting your foot caught in the rope at the rail guarantees you’re going overboard. Tory and Kari, meanwhile, test whether a pattern of power naps lets you function twice as well as no sleep at all. (They make that look pretty dangerous, too.) And the team determines whether a crab pot really is indestructible. (Cue the explosion!) Watch an exclusive tease below. READ FULL STORY

'Mythbusters' sets return date, reveals myth list


Here’s when Mythbusters returns plus a rundown of some of the myths being tested this year.

The Discovery hit celebrates its 10-year anniversary with new episodes beginning Wednesday, May 1. The gang will revisit the first myth they ever tested a decade ago — trying to find out, once and for all, if a a rocket-propelled car can actually fly.

Other highlights this season include a Breaking Bad-themed episode, a cross-over with Deadliest Catch and an episode featuring Indycar driver Ryan Briscoe and Olympic runner Wallace Spearmon.

Over the past 10 years, the team has tested 885 myths, filmed over 7,200 hours, created 815 explosions and has used 43,500 yards of duct tape (OK, I sort of suspect they’re just estimating last number).

Other myths being tested include: READ FULL STORY

'Walking Dead' actor joins 'Mythbusters' zombie episode -- EXCLUSIVE

The Mythbusters gang is going to get some help testing zombie myths from one badass destroyer of the undead.

Walking Dead actor Michael Rooker — Merle Dixon himself — is going to guest star on the Discovery Channel hit.

That’s all the info we have right now on the episode. Well, almost all — we know one of the myths being tested is attempting to figure out which weapon is really best for killing a horde of the undead (Merle would presumably opt for a bayonet) and that the show recently put out an all points bulletin for 300 volunteers to play zombies to help shoot the episode (which will shoot tomorrow, along with Rooker lending a hand  … ahem). The episode will air as part of the show’s upcoming 10th season.

'Mythbusters' doing zombie episode (and want your help) -- EXCLUSIVE


Mythbusters is doing a zombie episode!

Or maybe that should be: Mythbusters hasn’t done a zombie episode before!

Because you would think after nine seasons the Discovery hit would have thought of tackling zombie movie myths previously (before, say, trying to figure out if you can build a parachute from materials in your hotel room). But no, this is a first. We don’t know if there will be guest stars yet. We do know one of the myths being tested is attempting to figure out which weapon is really best for killing a horde of the undead (perhaps put an end to all those crossbow vs. machete debates).

Also, the guys need your help. Mythbusters is seeking 300 zombie volunteers to help shoot the episode in a few weeks. Check their Twitter account for details. EW cannot guarantee your safety. The zombie episode will air as part of the show’s upcoming 10th season.


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